Shandong development and Reform Commission to 2020 year construction 1 1205

Polaris solar PV net news: on November 30, the Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission issued the notice on implementation of key major projects for poverty eradication. On PV poverty engineering, made following deployment: to no collective income of province set poverty work focus village and no labor capacity, and no stable income source of built document state card depth poor for focus, adjusting measures to local conditions take households with distributed power, and village level small power station and concentrated type power station, construction mode, and manpower implementation PV poverty engineering, to 2020, ensure cover 1000 a province set poverty work focus village, and 100,000 a built document state card poor. Advance key 1.1205 million kW of the first photovoltaic project for poverty alleviation, including village-level power stations (including household system) 317,500 kW, corresponding to help 70,000 file state card poor; centralized power stations 803,000 kW, corresponding to 31,000 file state helping the poor.

Following is the full text:

The municipal development and Reform Committee, relevant departments of the provincial and central authorities in Shandong enterprises:

For implement implementation Central, and province poverty development workshop spirit and provincial, and provincial government on strongly won poverty battle of decision deployment, according to national development reform Board on implementation poverty storming major engineering package of notification (sent modified area (2016) No. 2154,), by and about sector, and units research, province development reform Board intends organization implementation poverty storming major engineering package, speed up advance poverty storming focus regional especially province poverty work focus County major based facilities and livelihood engineering construction, Improved development environment and poor working and living conditions in the poor areas, in order to complete critical tasks to provide strong support for poverty eradication.

First, General considerations

Rural poverty is to complete the building of a well-off society’s most daunting task. “Twelve-Five” during, provincial, and provincial government full implementation Shandong province rural poverty development platform for (2011-2020), active carried out special poverty, and industry poverty, and social poverty, poverty area based facilities constantly perfect, 3,035 a province set poverty work focus village all achieved “five pass ten has” task target, province 100% villages fiber mastery, rural broadband access capacity reached 50Mbps, rural family broadband penetration reached 50%, ahead of completed national “Thirteen-Five” Broadband Internet into villages out of poverty goals; the incidence of poverty fell by 8%, and 5.776 million fewer people in poverty in rural areas, poverty reduction achieved significant results. But the province still 2.424 million rural poor, total amount is large, poor rich ability, and are mostly concentrated in the mountainous area, the reservoir area, Lake, beach areas, salinity and waterlogging area, institutional mechanisms, weaknesses still exist such as path out of poverty, investment, poverty is increasingly expensive, and more difficult, winning the poverty battle is facing serious challenges.

Provincial Government attaches great importance to poverty relief and development work. CPC Shandong provincial party Committee of Shandong provincial people’s Government on the implementation of the Central poverty relief and development work deploying firmly winning the poverty battle, the Shandong province for national economic and social development of the 13th five-year plan and other policy documents, further defined the poverty alleviation crucial work in the General requirements, priorities and safeguard measures. The Shandong Province “Thirteen-Five” crucial for poverty eradication plan has also brought to old revolutionary base, economic uplift of the West and other areas where the poor are concentrated in rural areas, focusing on addressing poverty alleviation, focusing on village paths, issues such as water, power, network, investing in major infrastructure construction, and constantly improve the development environment of rural areas where the poor are concentrated, to enhance the development of capacities. Province development reform Board will with about sector, and units, in promoted implementation national development reform Board “traffic poverty poverty ‘ double hundred ‘, and rural grid transformation upgrade, and broadband network into village households, and easily poverty relocation, and PV poverty”, engineering based Shang, based Shandong province actual, insisted target oriented and problem oriented, promoted implementation a relationship province poverty storming work global of major engineering, and major project, clear construction target, and focus task, and implementation term and work requirements, and through implementation major engineering package of form, Strengthening the day-to-day scheduling, supervision, inspection, and promoting key projects, key projects fall, for an overall winning the battle and lay a solid foundation for poverty eradication, ensuring that together with the people of the province of the poor into an overall well-off society.

Second, major project implementation arrangements

(A) the overall objective of

By organizing the implementation of key major projects for poverty eradication, poverty alleviation crucial period, completed 17,000 filing state change of the rural poor move for poverty alleviation, focused on poverty reduction, transportation, electricity, water in the village of infrastructure, basic public services, sanitation facilities and other production and living conditions improved, drive poor people rich.

(B) implementation

Positive for the central budget for investment, increase investment in the provincial budget support, and full play to the guiding role of Government, encourage the participation of social capital projects. Innovation perfect voted financing system mechanism, strengthening political silver enterprises social cooperation docking, on led poverty storming focus regional based facilities improved, and basic public service capacity upgrade, has strong external sex, and public of project, used directly investment or investment grants, way be support; on rural grid, has must returns of project, encourages through Government and social capital cooperation (PPP), market way be support.

(C) major projects

About breaking the rules highlighted to increase development in poor areas and poor people out of poverty the bottleneck and focus make up the main boards, organizing the implementation of five crucial for poverty eradication projects.

–Traffic targeted anti-poverty projects. Around perfect province set poverty work focus village network structure, speed up construction poverty village and near highway connection road, and poverty village within wear Village Road, specification set village indicates logo brand, and anti-guardrail, security supporting facilities, to 2016 end of, full completed second batch province sent “first Secretary of the” 609 a poverty village traffic precision poverty task, new alterations poverty village road 1300 km; to 2018, full completed province set poverty work focus village traffic precision poverty task. Around improve province set poverty work focus village passenger public service capacity, reasonable set and optimization via poverty village bus or passenger class line, guarantees masses 1 km within (special situation 2 km) ride, additional harbour type waiting Pavilion or docked station, supporting based facilities, to 2017 end of, completed 1060 a general greeted site, and 89 a harbour type waiting Pavilion transformation, improved poverty storming focus regional travel conditions, improve traffic transport basic public service capacity.

–A new round of upgrading rural power grids. Planning total investment 88.2 billion yuan, implementation new a round rural grid transformation upgrade engineering, focus grasp national special funds agricultural network project, and rural irrigation well power, and small town center village agricultural network transformation upgrade, and rural grid poverty storming, engineering, construction and transformation 110,000 v variable electric capacity 29.911 million v-, and line 6549 km, 35,000 v variable electric capacity 8.051 million v-, and line 6007 km, 10,000 v distribution variable capacity 20.931 million v-, and Line 92,000 km, 0.4 kV line 151,600 km, and households table 2.08 million households; solution 420,000 eye well power problem, 2017 end of Qian achieved plain area well power full cover; advance small town and Center village grid transformation upgrade, 2017 end of Qian full completed 7,276 a small town and Center village grid transformation upgrade task; advance province set poverty work focus village agricultural network transformation upgrade, focus implementation distribution variable Taiwan district, and old line and low voltage households table of construction transformation, Comprehensive solution to the power supply before the end of 2017 “cutthroat”, poor equipment, and high failure rate advance 236 supply lack of village agricultural network transformation project work towards all be completed by the end of 2017 to vote.

–Relocate relocation project of poverty alleviation. Around improved relocation object survival development environment, improve stable poverty capacity, on Jinan licheng district, Taian Dongping County,, Rizhao city, wulian County,, linyi city, Fei, and Yinan, and yishui County and in heze city juancheng, 7 a County (district), total involved 24 a township, and 86 a villages of built document state card poverty population 17000 people and synchronization relocation population 28413 people, implementation easily poverty relocation, construction housing and the necessary of subsidiary facilities, and water, and electric, and road, and gas, and network, supporting based facilities and education, and health, and Culture of basic public service facilities. By 2017 to complete certain file state poverty relocation relocation of the population and synchronization tasks, by 2018 reveals complete by 2020 move object production and living conditions improved. 2016 relocation 6515, 18990 2017 relocation 6862, 22743 people; 2018 relocation 894 households, 3680.

–PV project for poverty alleviation. To no collective income of province set poverty work focus village and no labor capacity, and no stable income source of built document state card depth poor for focus, adjusting measures to local conditions take households with distributed power, and village level small power station and concentrated type power station, construction mode, and manpower implementation PV poverty engineering, to 2020, ensure cover 1000 a province set poverty work focus village, and 100,000 a built document state card poor. Advance key 1.1205 million kW of the first photovoltaic project for poverty alleviation, including village-level power stations (including household system) 317,500 kW, corresponding to help 70,000 file state card poor; centralized power stations 803,000 kW, corresponding to 31,000 file state helping the poor.

–Rural drinking water safety in corrosion engineering. Around solution scale small, and aging fell into disrepair and water pollution, and water changes, rural water security not standard, and easy repeatedly of problem, planning total investment 1.2 billion yuan above, implementation rural water security consolidation upgrade engineering, to yimeng revolution old 18 a county and Zhongyuan economic zone 18 a County, poverty storming concentrated regional for focus, optimization water, further take water tube network extends, and transformation, and supporting, and networking, measures, speed up water treatment process transformation upgrade, promoted town water facilities to rural extends, improve tap water penetration, and Water quality, centralized water supply and the supply guarantee of compliance.

According to the crucial work for poverty eradication process, if necessary, may in the future consider including other relevant major projects in the field of poverty alleviation crucial engineering package.

Third, work requirements

Implementation of key major projects for poverty eradication is winning a battle of major initiatives for poverty eradication, municipalities and departments according to the Division of functions, strengthen project construction, financing, management and supervision work guidance, further establish and improve safeguard mechanisms and support policies, promoting the smooth implementation of the project, to promote the poverty.

(A) speed up the project. For the planning and implementation of poverty alleviation crucial projects, municipalities, relevant departments should strengthen coordination and cooperation, and agreed on concrete proposals, clear time limit arrangement, orderly project under construction, completed and put into use, pull out of poverty to play ‘ income. The related departments to speed up the planning and site selection, land pre-trial work, the EIA approval, review and approval, local governments should also establish appropriate coordination mechanisms and the green channel to drive the project as soon as possible a complete review and approval formalities, conditions of implementation-related construction, speed up the construction. For projects, to strengthen the construction of dynamic tracking and scheduling, and work hard to resolve the difficulties and problems encountered in the construction of the project, ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

(B) expanding financing channels. Guiding, supporting and stimulating role of government input, form a multi-channel and diversified capital structure. Increase investment in the central budget for investment, the provincial budget, special construction funds, municipal bonds, such as support for crucial for poverty eradication projects. Utilization of financial loans, guarantees and other means, encourage and guide the commercial, policy, development, cooperative financial institutions to enhance credit support for crucial for poverty eradication projects. Encourage support for private enterprises, social organizations and individuals involved in the construction of infrastructure and livelihood projects in the poor areas and guide counterpart support, urban poverty alleviation cooperation resources to support crucial for poverty eradication projects, such as construction, attract capital PPP participation in project construction and operation, achieving social support accurate poverty reduction resources and effective combination.

(C) a sound mechanism. Establish supervision and scheduling mechanism on a regular basis, combined with occasional spot checks, enhanced dynamic tracking and summarizing reports, promptly seize this project, use of funds, and so on, project construction and implementation of effectiveness evaluation of effectiveness as the province’s poverty relief and development work priorities. Establish mechanisms for communication and site, local, relevant departments and project proponents to maintain the smooth flow of information, timely investigation progress and guiding the construction and site according to work needs, solve problems. Build project management and security mechanism, all localities should strictly implement the responsibility system of project Corporation, bidding, construction supervision and contract management and acceptance system, implementing engineering quality lifetime responsibility system, adhere to the construction management and process management to ensure continued effectiveness.

Shandong development and Reform Commission

The November 28, 2016

Original title: notice on implementation of key major projects for poverty eradication

PV on grid price a lot better continuous geometry

Polaris solar PV net news: although for the power industry, but compared with thermal power, hydropower, wind power and other, PV on-grid prices, showed a different curve.

Data released by the National Energy Board show that in 2015, the national average price of 388.25/power generation enterprises at qianqianwa, down 2.61%. Among them, the solar maximum, when 1056.89/qianqianwa, hydro-electric power minimum, when 286.93/qianqianwa.

Longitudinal comparison, thermal power, hydropower, wind power and other price declines, instead, PV on-grid price by 2015 is still a certain increase, an increase of 3.99%, is in addition to natural gas, but only a rising power.

In terms of area, PV on-grid prices go up and down situations do occur. Among them, the big growth including Hubei, Shaanxi, Gansu, and large areas of Yunnan, Shandong, Ningxia.

In addition, the absolute price, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shaanxi is a high price area. Jiangsu’s average price is up nearly 1.33 Yuan/kWh.

PV electricity price is the most immediate challenge facing, other power price in the “heavy”, and PV on-grid price is in “rose”, further expansion of the price difference between the two, no doubt the PV has been advertising “parity” brings more of a challenge. Another challenge is that there are always new energy industry subsidies owed for high electricity prices can last long, certainly is a big question mark.

