Spain renewable energy giant Abengoa turned to engineering consulting services

Arctic star solar PV network news: plans Yu October end of Qian completed restructuring of Spain can renewable energy giant Abengoa company is change its business direction, in light hot power business field, its has Yu recently established has a focused Yu provides design advisory service of company, name for Abeinsa Engineering, this in a species degree Shang showed that Abengoa has gave up has previously of heavy assets operation mode, began steering light assets operation, This will also be the Abengoa group reorganized a big change.

Abeinsa company subsidiary focused on EPC projects for Abengoa, after positioning Abengoa solar thermal power generation has been a developer and EPC, which uses the Abeinsa total package building as Solana power stations and many other solar-thermal power generation projects. AbeinsaEngineering, which currently has more than 200 highly qualified professionals, has extensive experience building large-scale commercial solar thermal power stations, providing solar thermal power plant’s conceptual design, basic design and detailed design, standardisation and automation concepts has developed a unique set of design processes, helps EPC effectively to significantly reduce project implementation time.

Solar thermal power generation market to China, Abengoa has positioned in the Chinese market is only the EPC, this limitation and higher priced EPC is cause its very hard to get the order in the Chinese market, a major reason, AbeinsaEngineering position is for the world of solar-thermal power generation EPC provides engineering consulting services, this position may be more fit the actual needs of the Chinese market, Beijing Branch of China, while AbengoaSolar and Abeinsa have been or will be closed, but relies on Abeinsa Engineering new business location, than in the past, it is more likely to participate in the solar-thermal power generation market in China.

Original title: established Abeinsa Engineering Abengoa turned to engineering consulting services

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