Turkey 1GW solar power plants will start in December bids

Polaris solar Reuters: Turkey Ministry of energy and natural resources in Ke Niya (Konya) planned to build a scale up to 1GW solar power plant is built for a long time, before finally notice the plant launched an open tender. The plant is expected to attract investment of around 1.3 billion dollars, in 2018, and planning grid.

The 1GW solar power plant is located in Turkey Koenig of southern Alberta Cana Bernal (Karapinar) town, and Turkey signed a 15-year power purchase agreement, but pricing has not been announced. At present, Turkey provided to FIT not licensed solar power station is comprised an $ 0.133, because component prices continue to fall in the near future, plus Turkey abundant resource of sunshine in the South, this is a very attractive figure.

Turkey Government forecasts a 1GW power station will be able to attract investments of us $ 1.3 billion yuan, and European and American investors have expressed willingness to invest.

According to PVMagazine Turkey access to information currently has two Turkey among local companies, two Chinese companies and a Korea companies are investigating the feasibility of the case.

Turkey plans 80% kanabonaer power station staff, will come from Turkey internally, and extensive use of technology. However, Turkey local solar capacity may not be sufficient to supply the power station needs; component competition problem in China in recent years, local production capacity utilization rate is low. However, despite Turkey whether it can successfully set the 1GW of capacity, local manufacturing exports to Europe, the US market tariff-free solar module for global producers to invest and set up factories should also be one of the sites.

Turkey is expected in the end of this year or the beginning of 2017 will be able to raise the amount of solar installations across the country to more than 1GW. The 1GW of power plant bid is expected to be held in December this year.

Original title: Turkey will launch a 1GW single solar case

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