However, there are industry people, photovoltaic electricity price structure, including the adjustment of electricity prices, resource differences, where subsidies and distributed power mode, and many other factors, so direct and simple analogies with other power may not be objective.

The widening spreads

Recently, the National Energy Board announced the 2015 price.

In particular, in 2015, the national average price, including all power at 388.25/qianqianwa, down 2.61%. Among them, the average price of coal-fired units at 384.20/qianqianwa, down 4.16%; average on-grid price for hydropower when 286.93/qianqianwa, down 3.64%; wind turbine average price (new energy price subsidies, the same below. ) When 594.01/qianqianwa, down 0.61%; average price for nuclear power, biomass power generation 434.03/qianqianwa time, when 732.83/qianqianwa, respectively 0.83%, 0.07%, gas-fired power generation, solar power/average price was 789.82 Yuan qianqianwa time, when 1056.89/qianqianwa, respectively, 5.2% 3.99%.

In all the power in the electricity price is the highest PV, reached when 1056.89/qianqianwa; the lowest are water and electricity only when 286.93/qianqianwa.

A brief analysis is not difficult to find, in 2015, apart from gas-fired power generation, photovoltaic, and other power price fell.

As for PV, either gains or is in absolute prices, showed “a lot better”. When 1056.89/qianqianwa price, means the national average price of 2.72 times times 2.75 times times the power.

Even with the same compared to clean energy, wind power, nuclear power, and 1.78 times, 2.43 times times of the latter.

High price “for a reason”

However, the PV of “high price”, also has a more complex factors behind it.

First of all, for photovoltaic electricity prices, consider the “stock” price. In 2015, electricity prices, for example, both grid-connected power station of the year, as well as a few years ago or even earlier-grid of the power station. In the case of PV-benchmark price adjustment, even belonging to the same province of terrestrial photovoltaic power plants, grid-connected power station in different years, the applicable prices are not the same.

Second, you need to consider the types of power plants. Ground power station is divided by Ziyuan District electricity prices and distributed power plant electricity price is depending on its model, “spontaneous use, more than power” and “full access” electricity prices are not the same.

Once again, and also regional distribution of the power station. Only absolute prices, price will certainly be higher than that in the eastern region in the Western region. The reason is simple, either ground power stations rely on the resource Division’s benchmark price, as a benchmark or distributed PV rely on coal desulfurization of stock price and spontaneous use of the commercial and industrial sales prices are prices higher in the eastern part.

Based on this, for photovoltaic electricity prices, due to the Ziyuan District, where subsidies and the impact of different factors such as model of distributed, its price is a relatively complex process of change, but it will also be the year of new installed capacity in the regional distribution and type of power station, installed size and other factors. Therefore, direct, simple category with the other power, and may not have extensive powers of persuasion.

However, other power price “heavy”, and background of new energy subsidies and there has been a large gap, PV on-grid price “a lot better” strong long, undoubtedly worthy of investor attention.

Original title: PV on-grid price “a lot better” continuous geometry?

Solar thermal power generation technology gap is emerging to compensate for

Polaris solar PV net news: solar thermal power generation is emerging.

On November 26, Haiyang in Yumen Eastwick solar-thermal energy generation projects started, became China’s first batch of 20 solar-thermal power generation demonstration project and a formal launch of the project. Previously the earliest construction of similar projects is July 2014, China Guangdong Nuclear solar Delhi heat-conducting oil trough 50MW thermal generation projects.

“The project is expected to be fully completed in first half of 2018. “Hai Yang Xue Liming energy group founder, told reporters. Meanwhile, Haiyang group and Yumen on November 26, the Government also conducted two 500MW solar-thermal project signing ceremony.

As an important part of our country’s energy mix in the future, despite the presence of solar-thermal power generation technologies and other difficulties, but since early September this year the Commission will be solar thermal power generation 1.15 Yuan/kWh the benchmark price after the announcement, industry investment and development has sped up. National 863 project 1MW-tank project Chief specialist and project leader Xu Ershu believes that solar thermal power generation has a lot of potential in the future, but “Thirteen-Five” will be in a technical trial and during maturity stage.

Xue Liming believes that current solar-thermal power generation industry in China is still in development stages similar to the PV industry in 2004-2005, after 2019, solar-thermal power generation industry in China is expected to achieve true industrialization. But in this industry following implementation, the industry will usher in a wave of consolidation.

Technology gap fill

Solar thermal power generation (Concentrating Solar Power), refers to the use of a large array of parabolic or dish-shaped mirror collect solar heat through the heat exchanger steam, combined with the traditional process of turbo-generator, so as to achieve the purpose of power generation.

Published on September 30 of the year 20 of the first demonstration projects, Yumen, a total of 4 projects were selected, are elected to the highest number of counties and cities, Haiyang in Yumen trough solar thermal power station is the first project to start the 4 projects. According to Haiyang CEO Zhao Hexiang introduced, the commencement of projects 50 MW of installed capacity, and covers an area of 2.9 million square meters, the trough solar collector loop 192, molten salt thermal storage for 9 hours, plant design life of 25 years.

In fact, solar-thermal power generation in the world is not yet achieved large scale commercial use. Xue Liming admits that major difficulties exist in the technical equipment of the project at present. In light of main equipment of thermal power generation solar, Hai Duong has built in Asia only flexible solar reflector production line, its technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. But in the conventional steam turbine-generators and molten salt molten salt pump and molten salt heat storage device, there are still big technical gap with foreign countries.

Meanwhile, Xue Liming believes that solar thermal power generation possible after 5 years the emergence of new technology, which ultimately will be a collection of several technology advantages, and this new technology for better routes, remains to be practice to find out in the future. However, the gaps in equipment and technology, as well as solar-thermal power brings greater potential for future cost reduction.

Xu Ershu said, because solar-thermal power generation in China is still in the model development stage, and solar-thermal power generation includes a series of very complex technical, such as EPC integration, also involved more, grid-connected demonstration project in 2018, after the operation is essential.

In the future profitability of a project, Xue Liming believes that solar thermal power generation benchmark price of 1.15 Yuan/kWh to develop more objective, and after 2018 project grid, Haiyang hoping to cut yields on 20%-30%, Hai Duong from the project’s designing, equipment procurement and EPC turnkey integration, investment planning and other aspects of the efforts to reach this target. Meanwhile, compared to photovoltaic payback period of the project 7-8, Haiyang think solar thermal project payback period will be shorter.

Xue Liming told reporters, Haiyang will also in future in Qinghai or make some investments in solar-thermal power generation projects in Xinjiang. As the project began, as well as planning for the new project, “in Hai Duong is some equity, Fund and bond financing plan, programme or plan will be announced in the coming 2-3 months. “Xue Liming said.

Industry consolidation expected

Haiyang early in 2010 for the first layout in solar-thermal power generation industry, this is from Hai Duong thermal power generation industry prospects look good. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that solar thermal power generation by 2030 in China will reach 29GW installed, installed capacity by 2040 to 88GW 2050 118GW installed as the world following the United States, the Middle East and other regions, the fourth-largest market.

At the end of last year, the National Energy Board issued of the solar Thirteen-Five development plan draft, planned during the 45, total installed capacity for solar thermal power generation in China will reach 10 million-kilowatt, project number 80.

Solar-thermal power generation was optimistic about another reason stems from its efficiency advantages. Solar thermal power is a kind of renewable energy, generally, solar-thermal power generation has conversion efficiency than the PV high power, 24 hours and so on. It is learnt that the photovoltaic conversion efficiency of 10%-20% in General, Haiyang Yumen in the trough solar thermal power station project promises transformation efficiency is 24.6%.

According to the 21st century renewable energy policy network (REN21) recently released the 2016 global renewables status report shows that by the end of 2015, renewable energy power 23.7% per cent of global electricity generation, geothermal energy, solar energy, ocean energy together accounted for more than 0.4%. Xu Ershu believes that despite the great potential of solar thermal power generation, but there are still some technical problems to be solved in the “Thirteen-Five” stage, solar-thermal power generation in China will remain the technical stage, meet the production needs of the national economy to become the main energy source for the time being.

Meanwhile, could serve as a precedent is 2011 PV benchmark pricing policies after the year’s installed capacity grew by 768%. Xue Liming said now in the solar thermal power industry, people are really for the next 3 years, 5 years, 10 years to prepare. But Xu Ershu says, solar-thermal power generation in terms of technical difficulty and investment limits for the high threshold or can prevent disordered competition.

Generally speaking, solar-thermal power project investment is huge, including equipment investment accounted for the major part of production costs. In addition, investment projects relating to land, land use tax, compensation for grassland protection, soil conservation, etc.

“Solar thermal power generation industry have a higher threshold for capital and technology, will make it into fewer players, more rational. But after 2-3, or solar-thermal power generation industry will usher in a wave of ebb tide, equipment suppliers, and a large number of project operators, or will undergo a consolidation. “Xue Liming added.

Original title: early solar-thermal power generation with lofty benchmark prices or stimulate the eruption

Don t panic Telangpuxin under the Government of the United States energy market

Polaris solar PV net news: Donald Trump as the next President will promote reform in energy policy. But the market for new energy and reform direction is what? What mechanism? Schedules and what kind of?

This article will briefly analyse some foreseeable change in policy, and the policy changes the United States energy market and the impact of the new energy enterprises in China.

From the background on the other hand, trump the Government will carry out reforms, his policy of energy will create jobs, strengthen the construction of infrastructure, protecting United States three points for the core objectives of international competitiveness of enterprises. Secondly, Trump has said repeatedly during the debate, traditional energy with new energy on an equal footing, so that fair competition mechanism to determine the price of United States energy market of the future. Therefore, to reduce the Federal Government’s policy support for new energy, restored greater impact on employment, nuclear power and coal, electricity and support will be the main direction of work since he took office. In both policy direction under the guidance of the will likely trump the Government tax policies and the impact of climate policies in United States new energy markets.

Tax policy fine-tuning will affect new energy

Tax policy Shang, new energy investment and production tax relief (ITC/PTC) is has through Treasury tax model assessment and Parliament approval of Bill, Trump Government cannot in short-term within (as Office 100 days) completed on it of amendment, more alone the Bill in last year amendment Shi has established has Yu 2022 completed gradually reduced and eliminated of mechanism, so spent large resources to abolished investment and production tax relief policy, should not is Trump Government in short-term within of target.

However, the new energy tax-related regulations, Trump direct rapid reforms of the Government section. In wind energy production tax credit policy, for instance, 5% “safe haven” policy (that is, wind power, geothermal, bio-fuel project to complete 5% the commencement dates for the enjoyment of the investment tax relief, is a policy for the new energy tax credit extension) belong to the internal revenue service regulations, the process does not need parliamentary approval to take effect.

Similarly, the project can enjoy matching the new energy equipment tax credit also belongs to the internal revenue service regulations, Trump took office, you can quickly cancel those policies, raise prices, undermining the competitiveness of new energy in the market.

From another point of view, of the Federal Government’s new energy policy has always been just part of comparison share of renewable energy in the State standards (RPS) policies is the United States the main drivers of change in the energy market. Trump, after coming to power, support for new energy policy would undermine the Federal Government, States, in particular actively promoting deep blue state of climate change policy, will increase its efforts to implement the new energy policy within the State.

The Governor of California, Brown (JerryBrown) said after the election, California’s energy and climate policy will not change, Trump came to destroy generations of Californians for clean energy and environmental protection achievements.

Near several months to, NY and the Massachusetts also are through has more high of can renewable energy proportion standard (in 2030 achieved 50% of State within sales power from new energy), Massachusetts more is in proportion zhiwai requirements in State within established 1600 MW of sea wind electric project (July, United States first a sea wind electric project in Rhode Island into equipment installation period, sea wind electric project in northeast of development will get more attention). These policies at the State level will be increased profits for the energy market, the reforms undertaken by the Federal Government may provide a buffer.

However, it will have significant implications for new energy industry, possibly by House Republicans, especially house leader Ryan (PaulRyan) proposed blueprint for reform of taxation policy (“Abetterway” taxreformblueprints).

The tax reform proposals, we recommend adjusting tax collection methods, so as to increase the proportion of taxes on imported goods. This will affect China’s new energy products, in particular photovoltaic and battery products for the future in the United States market competitiveness. In both houses of the Republican majority, the Trump case of lack of Washington experience in policy development, this tax policy proposals will be Trump, a focus of government reform.

Limited shrinking real effects of climate policies

Climate policy, Trump took office, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced the clean energy project is expected to be a major threat.

Since February this year after the Supreme Court stopped the scheme, DC Circuit Court has presided over oral arguments, and will be made in the next few months to rule on whether the scheme is a transitional control.

Trump has been appointed climate change skeptics Igbo (MyronEball) as leader of the transition team in the environmental protection agency, means that Trump is very likely within 100 days of taking office in the environmental protection agency to give up clean energy plan. But it is worth noting is that this change does not have too much impact on energy markets.

