Wuhai city Inner Mongolia solar base project management approach

Arctic star solar PV network news: according to national energy Council on issued 2016 years PV construction implementation programme of notification (country can new can [2016]166,) and the, wuhai city PV base investment file of requirements, for further guarantees PV base project smooth implementation, promote PV power technology progress and Internet electric price declined, I City developed has, wuhai city PV base project management approach, specific content following:

A, project preparatory work required

Investors with wuhai municipal people’s Government after signing the development agreement, shall be completed within 1 month project for the record and related procedures, and to start construction as soon as possible. Timely payment of assessment and in accordance with the specified time work and construction of public infrastructure projects and so on.

Second, project construction management

Project construction should meet national and local Government on soil and water conservation, and environment effect, and ecological recovery, and safety, aspects of requirements, and by assessment file of technology index and the progress requirements completed project of development construction, for not by requirements time record and not by progress requirements (including overall progress and points items progress) completed stage construction target of,, wuhai City Government by warning invalid Hou, right to for return, does not do any economic compensation.

Wuhai city people’s Government or its designated agency is entitled to oversee construction projects and does not interfere with reasonable check construction progress at any time, the right to request removal do not meet the assessment of investment-related technical requirements and standard equipment, resulting in any increase in fees and is responsible for the delays caused by the investors themselves.

Investors, one of the following acts, shall be deemed to have given up PV power station construction:

1. written notice to Government of wuhai city construction project has been terminated and does not intend to restart the construction;

2. after the failure at the end of any force majeure event 60 (60)-day period resumes;

3. the investor for any other reason in the PV power plant stopped before completion date construction or debugging, directly or through a building site all or most of the withdrawal of contractor staff, and are not due to force majeure events occur or under an agreement for development of wuhai City Government of reneging on its responsibilities and acts or omissions that result;

4. fails to pay the related costs.

Third, the project evaluation

PV power station construction completed by general acceptance, and carrying out investment confirm the declared price. Comprehensive acceptance of PV power station completed a year later, and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water conservancy organizations to carry out evaluation work, after the evaluation findings as important to investors engaged in the follow-up project investment evaluation based on, as well as related equipment manufacturers, construction participants through follow-up projects an important evaluation criterion.

D violation of measures

For malicious down price the right to development, but to give up PV power station construction investors, will be seen as dishonest behavior, wuhai City Government has the right to take corresponding measures, including recovery indicators change investor, confiscation of upfront fees, to include investors in credit blacklists, wuhai city, 5 years in development and construction activities in the photovoltaic industry. Department for energy development, Inner Mongolia will be recommended for limiting credit investors, shall not participate in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, in the 5 years of PV industry development and construction activities, it is recommended that renewable power projects information management platform for 5 years not to accept his company’s other on-grid renewable energy projects.

Wuhai city, photovoltaic power generation project construction leading group

The October 18, 2016

Original title: photovoltaic, wuhai city base project management approach

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