The EU intends to cancel the 5 Chinese PV companies undertaking eligible

Polaris solar PV net news: PV minimum price agreements for breach of the EU, the European Commission intends to cancel the huashun solar and sailafu two Chinese PV companies undertaking eligible. Meanwhile, three China PV companies voluntarily cancel the qualification of price undertakings.

According to PV magazine reported, the European Commission will cancel the huashun solar, sailafu, jinko, five in Eastern Sunrise and Suntech photovoltaic business qualification of price undertakings.

In August or September, jinko, East Sunrise and Wuxi Suntech had informed the European Union decided to withdraw from the EU PV price commitment agreements. Jinko announced the move last month, other photovoltaic manufacturers withdraw include ja solar and Trina solar is planning to supply photovoltaic products from factories outside China to the European Union.

Chinese PV companies not involved in minimum price agreements exporting Crystal solar cell and module to impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties of up to about 50%.

The European Commission recently found that huashun solar and sailafu seem to have more than 150 copies of invoices to avoid agreements, this 50% of two photovoltaic companies will face punitive import tariffs, but also have the opportunity to respond to the charge.

In December 2015, EU Commission EU PV price undertaking expiry review, and will decide whether to proceed with the implementation of price undertakings early 2017 agreement.

On Wednesday, more than more than more than 400 European PV industry wrote to EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom, called for an end to starting in 2012 China PV module and battery trade measures.

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