First, in the EPA’s clean energy plan final draft submitted to the Supreme Court (finalrule), State standards on carbon emissions than proposed draft (proposedrule) strictly in the Northeast and in many States, California has even in 2015 to reach the final of 2022 emissions requirements. Even the nonconformance of State, have also been achieving the carbon reduction achievements in the electricity market, and most of these results has nothing to do with the new energy, but because of low natural gas prices led to the change from coal to gas power generation completed. Clean energy program itself is limited to the impact of new energy markets.

Moreover, in 2007 the Massachusetts lawsuit on EPA carbon emissions management (Mass.vs.EPA), the Supreme Court ruled the EPA has the obligation to manage carbon dioxide emissions. So, even though trump the Government will abandon the strong push by the Obama administration to clean-energy projects, a new environmental protection agency will also need to develop and implement a specific policy on carbon dioxide emissions nationwide.

These two aspects of policy, Trump settles into the White House, United States new energy market may experience a brief chill rather far-reaching last winter. In the short term, United States energy market could be affected by the tax reform, and in the long run, the State Government and business support for new energy and tackling climate change the general direction of the policy will continue to support the stable development of new energy markets.

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Telangpuxin policies for clean energy just chill

North China grid rules are prototype

Polaris solar PV net news: Reporter learned exclusively, for the protection of electric power system safe and stable operation, implementation of the national policy on renewable energy, regulate the PV on-grid dispatching management, published recently by the North China Bureau of the North China grid-connected PV power station operation management rules (draft for soliciting opinions), external advice.

The consultation covers scheduling management, technology management, measurement and calculation, monitoring and management section. The exposure draft explicitly, new grid-connected PV power station since the first photovoltaic cell since the date on which these rules six months after participation in the appraisal management; expansion of PV power stations since the date of the first grid-connected photovoltaic power generation unit, these rules are automatically incorporated into assessment management, eliminating technology due to expansion combined with main station during debugging management assessment. PV power station energy regulator is responsible for the implementation of this rule and settlement regulations. North China provincial electric power dispatching and above in energy regulatory agencies authorized by the jurisdiction in accordance with scheduling, photovoltaic power plant within a specific implementation of the regulated power to participate in the rule of execution and settlement, and results reported to the energy regulator approval before implementation, according to the results of photovoltaic power stations bear the financial responsibility.

In terms of management, the exposure draft explicitly, photovoltaic power stations should strictly obey the power organs of command shall not be any excuse to refuse or delay the implementation. Accept the dispatch order on-grid PV power station duty officer considered scheduling the execution of instructions will endanger the person, device, or system security, should immediately release the dispatch order dispatcher on duty report of the electric power dispatching and justified, by electric power dispatching agency dispatchers on duty decided the implementation of this directive, or withdraw it. Meanwhile, rules that can be found to break scheduling rules 11 matters clearly. Every breach of scheduling discipline, according to the full month of electricity 1% appraisal, appraisal costs less than 40,000 yuan, 40,000 yuan for evaluation and appraisal costs less than 40,000 yuan, according to assessment of 40,000 yuan.

Meanwhile, the consultation requirements of PV power station due to an acting, frequency, voltage and other electrical protection act leads to PV Unit disconnection is not allowed since the start grid. If in violation of regulations, each according to the full month of electricity 2% appraisal, appraisal costs less than 80,000 yuan, 80,000 yuan for evaluation and appraisal costs less than 80,000 yuan, 80,000 yuan for evaluation. Violation of rules and grid-connected photovoltaic power generation unit with the main series of small areas, in accordance with the full month of electricity 4% appraisal, appraisal costs less than 160,000 Yuan by 160,000 yuan for evaluation and measurement cost less than 160,000 Yuan by 160,000 yuan for evaluation.

The drafts also called, PV power station should be in accordance with the value of active power in power dispatching control (including the normal shutdown process). PV power station installed capacity of the power variation rate should not exceed 10%/min. The daily assessment, active power changes according to the time interval of 10 minutes maximum and minimum difference of statistics. Result of reduced solar irradiance power photovoltaic power stations changes beyond the maximum limit of active power change, not evaluation.

When PV power station caused by its large areas off PV Unit, when the exposure draft explicitly, one off PV Unit total capacity more than photovoltaic power station installed capacity of 30%, each in accordance with the whole electricity 3% appraisal of the month. In case of photovoltaic cell net removal assessment and cumulative measurement cost less than 120,000 yuan a month, according to 120,000 yuan for evaluation.

When absolutely necessary to limit the output of photovoltaic power stations, and the provisions of the draft for comment, photovoltaic power stations should be strictly enforced schedule issued by the dispatching agency curves (curves with real time scheduling), beyond the power of curve part included in the assessment. Settled by photovoltaic power station unit from real-time electric power dispatching automation system of PV power station power, requires real power for a limited period not exceeding planned electricity 1%. Limiting optical power real power beyond the plan during the period of the tolerance range, the exceeding part integral power press twice times the power of statistics in order to assess capacity.

The exposure draft also specifically photovoltaic photovoltaic power forecasting work carried out, and power dispatching agencies predicted power dispatching institution. Power dispatching agencies in accordance with their jurisdiction on-grid PV power station automation equipment, communications equipment, technical expertise and management, and the management of income submitted to the work.

The exposure draft requires, PV cell should be at zero voltage crossing ability of the grid code requirements. Same type of photovoltaic modules in a PV station is not completed within the period requested by the energy regulator zero voltage crossing reconstruction, or completed programme but is not completed within 6 months of testing and certification of photovoltaic modules as a does not have zero voltage crossing capacity, against incorporation.

Meanwhile, the consultation requirements of photovoltaic power stations should have a active power regulation, requires active power control system, receives and automatically performs electric power dispatching active power control signal sent from afar (AGC), ensure that photovoltaic power stations the maximum active power values does not exceed the power mechanism of the given value. Active power control station PV power stations upstream information should include effective capacity, ultra short term prediction of critical data. Is not completed within the prescribed active power control station installation and commissioning work, according to the monthly full electricity 1% appraisal of the month. Photovoltaic power stations in FM under the principle of voluntary participation support services, compensation costs refer to the AGC for thermal power plant compensation costs.

Metering and settlement, the exposure draft explicitly, photovoltaic power stations total monthly assessment fee equal to the fee for the assessment of cumulative. PV total monthly appraisal fee appraisal fees and for all photovoltaic power stations. Caused by technical support system master station PV power stations cannot report data or error examination can apply for examination. Same event for different assessment take assessment in terms of maximum power of an implementation. PV total monthly fee for examination by all the solar power grid electricity to return. Photovoltaic power stations costs arising out of the use of electricity settled by these rules, and settlement of electricity charges next month until synchronization is finished. Photovoltaic power stations on the basis on the amount of electricity the month plus (minus) should be given (paying) the costs incurred by these rules of participation quotas, in terms of settlement, the provincial power grid enterprises to the corresponding network issue VAT invoice, together with the monthly electricity bill settlement. Grid-connected PV power stations of the North China factory of auxiliary services administrative rules for the implementation of the compensation for the costs of ancillary services.

Original title: Northern regional grid rules are prototype

Important Latin America into China s clean energy investment destination

Polaris solar PV net news: energy company in China with the help of, Latin America countries are gradually developing its renewable energy potential, even Argentina has consistently paid no attention to the development of renewable national now open, an opportunity to meet the energy transition. Local governments and enterprises through partnership with a Chinese company, at a low price, who provided financing and material, in the rest of Latin America and built a new wind and solar projects.

Important Latin America into China's clean energy investment destination

Uruguay has now almost 100% on renewable energy generation, pictured in Solomare del Di á blo Lodge. Source: Inhabitat

And Costa Rica, and Uruguay have now almost 100% on renewable energy generation. In 2015, the country’s renewable energy installed 316,000 kW, total installed capacity to 845,000 kilowatt. Other States are not far behind Costa Rica and Uruguay’s pace. In Chile, the largest proportion of solar energy in the power structure. Its neighbours Argentina just finished 1.1 million-kilowatt renewable power project bidding.

Argentina renewable energy Director former Chairman, Santiago&Sinclair consulting, General Manager Carlos ˙ St James in a dialogue in the interview said: “China has begun to expand areas for foreign investment. First food, and natural resources, now on they began to focus on the energy sector. Industries have been expanding, excess capacity in China, Latin America is a very attractive market. ”

Argentina renewable project RenovAR a bid ended, a total of 17 a renewable energy generation project, total installed capacity reaches 1.109 million kilowatts. Among them, 12 for a wind energy project, 4 for solar photovoltaic power generation project, 1 for biomass energy projects. Total investment is expected to be as high as $1.8 billion.

A St James’s survey, tender at least half of the successful project of wind energy projects and three-fourths of solar projects involving Chinese investment and technology. While the United States and Europe the proportion is much smaller. They still think that Argentina’s investment environment risk is too high.

Including several upcoming Argentina southern province of Neuquén and Río Negro province, the construction of large-scale wind farms, including the Argentina total installed capacity of domestic and foreign companies participating in the bidding competition 708,000 kW of wind energy projects. Among them, envision energy companies in China accounted for the largest share, a total of 4 projects, with a total capacity of 185,000 kilowatts. Other winning bidders also include Genneia (Argentina), Central Puerto (Argentina), Pan American Energy (Pan American energy, Argentina), EREN Group (Luxembourg/Paris). Thanks to China and Argentina agreement reached by the provincial governments, solar project of the tender, 75% will support access to China’s low-cost funds.

Production of industrial and Business Association Executive Director onesto ˙ Fernandez ˙ Taboada to dialogue: China “(the company) has become Argentina major players in the energy sector. They offer loan interest rate is reasonable, it is always very attractive. ”

Argentina non-government environmental protection organization FARN Director Andre ˙ in Naples, expressed support for the bid, but he also said, the Government is still in the promotion of fossil energy. He pulled to the dialogue said: “Argentina is still subsidized in various ways the oil industry, is still in the building of some environmentally damaging energy projects, such as Patagonia’s VacaMuerta project. ”

According to Argentina late last year, the Senate passed a bill by 2017, wind, solar and hydropower will account for Argentina 8% power supply, and by 2020 the figure will rise to 20%.

Important Latin America into China’s clean energy investment destination

In the eyes of the people, China on Latin America’s renewable energy investment is the expansion of trade opportunities in the region. United States oil and gas production growth forced the Chinese renewable energy companies will have to seek other partners and export markets.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) figures, Brazil, and Mexico, and Chile and Uruguay are investing heavily in clean energy. Chinese investment in those countries total solar installed capacity came in first place.

Uruguay take pragmatic measures by increasing private-sector participation, rather than subsidies for renewable energy industry’s approach to renewable energy development. This practice has become an international model. Uruguay has developed renewable energy unique conditions, such as a predictable and stable wind and plenty of water.

Uruguay wind energy Association Secretary-General Jorge ˙ Doceul ˙ Dan c DeCarlo believes that Uruguay can succeed in cooperation is because the Government is corrupt, and a stable political environment. He said in an interview with dialogue: “State agencies to work together in promoting the development of renewable energy. ”

Uruguay Energy Department data showed import of solar water heaters in the country more than 80% from China. Not long ago, Uruguay President Tabare ˙ Vazquez during a visit to Beijing, also stressed the importance of signing a free trade agreement with China. He said, the FTA will help expand China Uruguay investment in renewable energy.

Private sector is Uruguay main promoter of renewable energy development. Uruguay domestic manufacturing capacity is limited, most of the technology and equipment are imported from China. Uruguay solar energy society President Andre ˙ Eliseo ˙ Cabrera said the low prices of Chinese products was assisted in partnership “an important factor”.

Likewise, Chile is also Latin America renewable energy an important role in the development process. The country plans to achieve 20% electricity come from renewable sources by 2025, and has formulated many specific policies for the renewable energy sector, such as tax mechanisms for renewable energy projects. In 2015, the country’s renewable energy sector has attracted investment of $3.4 billion, up 151% from 2014.

China is Chile’s main trading partner in recent years, bilateral cooperation in the field of wind energy and solar energy close.

Xinjiang goldwind science and technology under the United States goldwind, jinko energy, as well as Chinese companies such as Sky solar Holdings Limited has been involved in Chile among multiple projects. Mining electric 38% per cent of the country’s total electricity supply, so most of the investment is made directly from mining companies, and most of them are used in China’s capital.

