Thirteen Five renewable energy needs robust tone

Polaris solar PV net news: October 21, 2016 of the 3-day Beijing International wind power Conference and exhibition over the same period, China PV Conference and exhibition closes. Over more than 600 Chinese and foreign energy companies strive to shine like new, China International Exhibition Center, scenery show. Smog in Beijing, with wind power, photovoltaic renewable energy industry, represented self development, explore the future direction of industry–based on tackling climate change, industry orientation and development rhythm becomes hot topic; for “Thirteen-Five”, subsidies, price, keywords such as dissolve mentioned.

Committed to tackling climate change

“Autumn in October, smog-filled Beijing, hoped that wind power could bring a strong wind, give Beijing some air. “In the wind on the opening ceremony of the Conference, Secretary of the China Wind Energy Association professional Committee Qin Haiyan humorous opening. In the wind and PV have opened two days, October 18, 19th, municipal meteorological station issued a yellow air pollution warning in a row. This caused local visibility less than 500 meters of haze become a Guest Scholar he said, reporting, and keynote speaker opening. Climate change, environmental issues are always spur renewable energy development.

In September, the 12 session of the national people’s Congress Standing Committee approved the decision on the Paris agreement.

China has pledged to the international community, non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption by 2020 the share of 15%. On November 4, the Paris agreement will come into force. “To speed up the development of clean and low-carbon and renewable, is the new impetus to promote green economic restructuring in China, is the core content of the revolution of energy production and consumption, is also China’s implementation of the Paris agreement, the requirement to cut greenhouse gas emissions. “National Energy Board new and renewable sources of Energy Secretary Zhu ming said that” Thirteen-Five “was an important turning point for tackling climate change, based on renewable energy” Thirteen-Five “preliminary results of the plan, by 2020, the commercialization of all renewable annual amount up to 580 million tons of standard coal, renewable energy generation capacity reached 680 million kilowatts, annual output of 1.9 trillion kWh, total capacity of 27%.

Subsidies fall back just makes sense

“6˙30”, the PV industry of low bidding prices refreshed. Earlier, 2016 baotou 1GW national PV leader in base 12 projects bid opening, bid result announcement shows, participating in general prices are given at-0.7 0.52 Yuan RMB/kWh. “The bidding results to see more hope for the PV industry, prove the possibility of PV power as future energy. PV is the fastest reduction in cost over a five-year power new energy technology, from the ‘ Twelve-Five ‘ has been, lower hardware costs about 70%. “Zhu ming points out that” Thirteen-Five “period, the photovoltaic industry is one of the main tasks is to configure resources through market competition, drive PV costs down and increase the level of early self implementation does not depend on State subsidies and sustainable development.

In this regard, China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua said, “as one has just passed its infancy stage, is still in cultivation industry, current subsidies for the future without subsidies, and subsidies are falling fast.”

Compare with photovoltaic, wind turbine industry costs come down relatively slowly. The show, various new and exciting wind turbine manufacturing enterprise, blades become large, fans are lighter in weight and improve overall efficiency solutions emerge, “reduce costs”, “hard for parity” is the voice of journalists in various enterprises stand to hear the most. In this regard, the National Energy Board new and renewable energy Division Chief Li Peng “Thirteen-Five” pointed out that the core content of the wind power industry planning, cost reductions and subsidy fall back just throughout the entire “Thirteen-Five” the main theme of development of wind power industry.

“Based on the current benchmark prices, wind energy costs also fell overnight, and this time window may only 5-10. “Li Peng revealed that at present the National Energy Board is widely used in the study of international renewable energy quota assessment and green certificate trading systems, hope that a market-oriented approach to determine subsidies and gradually reduce the need for direct financial subsidy funds.

“The new energy sector itself also has a lot of substitution effects. Wind power, photovoltaic or solar-thermal power, whose costs fell faster in the future, who will be able to occupy more market share, the industry as a whole will be able to have a better development. “He said.

More attention to the Elimination

Li Peng pointed out that the “Thirteen-Five” period, in wind and new energy industries as a whole, will no longer be a scale-oriented, but pay more attention to dissolve and use of renewable energy, especially nearby and local use. In wind power, for example, statistics show that in 2015, wind power in Denmark, and Spain and Germany’s share of total electricity consumption, and 42% and 13%, respectively, have become important sources of power. Meanwhile, Germany, and Denmark and other countries achieve 2050 high-percentage utilization of wind power as a renewable energy development goal core measures, when the proportion of renewable energy to electricity consumption will reach 80-100%. In China, although wind power installed capacity has grown rapidly, but the use of wind power is just the start, by the end of 2015, wind power accounted for the proportion of China’s total generating capacity was only about 3%. Similar situations in the field of photovoltaic power generation also exist.

In the PV area, reporters saw more and more companies are concerned about distributed photovoltaic products. Distributed PV market is behind the temperature-related policy planning guide.

According to Li, in “Thirteen-Five” renewable energies plan adds some important for Department of energy content, the promotion of new energy and power to achieve a higher proportion of demonstration areas and micro-grid construction of power grids and, through the promotion of wind power, solar energy, biomass energy in many forms of integration, making local clean energy accounts for high proportions. “As long as the local governments and enterprises are willing to try, we actively support, will also deploy and track a number of more typical of pilot projects, through extensive model, eventually the high proportion of renewable energy within the greater accumulation of effective technical and policy experience. ”

Steady, more collaborative

By the end of 2015, China wind power and PV cumulative installed capacity reached 129 million kW and 43 million-kilowatt, respectively, and the momentum of rapid development.

“Any market can not always be on the highway, we can’t because 40% growth in the photovoltaic industry has exceeded expectations every year, so you need to prepare. “Wang Bohua said.

Reasonable pace is key to future wind power development. “Wind power has reached adulthood and needs constant advances in technology, in quality upgrading, improve and coordinate development of other energy sources, in particular and include hydropower, biomass, renewable energy can form complementary systems, renewable energy has not only become the clean energy and become a reliable source of energy. “National Director of the Center for strategic studies and international cooperation to address climate change Li junfeng points out that, in this process, micro-power, wisdom, energy, energy Internet has great room for development. The other hand, the low wind speed wind power, offshore wind energy industry focus, and its future development will also be “prudent” for the tone, “we should not be impatient, some groundwork needs to be done to promote, what we need is a healthy robust offshore wind energy industry is not in leaps and bounds left many dangers of offshore wind energy industry. ”

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