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Polaris solar PV net news: tender: open tender

First, the tenderer: Tianjin building power engineering Ltd

Second, the investor: Le Yeguang Volt technology limited

Third, the scope of tendering and bid requirements:

1. project name: 200MWp distributed PV power generation projects

2. project location:, Dongying, laiwu, Shandong heze, liaocheng

3. project profile: see tender documents

4. tender scope: PV mounting systems and accessories (including aluminum, steel), cables, AC Conflux boxes, transformers, switchgear (including secondary protection systems and measurement and control equipment), bridge, subcontractor (with stand, solar modules, equipment installation, and lightning protection and earthing of the cable installation, debugging, etc).

5. sources of funding: self-funded

6. payment methods: see tender documents

Four, the bidder shall have the following qualifications:

1. bidders as finalists by the national grid company, in line with the standards of the power industry.

2. the bidder must have the People’s Republic of China independent legal personality, there are legitimate and valid business license, and through ISO9000 quality system certification.

3. the enterprises registered capital of more than 5 million.

4. bids should have three years experience in photovoltaic production and delivery experience (or labor service experience), for the past three years at least 20MWp sales (or construction) performance.

5. the services of the Department is in good condition: good bank credit and business reputation, without being closed or bankrupt State, and is not restructuring, takeovers and freezing of assets.

6. bidding three years not in any breach of contract or in the contract by or any contracts because of reasons of the applicants be released records.

7. this tender does not accept Agency bids. The two bidders for the same person of the legal representative and two or more legal entities, the parent company, wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies may not be in the project bidding.

8. this item does not accept the Consortium bid.

Access to five, the tender documents:

Where a bidder to bid on this, set the company name, product name, contact by mail, telephone, email sent to [email protected]

Tender documents in electronic form sent to the mailbox.

Purchase time:

Mounting: on October 27, 2016 until October 29, 2016 before 5 o’clock in the afternoon

Cabling, equipment, bridge: October 27, 2016 – November 6, 2016 before 5 o’clock in the afternoon

Subcontracting: telephone consultation

Price: RMB 300 per set (in words: three hundred Yuan)

Purchase form: bank wire transfer accounts to the tenderer, tender documents sale is not refundable.

Name: Cheng Peng

Bank: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Tianjin Branch

Account number: 6217921500172757

Six, bid security:

Bidding in the tender documents, the applicant should be in accordance with the schedule in the submission of a bid bond before bidding, as described in the tender documents.

Seven, opening hours:

Opening time: see tender documents.

Bid opening location: Tianjin building conference room Power Engineering Ltd

Bidder’s legal representative or its authorized representative should attend the bid opening meeting promptly according to the requirements of the tender documents.

BA, contact:

The tender: Tianjin building power engineering Ltd

Tender organization departments: Department of Tianjin building power engineering Ltd-production

Address: Youyi road, Hexi District, Tianjin meijiang Convention Center building 21

(1) equipment and materials:

Contact phone: 022-58898987-8907


Contact person: Zhen Yi: 13752302346

Miss Emily LAU: 15900332386

Email: [email protected]

(2) the subcontractor:

Contact person: Zhang Ke solutions phone: 13821840618

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