Chinese Ambassador to Chile, Ambassador Li Baorong said: “Chile, in particular Chile North, rich in wind and solar energy resources, will help to develop clean energy. “Ambassador Li Baorong, recently said:” Chile needs to develop clean energy. Therefore, China and Chile has great potential of cooperation in the field of energy. ”

Original title: Chinese investment in renewable energy in Latin America

Polaris solar network on November 24 2016 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary of November 24 news, punishing tax rate no match for import impact on Department of Commerce launched anti-dumping interim review of polysilicon to the Korean investigation, Dongguan distributed photovoltaic subsidy: first come first served the end of December deadline xiayi, Henan supports photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation policy, as follows:

Lower penalty rate no match for imports the impact launched polysilicon to the Korean Ministry of Commerce midterm review of anti-dumping investigations

Dongguan distributed photovoltaic subsidy: first come first served the end of December deadline

Xiayi, Henan supports photovoltaic projects for poverty alleviation policy

Xuzhou Li LAN opened the PV power station construction chaos of “Pandora’s box”

SunEdison bankruptcy follow-up: 1.5GW power generation assets acquired by NRG

CSG a response series hot Treasure 2 billion interest-free loan “rescue”

Upstream continued trend of rising prices and raw materials polysilicon films into the December price key

Prospect of developing solar thermal power generation

US media: Trump took office does not change the United States clean energy boom

Asia solar energy market to Taiwan while Taiwan favor the corporate

Complementary pilot project is a large launch solar-thermal power or play an important role

Perovskite looking solar PV electricity price “2” times

India Super 80% photovoltaic device from China manufacturing

Xuzhou Jiangsu Thirteen Five new energy development planning by 2020 new PV

Polaris solar PV net news: chapter development

First quarter results

Xuzhou Municipal Government attaches great importance to renewable energy use and the development of related industries. According to Xuzhou can renewable energy resources and the distribution situation, around Xuzhou ecological civilization of construction, speed up implementation, vigorously promoted can renewable energy development, its using volume folding standard coal 1.4 million tons, “Twelve-Five” to annual 30% of speed increments, accounted for energy consumption share by 2010 of not to 1% upgrade to currently of 4% (which urban accounted for than 7% around), rendering growth, and share “double upgrade” of good situation.

First, solar energy utilization features

“Twelve-Five”, the city’s 20,000-kilowatt of PV power installed capacity by the end of 2010, rapid growth to the present 364,700 kilowatts, annual growth as high as 178.72%, total installed capacity of 60% new energy power generation, renewable energy generation the main applications. Standard specification for the integration of solar energy into green building design, the 12-story residential design and construction of solar hot water systems, combined with the construction of new countryside, encouraging the construction of solar water heaters, greenhouse, greenhouses and other end of 2015 total utilization of solar energy in the city area of more than 4 million square meters, effective collector area of nearly 1 million square meters, the annual saving 200,000 tons of standard coal.

Second, energy conservation, green building begins to take shape

In Xuzhou city in the province took the lead in promoting renewable energy use as the core of green building propulsion systems, solar thermal building take shape and ground-source heat pumps applications, solar energy and hybrid ground source heat pump air conditioning new use patterns also form a demonstration effect, effective collector area of over 5 million square meters, the geothermal area of over 1 million square meters.

Three, biomass utilization highlights highlights

Biomass utilization by power generation, gradually forming fuels such as biogas, bio-ethanol expansion and diversification, in 2015, the biomass utilization volume exceeded 1 million tons of standard coal, average annual growth of 37.3% and comprehensive utilization of straw burning ban and strengthen urban refuse storage rate increased from 2010 in 95%, build garbage incineration power plant 2, Capacity of 36,000 kW, MA Zhuang Cun, jiawang district became the country’s first straw solar and biogas demonstration village of centralized gas supply projects, advanced models and technology in the province to promote

Four, the realization of wind-dispersed development

Xuzhou city, low wind speed wind use mode. In 2015, jiawang, Xuzhou, China power investment Jiang Zhuang 74MW low wind grid-connected wind farm demonstration projects built, achieve scale wind energy breakthrough.

Five, the renewable energy industry development

Xuzhou insisted “leading type led, Shang downstream extends, and chain group type development” of mode, advance can renewable energy industry cluster of development grow, currently has formed to in the can silicon industry, and luoteaide, and strong Mau electronic, and burning control technology, backbone Enterprise for support, to polysilicon, and efficient solar component, and wind electric Rotary supports, and new energy power equipment, and environmental energy-saving equipment, products for led, solar PV, and wind electric manufacturing, and clean technology, and biological energy for development direction of features industry pattern, Industry chains continue to complete, high-end advantage increasing, industrial clusters take shape.

Section II: problems and challenges

Low, renewable energy accounted for more than

In recent years, relies on a new energy model city creating in Xuzhou city, in consolidating energy advantages on the basis of traditional coal-fired power, photovoltaic power, biomass power generation, such as developing renewable energy as a main direction, how can complement each other, multiple sources simultaneously, comprehensive utilization of energy development. The city’s renewable energy industry development, but because of the volume of energy consumption greater reliance on coal, economic development and high, high cost of renewable energy and other issues, the city’s renewable energy percentage is still low, from the national, provincial, there is still a wide gap.

Second, distributed PV roof extension

Distributed PV is the country in the East pushed the main types of photovoltaic applications, and I am roofing resources are difficult to implement and is not stable, less financing and project income is not high, led the city distributed PV development is slow, up to now, the city’s only distributed PV 20 MW, less than 10% of total PV installed capacity.

Third, renewable energy utilization and ecological protection needs to be convergence

In recent years the city’s developing centralized PV, wind, and biomass power generation and achieved certain results, but land use efficiency is not high, great influence on the surrounding original ecology environment, available resources mapping is not clear, resulting in renewable energy application appears with economic, social, environmental, and other incongruous phenomenon. Few projects affect the surrounding area’s development, limiting the use of land and other resources are occupied.

New challenges faced by four, large scale use of renewable

“Thirteen-Five” period is Xuzhou economic social development of industrialization transformation period, and urbanization expansion period and economic international upgrade period, City economic still will keep smooth growth situation, GDP total stable climbed, energy consumption total also will corresponding growth, “to coal mainly” of energy structure to make out larger of can renewable energy using space, also, in existing technology and industry based Shang, can renewable energy industry also in development of growth stage, utilization cost partial high, resources dispersed, using scale small, Production discontinuity problem is obvious. Significantly improving the scale application of renewable energy, promote alternative more difficult.

Section III opportunities

First, increasing policy support

In recent years, intensive and a series of policy measures, clear the way for the development of renewable energy, clear “Thirteen-Five” strategy of renewable energy development, promote renewable energy subsidies, also developed by 2050 renewable energy 60% of the ratio of long-term development objectives. Province and the city have issued the corresponding policies and measures, supporting a special fund for renewable energy development, provides a favorable policy environment for renewable energy development.

Second, resource-rich advantages

Xuzhou in solar, and biological quality can and wind, aspects are has good of resources endowment, Xuzhou solar resources rich, is Jiangsu Province highest sunshine value distribution, heat than North, light is better than Sunan, I city is province of agricultural big city, annual straw stable in 5 million tons around, suitable mass utilization; for development distributed PV aspects, Xuzhou has over 200 million square meters of building, near hundreds of industry agglomeration district, roof resources compared rich; also, I city has built large PV, and Biomass utilization projects, accumulated a great deal of practical experience in the use of renewable, provides a good basis for the next step in the development of renewable security.

Third, the reform opportunities

In recent years, national continued deepening energy system mechanism reform, vigorously advance “Internet + energy”, and new energy micro-grid, and carbon quota trading, platform construction, currently, national has model established has more than 20 more than intelligent micro-grid engineering, made has good of effectiveness, individual focus engineering has achieved no carbon energy supply, also, national requirements to 2017, full spread carbon quota trading system, for can renewable energy development brings has new opportunities.

Chapter development

In-depth implement party of 18 big and 18 session v plenary spirit, full implementation Central, and State of the decision deployment, to construction “advance energy revolution, speed up energy technology innovation, construction clean low carbon, and security efficient of modern energy system” for core, according to dispersed using and concentrated development phase combined, and market mechanism and policy support phase combined, and scale development and industry upgrade phase combined of principles, to advance PV lead who plans, and distributed PV advance engineering, and new energy car application promotion engineering, and Complementary use of renewable projects, smart microgrid demonstration project. Continue to optimize the structure of energy consumption in Xuzhou, increase the proportion of renewable energy in total energy consumption, reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, promote Xuzhou economic society and the harmonious development of environment and ecology.

By 2020, the city’s substantial increase in the scale of renewable energy, green energy an effective complementary low-carbon energy supply system, capacity of 2.8 million tons of standard coal, energy consumption accounted for about 7%.

1, photovoltaic power generation. 1.5 million-kilowatt new PV by 2020, which distributed PV installed above 200,000-kilowatt, leader in PV projects have been completed.

2, solar thermal applications. By 2020, solar thermal utilization area of more than 15 million square meters in the city; the city’s decentralized solar hot water collectors to reach 1.2 million square meters, a 12-story building solar thermal utilization in popularity.

3, bio-energy. Speed up the straw to energy, electricity, gas and other diversified uses. By 2020, the city’s energy efficiency more than 40% of straw to achieve additional annual output of 80 million cubic metres of biogas, biomass added (spam) power generation project 150,000-kilowatt.

4, other renewable energy: in accordance with regional demand for natural resources and energy, environmental protection, ecological protection, and the orderly development of renewable energy such as wind power, geothermal. Chapter priorities

Section I accelerate solar energy application

A, focus on large-scale distributed PV applications

Existing power users are encouraged in particular the key energy-consuming enterprises should take advantage of existing roof construction of distributed PV; new project of comprehensive energy consumption of more than 3000 tons of standard coal in particular projects, without special reasons shall be set aside for construction of distributed PV space industrial area to strengthen guidance, making full use of existing contiguous roof, first promoting the model of distributed PV applications. Supports PPP, contract energy management market, using the existing party and Government organs, schools, hospitals, research institutes and other public buildings roof construction of distributed solar power projects lead residents to participate in the roof PV power station construction, promoting the construction of low-density residential area planning, photovoltaics for household use, demonstration zone construction of new countryside construction and accurate poverty alleviation, promoting the construction of distributed PV project for farmers. By 2020, built 3-5-level distributed PV demonstration district, strive to build national demonstration zone of distributed PV.

Second, strengthening the construction of photovoltaic power stations on the ground management.

In accordance with the “regional restrictions, the relative concentration of scientific planning, and appropriate capacity” principle, combining indicators of construction scale of the available facts and provincial control of land resources, rational distribution of terrestrial photovoltaic power plant. Classification management of terrestrial PV power station construction site, has had a reasonable use of unused land, may not change the land-use photovoltaic power station construction. Competition mechanism and implementation of photovoltaic power stations on the ground access distributed quotas for PV, relying on photovoltaic leader plans to improve the ground level PV power station construction, reduce the cost of PV power station installed capacity.

Three, the large-scale development of solar thermal building integration

Strict implementation of the 12-story building and rebuilding, and residential projects, forcing have solar water heating project under construction, promote solar-ground source heat pump heating technology coupled to actively encourage the dispersion of urban residents to install solar water heaters. Government investment in new public construction projects (such as schools, hospitals, institutions, etc), there is heating demand or more than 10,000 square meters of public buildings (shopping malls, hotels, and so on) hot water consumption, such as centralized architecture, supporting the implementation of solar central heating water.

Four and accelerating solar lighting applications

Guide in the new urban public green areas, squares, parks, scenic spots and urban road lighting, traffic lights, billboards, signage, as well as new residential quarters in the street lights, lawn lights, garden lighting, as well as government agencies, hospitals, hotels and other public uses solar photovoltaic lighting system in the field of architectural lighting.

Section II investing in diversified use of biomass energy levels

First, focus on straw utilization of energy

Curing of actively promoting straw fuel projects in urban and rural areas such as cooking and heating fuel, speed up the promotion of biomass energy-saving stoves in private, by 2020, the city’s new straw curing project 500, handling more than 1 million tons of straw. Combined with straw weight distribution, according to each district a biomass power station, with a focus on promoting the construction of a biomass power generation project, strengthening the advance, straw straw site collection storage and transportation system of construction, ensure the safe and stable operation. By 2020, the full coverage to County straw power generation.

Second, speed up the implementation of biogas supply project

Step by step development of industrialization of biogas, and vigorously promote the large and middle scale biogas engineering, in the course of new countryside construction to achieve biogas Central gas supply, speeding up biogas biogas utilization of breed complementary project, actively promoting household biogas projects, orderly gas to generate electricity. By 2020, the completion of large and middle scale biogas engineering 25, complementary farming biogas project 800, household biogas 120,000 households, year serving more than 70 million cubic meters of biogas.

Third, the orderly utilization of waste energy

In order to achieve waste “Nissan day” as the focus, combined with the waste storage and transportation, such as a RADIUS, refuse to dissolve, fully taking into account factors such as wind direction, the city environmental protection, scientific layout, in order to promote garbage power generation projects. Speed up the application of advanced and applicable technology, advancing the sludge, kitchen waste and other municipal solid waste energy. By 2020, the city’s waste energy utilization than 70%, all regional waste “Nissan day” demonstration to promote 1-2 of kitchen waste to energy, bio-fuels to produce biomass energy diversification, energy utilization projects.

