United States Department of energy put in 21 million to accelerate PV soft costs

Polaris solar PV net news: United States Department of energy (DOE) grant of $ 21.4 million development 17 projects, nine of which is designed to reduce the cost of installed solar soft, another eight specialized national and regional-level solar challenge project.

Although the cost of solar equipment, such as panels, inverter and support is declining at an alarming rate, but the soft costs (such as installation, license, network connection, etc) has been high. Because the United States has 50 separate State and 39,044 general purpose local government, very difficult to standardize these procedures.

Charlie Gay, Director of the Office of solar technology, says Dr soft cost is always the United States widely pervasive barriers in the development of solar energy, “find new ways to reduce these costs, and accelerate deployment of solar cells is still in the country, and that all Americans can afford solar key. ”

Original title: DOE to invest $ 21 million to accelerate use of solar

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