Section III of new energy vehicles

Advance the charging infrastructure construction, classification

In accordance with the “demand priority, moderate lead, guanghui relative concentration of resources,” the principles of classification, a number of charging infrastructure in the subregion. To Government, and station, and community, and attractions, and parking, and hotel, and supermarkets, people intensive places for focus, scale layout construction a charging facilities; combined bus, and rental, public traffic new energy car continued promotion situation, relies on refueling (gas) site, in guarantees security of premise Xia, construction can meet needs of charging facilities; around logistics, and law enforcement, and sanitation, priority promotion field, full combined vehicles using time, and run RADIUS,, reasonable layout a charging facilities. By 2020, post 700 built, meet the city’s demand for new-energy cars.

Second, optimize the charging infrastructure construction environment.

Increasing the construction of space, in the new architectural design, existing building renovation, urban and rural planning, urban construction, and so on, charging facilities layout space to be reserved, encourages a unified planning and construction; fully open the market, Enterprise and the market as the main body, active introduction of PPP, the chips, the group charged, Wireless charging, mobile power investment new mode of operation, charging infrastructure, such as new technologies and boost the vitality of the market. Encourage new energy operation and charging for services business, develop new energy vehicles charging for services and other commercial operations.

Third, speed up the promotion of new energy vehicles

Continue to strengthen the field application of new energy vehicles in buses, taxis and other expanded in logistics, sanitation, airports, public security patrols, business commuter, tourist areas such as promotion of new energy vehicles, size of new energy vehicles in the city’s outreach work to cultivate the private car market in new energy vehicles. By 2020, the city’s aim to promote new energy cars 1500 vehicles.

Fourth quarter accelerating new energy micro-grid construction

In accordance with the “adjust measures to local conditions, more complementary, flexible, cost-effective” principle, implementation of the smart grid, networking and storage technologies to support, new energy played an important role in the network’s new energy micro-grid demonstration projects. In an autonomous manner addressing specific areas of electricity, full use of the new energy power generation and grid system supports new power supply mode, form households develop new sources of energy, as well as “spontaneous Internet access, personal use, allowance transfers power” a new situation. By 2020, the built network of 1-2 Micro-renewable energy demonstration projects.

Chapter fourth safeguard

Section to strengthen organizational leadership

Clear responsibility for implementation. In accordance with the principle of Division of power and responsibility, collaboration, clear the tasks of responsibility. Departments concerned should strengthen guidance to the planning, implementation, and creating the conditions for planning and effective implementation. Give full play to enterprises, social organizations and the public’s role in the planning and implementation.

Strengthen follow-up assessments. Build up the scientific assessment mechanism, perfect planning implementation evaluation index system, development of monitoring and evaluation approaches, planning implementation evaluation, adjusted according to the assessment results, and promoting the planning and successful realization of tasks and goals, and, as appropriate, make adjustments to the plan amendment.

Section II strengthening policy support

Active towards and implementation superior in can renewable energy application field of related support policy, perfect place supporting policy support; will technology advanced, and advantage obviously, and led and support role strong, and promotion meaning big, and practical strong of can renewable energy project, into city focus project planning and annual implementation plans, priority give land, and credit, support and for subsidies; established can renewable energy project approval green channel, further simplified program, and improve efficiency, speed up can renewable energy project advance pace Actively build the docking platform of cooperation between banks and enterprises, encouraging capital market financing, broadening financing channels, setting up renewable energy industry Fund.

Section III, vigorously implement the innovation development

In-depth implement national “new town, and new energy, and new life” action plans, effective grasp solar, and biological quality can, focus field scale application; will energy consumption total control, and can renewable energy quota management, and carbon trading, and industrial and building energy-saving target responsibility assessment, work phase combined, expanded can renewable energy development space; active promoted can renewable energy and Internet phase combined, improve can renewable energy elimination na capacity and using efficiency; active carried out health material heating, and distributed PV application, and “Internet + energy”, and ” Smart microgrid “model; an active market, explore package contractors, all the chips and other new business investment.

Fourth section to build renewable energy information management platform

Improve the renewable energy statistics system to standardize the statistical standards, and timely dissemination of statistical information. Started can renewable energy information management platform construction, platform cover joint the members units, and focus can renewable energy production application enterprise and related service units, using cloud computing, and real networking, and data warehouse and mobile Internet, information technology means, achieved resources data dynamic query function, and can renewable energy utilization data filled, and summary and Statistics analysis function, and focus can renewable energy project integrated management function and can renewable energy using status, and monitoring, and regulatory information released, function.

Fifth Festival service and optimization capability

Implemented Government and enterprise linkage, strengthening can renewable energy technology development institutions construction, established major technology special, focus support can renewable energy technology of development and industrialization, determine needed focus conquer of technology problem, carried out and of related of major technology difficulties of research, established to enterprise and research institutions for subject, market for oriented, produced, and learn, and Institute phase combined of technology innovation system; through project delegate and part-time, and short-term service, and cooperation research, and technology shares, flexible introduced form, active absorb both at home and abroad new energy field talent. Strengthening cooperation with universities and research institutes at home and abroad, focus on training a group of high level of renewable energy technologies in the field of talent, management talent and the high quality of industrial workers, provide talent support for the development of the renewable energy industry.

Polaris solar PV NET week news highlights 11 21 11 25

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. Hubei Province, issued by the Department of energy about the 2016 General PV scale indicator alerts

Issued by the National Energy Board in our province the 2016 General added scale PV power station 600,000-kilowatt, of which 340,000-kilowatt safety and to 2015 for the record and prior to June 30, 2016 completion and 2014 for the record and put into operation before December 31, 2016 solar power plants (issued on the completion of the project to verify and then scale indicator), the remaining 260,000-kilowatt for 2016 PV competition assignments.

For more details

2. lead the Hebei provincial development and Reform Commission on 2017 PV technology base and advanced notice of preparation of the demonstration project implementation plan

General requirements of photovoltaic Base:

1). the planning capacity of not less than 500,000-kilowatt, base construction in principle within a single project is not less than 100,000-kilowatt, and configuration through competition; 2). the use of PV modules, PV product needed to achieve PV “leader” advanced technology products indicators;

For more details

3. the slow progress of the project, issued 490MW photovoltaic power generation project, Qinghai and 60MW of PV project responsibility list

PV power project general progress slow, 2013-2015 province development reform Board total issued to I city PV power project capacity index 550 MW (containing PV poverty project 60 MW), currently, has grid power of 2 home Enterprise 40 MW (containing PV poverty project 20 MW), is starts construction of 8 home Enterprise 180 MW (containing Xunhua County PV poverty 30 MW, and minhe County PV poverty 10 MW), starts rate for 40%; is do project early of 7 Home Enterprise 210 MW, There are 120 MW does not drop.

For more details

4. solar energy development in Zhejiang Province “Thirteen-Five” planning: 2020 total PV installed capacity by more than 8 million-kilowatt

Distributed jiaxing PV solar demonstration zone project to speed up construction, high-tech district, Hangzhou Tonglu economic development zone, Haining economic development zone, a State-level demonstration zone of distributed PV roof. Meanwhile, further developed, large load of the province industrial park, economic and technological development zone, focused on connecting business building roofs, the new roof at the provincial level demonstration zone of distributed PV applications. By 2020, the installed above 50,000-kilowatt large roofs built in the province distributed PV Park more than 20.

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5. table 2016-PV power plant project in Fujian: 14 project 200MW

Worldwide support, 2016, in my province, construction of photovoltaic power generation implementation of 14 projects (200MW) has all my records. To strengthen project management and related matters are hereby notified as follows:

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Market review

1. the low penalty rates no match for imports the impact of Commerce midterm review of poly-Korea anti-dumping investigations

On November 22, China’s Ministry of Commerce issued bulletin 2016 71st, officially announced that it will be based on applications submitted by the applicant to the domestic industry, originating in Korea’s imported solar grade silicon, the application of anti-dumping measures conducted an interim review investigations.

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2. Li LAN opens PV power station construction in Xuzhou as “Pandora’s box”

From the regulatory environment, Xuzhou, Li-LAN could be detonated PV power plant construction chaos “fuse”, including the first built, batch conformity and projects start with illness and other problems.

For more details

3. high success-oriented significant photovoltaic “pacemaker” leads industry low season

Changing from pursuing expansion to focus on quality and efficiency, to lower subsidies from high subsidies dependent on mode competition model, photovoltaic industry is emerging from the financial subsidy policy of nurturing to maturity under the value-oriented transformation.

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4. Guangdong Dongguan distributed photovoltaic subsidy: first come first served the end of December deadline (announcement)

Starting in 2014, based on the fiscal policies of energy saving model in Dongguan city, three consecutive years of distributed solar power projects for financial assistance, the maximum grant 2 million Yuan. On November 23, the reporter learned from the development and reform Bureau of Dongguan city, the application for financial assistance will close at the end of December, called for eligible organizations and individuals, to submit application materials as soon as possible.

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5. survey says PV pro-poor income generation path how to go?

A rural energy study found that fossil energy use in rural areas there is no city, but growing very fast. Moreover, fossil energy is scattered in the rural areas, quality of coal and the poor quality of many fossil energy. From the environmental point, also in rural areas than urban.

For more details

6. PV power enterprises will enter a “polarization” of the era

As the policy tends to gradually “wean” PV enterprises adapt to the change of market competition, maximize the benefits of its own, will be the biggest test of each PV enterprises.

For new energy sources such as photovoltaic industry, lead to “abandon” and “power” because, in addition to the network transmission capacity limits, also associated with factors such as peak-load regulation ability.

For more details

Enterprise version

1. easy early adopters the new Sunwell swap secret funds a lift

In suspension 6 months zhihou, catch in regulatory sector requirements complex brand of day, easy into new can disclosure has major assets restructuring plans, intends to Jiangxi sinovideo, and Xinyu sinovideo of creditors total issued shares 280 million unit and the paid cash 702 million Yuan, to made two home company 100% equity, shares price 7.59 Yuan/unit; another to also price to flat coal God horse group, and Lee have capital, and gold investment, and in the thaw letter create and Kay Wei Ming investment non-public issued 277 million unit, raised funding total not over 2.1 billion yuan.

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2. acquisition supply value-added was over 10 times times asking sunflower post prospects

Sunflower announced plans earlier to 520 million Yuan total price buying power, specific ways for the issuance of shares and cash, the value-added rate of 1019.91%. SSE believes that can power the future performance of the three-year commitment is far higher than its level of performance during the reporting period, and information on a related issue.

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3. Thomas g amplification: Tesla’s solar roof cheaper than ordinary roofing

International articles

1. important Latin America into China’s clean energy investment destination

With the help of Chinese energy companies, Latin America countries are gradually developing its renewable energy potential, even Argentina has consistently paid no attention to the development of renewable national now open, an opportunity to meet the energy transition. Local governments and enterprises through partnership with a Chinese company, at a low price, who provided financing and material, in the rest of Latin America and built a new wind and solar projects.

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2. Russia shackles solar industry lie?

Russia the development of solar power is very slow. Oil, coal and natural gas in the national energy balance accounted for a major share. The International Energy Agency expects fossil fuels than in energy structure in Russia is gradually reduced, by 2040 will be reduced to 66%, while the proportion of renewable energy is increasing.

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3.BTI report: India this year will add 5.1GW solar PV

Bridge to India (BTI) reported that in 2016, India will grow the solar industry 137%, next year will surpass Japan to become the world’s third-largest solar market.

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Efficient winning oriented significant photovoltaic pacemaker leads industry

Polaris solar PV net news: changing from pursuing expansion to focus on quality and efficiency, to lower subsidies from high subsidies dependent on mode competition model, photovoltaic industry is emerging from the financial subsidy policy of nurturing to maturity under the value-oriented transformation

In price downward under the influence of policy this year, “630 installing surge” was particularly serious. Usually one or three quarter PV installed capacity low season, for two months on many industry insiders think pessimistically, this round of installing, after the PV industry will go back into the cold winter.

In recent days, including Wall Street-listed by PV manufacturers announce quarterly results for the third quarter, in fierce price wars and stringent off-season tests under double oppression, photovoltaic industry shows polarization of the situation. Difficult market environment, efficient products show strong staying power, photovoltaic “leader”-oriented is obvious.

Polarization trends evident

Chinese Photovoltaic Industry Association statistics show, the third quarter of 2016, polysilicon production reached 145,000 tons, an increase of 30%. Polysilicon production costs has been at the leading level in the world. Wafer production 9.3 billion, from January to August, wafer exports of more than 2 billion tablets. Silicon exports amounted to 642 million, industry concentration is high. Compared with the first three quarters of last year, shipments by June this year over the same period last year. Wafer market differentiation appeared at the beginning of June, with flat production in July, August and September fell. Solar cell output of the first three quarters of 34GW,6 months ago and showed distinct changes after June. Yield 37GW component link from January to August, an increase of 30%, exported about 14GW. The first half of that profit margins are still improving, from 2% to 5% in the first half of last year, increased by 3%.

Wind data show that first half of the year, a stock concept solar plate 37 listed companies and 31 net profit compared with a positive growth, of which 14 are out at 100%, 9 200%. Earlier, the Photovoltaic Industry Association, China PV industry expected to drop in the third quarter and may slow recovery in the four quarter. Third quarter, 37 companies in the technology, TL-optoelectronics, sunflower, Aerospace Electronics, hagaoke 5 losses; from the chain, 23 companies attributable to shareholders of the parent company’s net profit growth year, 17 companies belong to shareholders of the parent company’s net profit growth. A tale as a whole trend of the market.

Major solar polarization of listed companies report card at the same time indirectly shows the PV “leader” clear guidance to industry. In the off-season and fierce price competition, high performance component producers more stable risk resistance capacity and strong potential.

Xian longi silicon materials company limited (hereinafter “longi shares”) quarterly results for the third quarter showed the company Silicon produced 667 million in 2015, representing an increase of 380 million in the first half, an increase of 132.04%; single crystal wafer 740 million tablets sold 575 million pieces, use 165 million; single crystal silicon wafer production and marketing rate of 110.87%. Mono solar module production 910.28MW 757.78MW increase compared to first half of 2015, an increase of 496.9%; Mono solar module shipments 922.85MW, external sales 873.14MW, private 49.71MW; Mono solar module production and marketing rate reached 101.38%, a strong guarantee for performance improvement.

On November 16, jinkosolar holding limited (hereinafter “jinkosolar”) released as of September 30, 2016 unaudited third-quarter earnings. The reporting period, total shipments of solar products 1606 megawatts, an increase of 41.6%, seated position of the world’s largest PV module manufacturers. Total revenue of 5.7 billion yuan, an increase of 39%. Gross margin level and maintain industry leadership, to 22.1%.

Leading global polysilicon and wafers GCL-poly energy Holdings Limited (hereinafter “GCL”) the evening of November 17 2016 released third-quarter results announcement. Notice that in 2016, GCL polysilicon 16,160 tons in the third quarter, wafer 4031 MW, cumulative production in the first three quarter 52,488 tons of polysilicon, wafer 12,674 MW respectively, are to achieve full production with marketing. GCL management night global said in a conference call with investors, GCL-2016 continues to vigorously promote technological upgrading and reducing cost and increasing efficiency, fully capable of according to 5%~10% ‘s goal to reduce production costs, beat the falling commodity prices.

Quarter or full recovery

Since 2015 issued on promote advanced PV technology products application and industry upgrade of views yilai, National Energy Council began yearly upgrade PV products standard, and quality and threshold, to guide domestic PV manufacturing from pursuit scale expansion to focused on quality benefits change, achieved from high subsidies policy rely on mode to low subsidies competitiveness improve mode change, most main of measures is implementation PV “lead who” plans.

Hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Vice President Yi Yue chun had told reporters in an interview, technological progress and industrial upgrading are key to promoting the development of large-scale PV power generation. PV industry in China has been “efficient win” era, the large manufacturers of continuous research and development in technology innovation advantage, practicing skills stand out in the third quarter. For example, longi its Silicon component brand PV promotion PERC monocrystalline cell technology shows a clear competitive advantage. It is understood that PERC is p-type the battery in the main technology. As the first half of PERC battery capacity up to 900MW, will continue into the PERC product line in the future.

Jinko diamond wire cutting of single-crystal silicon product line has been put into operation and to elevate its capacity to support efficient PERC product line. GCL-poly expanded G7 ingot furnace and auxiliary equipment of production and transformation, promoted the online recycled mortar technology, experimental and recommend the structure of process, while promoting black-silicon and diamond wire technology applications.

Under the policy, China PV industry constantly honed technique, improving the ability to deal with market risks. “In recent years, photovoltaic power generation costs continue to decline, parity is around the corner, photovoltaic industry is emerging from the financial subsidy policy of nurturing to maturity under the value-oriented transformation. “Concord new energy Ren Feng, Assistant Vice-President in 2016 (seventh) spoke on the Summit Forum of China Solar PV, PV is the core indicators of the four changes for market competition was evolved from policy configuration to configure. This is national energy departments to actively promote energy revolution, depth, grasp the pulse of the development of the photovoltaic industry’s potential move. PV enterprises should take a more active attitude toward market reform of baptism, rather than dwell on the policies cultivation of greenhouse environment.

China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua believe, now you can see the industry began to pick up signs of solar module prices have gone up.

Four-quarter installed capacity is the traditional season, in the third quarter as the quarterly, by high efficiency photovoltaic manufacturers said in the off-season after the fourth-quarter earnings are expected to continue to grow.

Longi stock said in a statement, with the National Energy Board 5.16GW total size in poverty alleviation projects issued by 2016 and the construction of photovoltaic power generation scheme notice orders emerging gradually in the near future, related product prices bottoming out of the industry chain, expects fourth-quarter circulation price has warmed up, the product needs to be promoted.

GCL-poly also said the market needs a strong rebound since September, will further enlarge the company’s wafer technology reduce the effectiveness of GCL-poly results for the year are expected to create the best levels in history.

Jinko’s strong growth in the third quarter, jinko’s Chief Executive Chen Kangping said in a challenging environment, business continues to maintain the momentum of growth, based on strong business performance and visibility for four quarters, will again raise shipment guidance for the year from 6GW~6.5GW to 6.6GW~6.7GW. Apt this year are expected to stabilize global PV module shipments in the first place.

Chen Kangping noted that market demand remained robust in China, component prices have stabilised. Needs to cut subsidies in the next round after the publication of recovery, which will also become important catalysts of 2017 demand growth in the first half.

Original title: efficient winning-oriented significant photovoltaic “pacemaker” leads industry low season

EU s new generation of highly efficient solar cell conversion efficiency than 28

Polaris solar PV net news: the EU’s seventh research framework programme (FP7) provided € 3 million, total investment in research and development of € 4 million in support of 6 Member States of the European Union and the associated countries, Italy, and Spain, and Germany and the United Kingdom, and Sweden and Switzerland consisting of interdisciplinary scientific and technical personnel of the European GLOBASOL research team. Starting from March 2013, long-term commitment to the research and development of a new generation of solar cell technology.

GLOBASOL research team identifies technology development route is to maximize the absorption of solar radiation using full spectrum light, not only necessary to improve photovoltaic conversion efficiency needs to improve the efficiency of conversion of solar radiation. Absorbent materials are improving the efficiency of full spectrum light of Sun energy into electrical energy key team “two-step” strategy based on organic or Organometallic dye as well as innovative in semisolid medium sensitized mesoscopic solar cells (SMSCs) materials. SMSCs and efficient absorption of solar radiation up to 750 nm wavelength light, and Nano-Crystal technology, also known as quantum dots, high solar radiation absorption wavelength of 750-1100 nm light. Innovative Photonic structures designed to enlarge the gap to the Suns infrared and near-infrared absorption spectra of designed solar cells arranged in series the top floor unit, help absorb solar radiation the most transparent of low energy photons of light.

For more than 1100 nm wavelength solar radiation light, the research team used newly developed based on Nano-crystalline, nanowires and non-Crystal alloy combination of thermoelectric conversion materials, keep 500-700 Kelvin temperature range for optimum performance.

Two kinds of material mixed ammonium adding lead iodide and methyl iodide, natural symmetry of the formation of crystalline structure of the material. New hybrid electro-optical and technical development of prototypes of a new generation of solar cells of thermoelectric materials, current solar conversion efficiency of more than 28%, set a new world record.

Original title: EU a new generation of solar technology breakthrough

SunEdison bankruptcy follow up 1 5GW power generation assets acquired by NRG

Polaris solar PV net news: at a very fast pace of expansion of renewable energy power generation SunEdison declared bankruptcy in April this year, started the restructuring, liquidation of its assets. Part of generation assets from all walks of life are most concerned about, and 1.5GW have been determined by another clean energy company NRG takeover.

PVTech reported that NRG announced on November 23, completed the acquisition of SunEdison owns local time 1.5GW wind, solar power assets acquisition, the acquired assets are public utility-grade power project, located in the United States in multiple States. In addition to this acquisition case, NRG will acquire SunEdison 29MW in all 26 States have distributed solar system with the community.

After the completion of this acquisition, NRG in California, Texas, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Utah and other States to provide better services, and utility-grade power station. At present, the NRG in the United States there are about 265MW’s generation assets are operational; added after the acquisition of SunEdison’s assets, NRG Energy’s total assets to 4.7GW. All assets will be put into operation.

Original title: SunEdison after bankruptcy: NRG 1.5GW assets

CSG a response series hot Treasure 2 billion interest free loan rescue

Polaris solar PV net news: by the “turmoil of separation” released today by the troubled southern glass a clarification announcement, responded to the series hot. Meanwhile, as the controlling shareholder of “treasure” “bread”, from the huge manpower to CSG a urgently to provide 2 billion yuan of interest-free loans to stabilize the situation.

For media management in the near future “exit storm” coverage, CSG a today that part of the rumor is not the truth, but some issues still need to be verified.

First of all, “treasure series” South of glass-a name of the message to all employees of the China Southern glass group this rumor, CSG a clear statement. Company says the message to employees is not released, and after confirmation (owned by treasure) before hairenshou, and persons acting in concert, are South of the does not book of glass a name above the message to employees.

Earlier hairenshou had on the CSG monitor asset restructuring “obstructions”, that is “approved by the Board agreed with the conductive membrane building technology Park North, along with related assets sold and quoted in more than once to the former sea life (650 million yuan) of 725 million Yuan signed an agreement with a buyer, also charge a deposit. Hairenshou before but suddenly changed their mind and call for the abolition of the contract, forced acquisition of this building, the company faces huge legal risk “coverage, CSG considered it not to be true.

In clarification announcement, the company explained that the conductive membrane building Shenzhen science and Technology Park (the CSG electronic building) property for CSG Hong Xu technology companies, the company is a technology company CSG display devices (hereinafter “the CSG display”) a wholly-owned company, CSG CSG display 44.7% owned a though, but not the largest shareholder. Accordingly, the CSG view, CSG display through the sale of CSG wellight conductive film 100% shares in the company, building indirect sales conductive film, as the CSG a shares shareholders have no right to interfere, the transactions without a Board of directors or the general meeting of shareholders of the company.

Most importantly, company executives before the cause of sea life to interfere with equity incentive plan, a CSG a said company executives offered to resign, submitted his resignation has not been mentioned in the report related to equity incentive plan. So the rumor is not true.

And on other rumors, as company left executives team suspected violation competing industry ban provides and cut empty listed company, part left personnel joined flag bin group; company and rich long international, and Qian haiyusheng, and Qian haiyuxin exists associated relationship, this year May acquisition Feng Granville technology 100% equity suspected interests conveying; and and flag bin group in PV power station of cooperation construction in the, flag bin aspects staff suspected violations South glass of commercial secret,, South glass a, said still needed time for verification.

Noteworthy is that in CSG a current troubled circumstances, shareholders huge manpower from the Po to the market’s confidence in its firm support for the listed companies. On November 22, the huge manpower sent a letter to CSG a says to support stable operation and development of the company, through its own or associated party provided 2 billion yuan of interest-free loans.

Specifically, the loan interest rate is zero if the CSG a needs to renewal, renewal of the interest for the period also is not charging, listed companies need not provide a guarantee, mortgage, pledge and other warranty of any kind.

Original title: CSG a response series hot Treasure 2 billion interest-free loan “rescue”

Xuzhou Li LAN opened the PV power station construction chaos of Pandora s box

Polaris solar PV net news: from the regulatory environment, Xuzhou, Li-LAN could be detonated PV power plant construction chaos “fuse”, including the first built, does not match the batch build and engineering issues such as disease starts

Inadvertently, involved in PV construction chaos “Pandora’s box”, there may be open.

Xuzhou Li LAN opened the PV power station construction chaos of

Recently, the October 12398 published in national energy Board energy regulation hotline complaint processing information circular, there is an interesting message, Xuzhou, Li LAN new energy technology limited second-phase grid-connected PV projects are reported in the startup provides false information in the process.

The briefing also showed that Li LAN, Xuzhou, the reports of new energy science and technology limited, after investigation, reflecting matters is true, has ordered Li LAN new energy technology in Xuzhou run limited stop 3 MW of grid-connected PV power generation projects, and require power companies to terminate their signed a purchase and sale contract and incorporation.

Statistics show that Xuzhou LAN new energy science and technology limited company is Shanghai State LAN automation technology company limited (hereinafter “Li LAN technology”) a wholly owned subsidiary, while the latter is a list on the new Board company.

Li LAN technology announcement also shows the impact spread to an industry-wide trend.

According to Li LAN technology announcement, National Energy Board Office in Jiangsu Province have been required by the Jiangsu power construction quality supervision Center of the province in the past two years production of PV projects for completion of false issues for a comprehensive investigation.

And judging from the regulatory environment, Xuzhou, Li LAN new energy technology corporation could be detonated PV power station construction chaos “fuse”, including the first built, batch conformity and projects start with illness and other problems.

Last month the National Energy Board meeting in Hubei, has officially launched the 2016 year special power engineering quality supervision report on disclosure of rectification “look” inspections, in which construction implementation of the program, including thorough investigation not of first building, built in conformity and engineering issues such as disease starts is check point.

Photovoltaic power plant in the first half of “Installing tide” background, Xuzhou Li LAN, how many projects there are similar to the reported problem, might be really bad to say.

Curse the false completion?

Complaint handling communications, national energy Administration said simply, Xuzhou, Li-LAN public new energy technology limited second-phase grid-connected PV projects in the startup provides false information in the process. According to the investigation, reflecting matters is true, has ordered Li LAN new energy technology in Xuzhou run limited stop 3 MW of grid-connected PV power generation projects, and require power companies to terminate their signed a purchase and sale contract and incorporation.

It is clear from the above few words of description, it is difficult to understand the State of Xuzhou LAN new energy technology co was the report of PV projects, what happened to problem.

However, Li-LAN technology announcement, or can generally know where the problem lies.

Li LAN technology announced that recently received the National Energy Board informed the Office of Jiangsu Xuzhou Li LAN need to stop 3MW grid-connected PV power generation projects run from power engineering quality supervision station in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, Li LAN 3MW PV power projects quality supervision and review the situation, and the province in the past two years production of PV projects for completion of false issues for a comprehensive investigation.

Through this announcement, in particular the “PV projects and production for the province in the past two years the existence of false completed a comprehensive investigation”, generally can be drawn, the main problem of Xuzhou, Li LAN should be in “false schedule”. Put more bluntly, 3MW PV projects before they haven’t really finished by some means won the acceptance, and the starting grid.

“Pull carrots out of the mud”

More curious was that Xuzhou State grid-connected LAN why is the early start that way, is a matter of time or some other reason?

Showing of the Xuzhou Bureau of land and resources announced on August 19, 2015, the reported State of Xuzhou LAN 3 MW project with a total investment of 23.21 million Yuan, has been issued by the NDRC in Xuzhou City project filing notices (Xu Fa modified [2015]044), Li LAN, Xuzhou, the Council agreed in principle to new energy technology company 3MW distributed PV power generation projects through the construction of projects with the pre (valid for two years).

Price Bureau of Jiangsu Province announced in June 2016 for the fifth issue of grid-connected PV power generation projects, Xuzhou Li LAN 3MW impressively in the column, on-grid price of 1.00 Yuan/kWh, the pattern is full Internet access.

For an August 2015 have been given with the approval of the project, why grid-connected through the completion of the false way to start? Under normal circumstances, should not be a matter of time.

However, whether for any reason, to Xuzhou, Li LAN, the effects will be obvious, which involved a 3MW PV power projects quality supervision will be conducted to review again, if it fails to complete the construction, there are risks of approved approval was withdrawn, and possibly due to the “tainted” and its follow-up project gets.

For the industry as a whole, the event, you are likely to play “pull carrots out of the mud” effect.

Li LAN technology announcements have shown, due to the accident, power engineering quality supervision Center of Jiangsu province for the province in the past two years production of PV projects for completion of false issues for a comprehensive investigation.

The question now is, such a comprehensive investigation, would further spread to nationwide solar project?

Original title: Xuzhou Li LAN opened the PV power station construction chaos of “Pandora’s box”

Expert explanation the power development Thirteen Five programme

Polaris solar PV net news: Editor’s Note:

After 15 years, and again announced five-year power development plan at the national level. Power demand continued to moderate, leaving problems such as excess wind, abandoned, coal-fired power is still unanswered, “Thirteen-Five,” power supply and demand situation is not clear … … Released by electric power development “Thirteen-Five” planning what to bring to the industry? What were the highlights? What are the regrets? In this issue, reporters invited industry experts to read reader.

National Energy Board Chief Engineer Han Shui:

Green is the main line of development

In terms of new energy, abandoned, abandoning the wind there are three main reasons: layout, grid, mediation capacity of the system.

In terms of layout, “Thirteen-Five” will be optimization of wind power and photovoltaic, was abandoned to an orderly slowdown in development, adequate scale and rhythm; second, in the central building and the decentralization of both principles, to dissolve.

In the grid, renewable energy development will allow the grid to adapt as much as possible, from strengthening renewable energy on the grid to accept and to dissolve. On one hand, efforts to increase renewable energy delivery. The other hand, increase the intensity of reform in distribution network building, hope to make renewable sources of energy in the form of distributed, micro-grid system, achieving near to dissolve.

In terms of regulation, one of the characteristics of the plan is to enhance the flexibility of the system, improvement of power system peak capacity. Will increase peak power capacity. 17 million-kilowatt pumped storage will be built, also started 60 million-kilowatt; deploy 5 million-kilowatt of peak-shaving gas; increase the flexibility renovation of coal-fired power station, and more coal-fired power peaking capacity will increase peak capacity after the reconstruction of 46 million-kilowatt. These goals are optimized through the systems engineering approach, optimization is designed to enable local disposal wind, left rates at a reasonable level. Among them, the “reasonable level” refers to control within 5%. Need to be aware of is that “5%” is also a common control, because the situation varies, so “at a reasonable level” to express. In fact, properly abandon wind up light, more renewable electricity generation can be achieved to dissolve, support larger wind power, solar cell development. Meanwhile, both hardware and software to ensure the healthy and orderly development of renewable energy.

In addition, the plan also reflects the new energy priorities. Routine, planning in the traditional sense has two main principles: to meet the planning and forecasting of demand, guarantee electricity supply according to economy of construction of economic principles to determine optimal size and category. The plan to highlight structural transformation and upgrading of energy requirements, adds a key principle, that is, the third principle–to non-fossil energy consumption in 2020 China’s primary energy consumption to around 15%. In particular, it will give priority in the process of planning in the power structure layout, clean energy, taking into account the electric power and energy balance, first balanced hydropower, wind, solar and nuclear power, and then look at the power supply can meet demand for electricity, balance, gas electricity, coal and electricity and supplying. In addition, the priority uses of renewable energy generation, but also to consider clean energy power transmission channels to maximize delivery.

We will make great efforts to improve the absorptive capacity of renewable energy, will abandon the wind, left rates at a reasonable level, in the planning of green development is embodied in the main line.

North China electric power University energy and power Economic Research Center Director Zeng Ming:

Titus can complement the irrepressible power development

Planning a couple of clear time-bound targets, including the 2018 start spot transactions before the end of the pilot, 2020 started spot trading market, completed by the end of 2018, sell-side market cultivation, and so, after experts, relevant departments and enterprise after repeated study, a demonstration to identify.

To achieve these targets still need full cooperation of the parties. The most important thing is to embody the planning authority and real power development co-ordination with each link.

Planning reflects the energy revolution under the background of development of the power industry should be doing things. Is a large cost-efficient use of clean energy, and the other is peak, the third is on the formation of new energy power system problems. When large-scale clean energy, especially with the wind, light as a representative of random, strong fluctuations increasing the proportion of clean energy, power system stochastic fluctuation will be very strong, to resist the random volatility by traditional power system planning to transition to new energy systems, and related initiatives. Meanwhile, Nineth also modified article, clearly changed in the 18th task task.

In addition, most embodied energy revolution highlights is planning first highlights the development of complementary. This is based on the energy Internet development background, improving overall system energy efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction is achieved with complementary power development.

Deficiencies are not clearly how coordination between various energy measures. I think as long as the idea of planning authority and strictly enforced, it will breathe new vitality into the modified, significantly advancing the reform process.

It is to be noted that, “West to East” is “Thirteen-Five” development of China’s power industry must face up to and solve problems. Planning the power investment and match of power grid investment through several rounds repeatedly demonstrate, concrete implementation of specific arrangements.

In addition to the construction of UHV power grid, long distance transportation, clean energy distributed generation to dissolve on the spot but also part of the planning for another bright spot. The future is a combination of centralized and distributed, high power generation, long-distance transmission of organically combined with the distributed generation to dissolve on the spot, this is the future of China’s electric power development coordinating.

If according to the scale of investments planning and development objectives smoothly, “Thirteen-Five” transportation and distributed generation of renewable development will be greatly improved.

Dean Lin boqiang, Xiamen University, China’s energy policy:

Focus on solving practical problems

Power industry’s most prominent and most major areas of concern are: abandon wind up contradictions, coal, electricity and construction, network intelligence, power share of final energy consumption, and price reform of electric power system. Six points happens to be embodied in the plan in order to solve these problems and contradictions.

Among them, in terms of energy structure adjustment, highlight the structural transformation and upgrading of the focus of planning. In 2020 under the constraint of non-fossil energy accounted for 15% hard, preferred layout, clean energy, first balanced hydropower, wind, solar and nuclear power, the difference in gas and electricity, coal completing meant 2020 non-fossil, proportion of fossil fuel generation capacity rose drop the 4%. Non-conventional fossil energy, electricity and nuclear power for a longer construction period 2020 340 million kW of hydropower and 58 million kilowatts of nuclear power are relatively fixed, also in line with expectations. Such restructuring should focus on clean energy in wind power and solar energy, their growth is relatively large. Planned solar power actually installed is still lower than the target of 110 million kilowatt of solar energy utilization in Thirteen-Five development plan draft proposed the target of 160 million kW, indicating plans for solar development took into account the absorptive problem.

Proportion of fossil fuel generation capacity decrease in coal-fired power. “Coal and electricity installed within a 1.1 billion-kilowatt power control” means 150 million kilowatt coal-fired power projects face the risk of delayed or cancelled, from the point of view of the 1.1 billion-kilowatt target is relatively severe. But if left unchecked, the “Thirteen-Five” new coal power nearly 350 million kW, and nearly half of the delta compression, control 200 million-kilowatt is not easy. Current national energy Board to establish planning and construction of coal-fired electricity risk early warning mechanism, “three” and eliminate backward production capacity, response. Large efforts to eliminate backward production capacity a few years ago, the “Thirteen-Five” have little space, according to active-duty unit behind, can be phased out only about 20 million kilowatts, more from the “three” and risk early warning mechanism. In addition, parts and reduced the motivation of the development of coal-fired power generation enterprise, needs to restrain investment impulse.

The other hand, planned to “Thirteen-Five” during the electricity demand growth is expected at 3.6-4.8%. China’s electricity consumption is highly concentrated in heavy industry, heavy industry sensitive to economic growth, through inventory factors leading to power demand peaks and troughs, power consumption and GDP growth is a significant departure from the. According to power development moderate ahead of principles and avoid power short-term on economic social development caused effect, despite has energy structure adjustment of requirements, in power system still to coal electric led of situation Xia, need developed effective of coal electric planning construction risk warning mechanism, compared accurate provides future years of coal electric supply and demand relationship, determine power incremental can consider energy-saving emissions, and meet power needs and coal electric reasonable using hours number three a aspects.

Our highly efficient coal-fired units due to low utilization hours, frequent participation in the peak, not operating in the best, is not conducive to energy saving and emission reduction to some extent. Planning of pumped storage machine, air and electricity installed capacity growth of around 10%. Especially the increase in gas-electric 50 million-kilowatt, reaching 110 million kW, gas power installed capacity will be raised to 5% per cent, you can improve the efficiency of the power system, but also conducive to energy saving and emission reduction. If, however, does not solve the issues of gas and electricity prices and profits, this is optimistic.

State grid Energy Research Institute, Institute for economy and energy supply and demand Dan Baoguo:

Energy alternatives to promote the clean development

Further planning of electrical energy of alternative development objectives are clear and expected 2020 when power replacement battery 450 billion-kilowatt. It will actively promote the restructuring of the energy consumption, promote pollution prevention.

Low levels of electric energy alternative still has a lot of potential. Energy alternative focus areas including mining, construction, transportation, living and other fields.

Electric energy alternative needs strong Government support. Energy replacement potential is great, but under the influence of technical aspects of economy, usage, power also has the alternative of difficult, requires the Government to strengthen the planning guide, introduce incentive policies to promote this work. In May 2016, eight ministries jointly issued the guidance documents on promoting energy alternatives, articulate and objectives in the field of electric energy alternative; in November, power alternative target write power development five-year plan in China for the first time; as of the end of October, State and local governments in planning, subsidies, tariff and eco-friendly energy alternative support in place policies in respect of more than 1000 items. “Thirteen-Five” electric energy alternative development, good environment, is expected to widely used from pilot to cross over.

Under the measure, considering the energy saving benefits, financial support, electricity markets and other factors and expected 2020 national grid power can be realized when alternative 500 billion-kilowatt, southern power grid areas when you can realize 100 billion-kilowatt, when the country is expected to achieve 600 billion-kilowatt.

Judging, achieving planning goals are more optimistic, there could be earlier. Energy alternatives will greatly boost form energy saving, convenient and efficient, technically feasible and widely used new power market.

National Energy Board power Secretary Huang Xuenong:

Duocuo both to rein in coal-fired power scale

Coal as the main power in China are facing new challenges: one is the decline in growth in national electricity; the second is energy structure was further optimized, future coal power to continue to make room for the development of non-fossil energy; third, coal, electricity and excess risk of potential emerging.

At present throughout the planning and construction of coal-fired power project is still more coal potential risk is very prominent, so planning “to control a 1.1 billion-kilowatt within”. Planning and prediction of “Thirteen-Five” demand has taken into account the principles of moderate lead of electric power construction. First demand can effectively ensure that the current economic and social development; second can avoid electricity surplus; in addition, you can keep coal utilization hours at a reasonable level.

Complete the “1.1 billion-kilowatt up” task targets is not easy. If we do not control, “Thirteen-Five,” coal-fired power installed capacity will reach 1.25 billion kWh more than at the end, so planning, clear cancellations and delays more than 150 million kilowatts of coal construction project.

Specifically, we will adopt the following measures: first, the planning and construction of coal-fired electricity risk early warning mechanism, into red, yellow and green alerts. This is a very strict red cannot be built and approved. Second, have started or approved building project “cancel group, sustained nuclear group, postponed a number of” “three”. Third, eliminate backward production capacity. Planning requirements and strive to eliminate backward coal-fired power units of about 20 million-kilowatt. This is a conservative estimate. Government efforts to eliminate backward production capacity a few years ago a large, easily eliminated units are basically obsolete, the rest is “tough”, but from the perspective of energy conservation or from emission reduction, eliminating backward production capacity is a must to do.

Through these measures, the “Thirteen-Five” period can achieve control in 1.1 billion-kilowatt coal within.

Guo Yanheng, Vice Director of national renewable energy information management Center:

New energy market began to take shape

Planning clear has “to 2020 new energy installed accounted for than reached 15%” of development target, and in second items focus task on proposed to “vigorously development new energy, optimization adjustment development layout”, highlights has new energy future five years in the promote energy production and consumption revolution of importance, while task also stressed has new energy production diversified using and and manpower production and consumption, focus principles, refraction out Government “Thirteen-Five” new energy policy of led thought:

A wind power project is to optimize the layout of balance: the control of “three North” area wind power development pace, moderate increase in load centers in the development of the Eastern and southern regions. Second to photovoltaic power generation project “grasping” hand PV “decentralized development near to dissolve”, distributed PV hand. Three is to increase the delivery capacity of cross-province of new energy, new energy by raising the channel configurations, and promote the “three North” area of new energy across the province to dissolve, but delivery of new energy priority will be given to the stock.

Can judge the market orientation of new energy for the next five years should be: wind power mainly in the eastern regions, distributed PV for photovoltaic market belongs to.

While, planning show has “full mining system adjustable peak capacity, more way upgrade new energy power elimination NA” of policy oriented: advance existing thermal power unit of flexibility transformation, improve system adjustable peak capacity; advance “Internet +” intelligent grid construction, encourages micro-grid form of new energy development, improve grid accepted new energy of capacity; full using existing outside sent channel of transmission capacity carrying new energy, improve new energy power of across district market trading share.

For new energy, and the landing of these policies is worth looking forward to, especially the “Thirteen-Five” period through flexibility and reform of power plant, on the “three North” area increased 45 million-kilowatt of peaking capacity, it may give these areas into an electricity rationing morass of new energy boon.

In addition, the plan also made it clear to improve the regulatory mechanism of new energy industry: one is the establishment of early warning mechanisms for investment in wind power, photovoltaic development, to guide the layout of new energy investment; the second is to strengthen industry management, information management and monitoring systems. Believe that as technology advances, new energy will be to a higher level of information, management and development of new energy sources will be more scientific and of high quality.

Deputy Secretary General of China Society for hydropower engineering Zhang Boting:

Hydro-speed adjustment is necessary

Controlled growth in coal, is to determine the “Thirteen-Five” the power indicator of the other key factors. But even within the machine control in 1.1 billion-kilowatt coal, if coal-fired power units have reached more efficient and economical operation of the annual 6,000 hours, almost full “Thirteen-Five” at the end all electricity market space. Thus, pressure reduction rate of coal-fired power capacity in China cannot be too fast, insufficient capacity of power market problems remain. Therefore, whether it is wind, solar or hydropower growth must be slowed significantly.

Specific to electricity, plans called for the “Thirteen-Five” hydropower installed capacity reached 340 million, started in scale 60 million kilowatts, than “Twelve-Five” planning production of nearly 100 million, and new construction requirements of 120 million, about about 1 time times lower. The slowdown and adjustment, is very objective and very necessary. “Twelve-Five” power market and at the end of “Eleven-Five” have been very different at the end, although our energy policy is still actively developing hydropower, developing wind and solar power, but can not solve how to make coal-fired power reducing the contradiction of insufficient and phasing, and capacity of the electric power market realities, appropriate to reduce the pace of development of renewable energy, is indeed a last ditch of possible measures.

At present, the sharp deceleration in hydropower development in China is not only the planning requirements, is the way many companies want. Because reality is huge, difficult to solve the water problem, so a lot of hydropower development enterprises to have a great investment in the future of confusion and even fear. In addition to the already operating hydropower project had to be continued, so that enterprises in the market faces an uncertain future in the development of new projects, must have some difficulty. The “Twelve-Five” plan approved operating 120 million kilowatts of hydropower, only half finished, to a large extent, a position of hydropower development enterprises.

But contrary to the conventional hydropower, planning a special accelerated the construction of pumped-storage power station. The “Twelve-Five” plan calls for a new start pumping 40 million-kilowatt, actually only about half finished. “Thirteen-Five” new plan, new hydropower starts size reduced by half, new starts increased the size of 50% pumped storage.

In the case of the previous five-year plan failed to complete the task, why increase? According to estimates is not difficult to find, if you want to protect the “Thirteen-Five” plan correctly for non-fossil sources of energy networks and play a good role, it is necessary to increase the construction of pumped storage. Makes a large surplus of coal-fired power units reduce operating hours, standby peak at the peak of power can be realized to a certain extent, but inefficient and costly. Now in the case of large coal surplus problem cannot be solved, only temporarily in this way find a way out. However, the Administration may have had a hunch that, with a surplus of coal-fired power units with peak, cannot meet the needs of a lot of intermittent renewable energy into the net. So, they want as much as possible to speed up the construction of pumping speed, creating the conditions for revolution in energy and power transformation.

I ask, whether coal, electricity and cut off excess brought the nation’s coal-fired power unit operating hours were increased to more than 6000? Can’t. Because of insufficient load capacity. Coal-electricity base load operation requires not only peak power support, a lot of wind and photovoltaic network also needs to be ensured by the flexible power peaking. However, if the current power grid can increase the 50 million-kilowatt of pumped, then to lose 300 million coal-fired power, there would be no problem.

Therefore, planning in the case of excess power capacity, increase the intensity of the construction of pumped-storage units, is in the bedding for the energy revolution and transformation of power in China.

Professional Committee of Chinese renewable energy society wind energy Secretary-General Director of Qin Haiyan, scale Certification Center:

New energy will maintain stable development

Planning in line with trends of power development in the new situation, and point out the direction for the green power industry development. As a major force in energy transformation, renewable energy in development planning was emphasized.

Proposed in the planning of new energy capacity target is a minimum goal, no limit. New energy installed capacity target is a minimum goal, is one of the basic goals of social development, wind power and other renewable energy development scale is no cap limit, is not understood by some people “in renewable energy development has slowed down under the new plan”, the new energy industry will maintain a reasonable stability in the scale of development.

Meanwhile, planning new power to dissolve, which attempts to abandon the wind, abandon light problem. First, will gradually guide the center of development of wind power to “Eastern” moved south and absorptive ability in these areas would also be “Thirteen-Five” an important increase of the wind power development in the market. Second, will rely on electric power delivery channel, in an orderly way, “three North” area of renewable energy across the province to dissolve. Third, will attach great importance to capacity-building power system, increasing system flexibility, adaptability, and strive to break new energy such as wind power to dissolve difficulties. Worth noting is that plan also seeks to develop wind power investment monitoring, establishment of an abandoned air ratio warning assessment mechanism to enhance wind power dispatching operation and eliminate regulatory.

It is regrettable that, planning from the macro level to power green efficiency pointed out the direction of development, but how to deal with the abandoned new energy to dissolve in the wind, abandoned and other issues, specific instruments and measures are still lacking, and follow-up needs to further improve relevant policies and plans of action. Proposals must actively implement the priority of renewable energy power generation system. By prioritizing renewable annual power generation plans, publicly dispatching data, current energy Bureau has introduced methods of scenery guaranteed minimum number of hours to buy as the scenery to dissolve assessment benchmarks etc, achieving renewable energies priority access and full purchase. The other hand, the established market subsidy mechanism as soon as possible. In traditional fossil energy power of internalization of external costs is not the premise of renewable electricity can not be its fair market competition. Through the “green card” system, requires the traditional fossil fuel power companies buy “green certificates”, can improve the competitiveness of renewable energy markets.

In addition, the plan also emphasizes international cooperation, promote the implementation of the “way” of national strategies. Specific to wind electric, new energy industry, can based following three a foothold: a is relies on national “area way” strategy and international multilateral, and bilateral cooperation mechanism,, steadily ordered develop international market; II is strengthening wind electric, new energy capacity of international cooperation, encourages new energy enterprise and abroad enterprise carried out cooperation; three is encourages domestic related institutions active participation international wind electric standard of developed, full with international electrical Committee can renewable energy equipment certification mutual recognize system (IECRE), international standards organization of platform role To promote certification of international adoption, eliminating technical barriers to international trade, say to strengthen global technology competition.

Concord Group, Deputy Director of the Center for strategic studies and Chief strategic planning officer Yin ming:

Adhere to the problem oriented to stimulate market activity

Planning insisted on problem-oriented, mainly from the deepen the reform, promote user-side power power production and use patterns change and strengthening the construction of urban distribution network in three aspects in response to community concern, fostering a dynamic, diverse participation, rich in bulk power markets.

Planning from perfecting power market mechanism, reform the marketing electricity side focus in terms of deployment, all kinds of reform priorities and timetable proposed, to put forward a clear signal to the market, conducive to the permeability of the concrete floor and introduction of measures to promote. The electricity market is a rare window for the next two years, many market players will gradually complete the interests of the old and new classification and establishment of ecological, of power flow of talent from within the system outside the system will become commonplace, a private capital-led “poaching” contest has begun.

Promote user-side electricity production and use patterns change, actively cultivating power to develop new business. User-side power business mainly covers close to the user’s electric power production and power utilization of both, is an important point of social capital to enter the electricity market. Planning from the distributed solar power, electric cars, with clear mandates and objectives. First of all, PV development closer to the user. Development of distributed PV in China has almost become “Huashan a way”, but the PV industry will enter a tough period of adjustment in the coming years. Second, build a good charging infrastructure, develop good price and subsidy policies and the case of suitable business models, electric cars will enter the fast track of development. Once again, with an emphasis on heat and power cogeneration and distributed, will be a great market value potential side business, strategic business.

Also, planning in distribution grid development aspects reflected has differences sex principles, North wide deep built world first-class distribution network, town area combined national new town of process and the development need, moderate ahead construction distribution network, full support “Beijing Jin JI”, urban agglomeration focus regional development; active service new energy, and distributed power, and electric charging based facilities, diversified load access need; distributed energy network, will created out many new business, and new opportunities, construction and local conditions phase adapted, and Supporting marketing electricity side market safe and reliable operation of distribution network, will play a central role, will be hosting energy Internet, wisdom, energy and other important support platform for new business development.

Department of Commerce originating in Korea s imported solar grade silicon the

Polaris solar PV net news: January 20, 2014, the Ministry of Commerce’s annual bulletin 5th, decided January 20, 2014, native to the United States and Korea anti-dumping tax on imported solar grade silicon.

On February 14, 2016, Jiangsu zhongneng silicon technology development co, LDK LDK Solar Silicon technology, the Luoyang Zhonggui high-tech Ltd, Chongqing daqo new energy limited (hereinafter referred to as the domestic industry applicants) submit an application to the Ministry of Commerce, arguing that after the final Korea exports to China solar grade polysilicon dumping margins increase, more than the final determination of anti-dumping duty, Requirements originating in Korea’s imported solar grade silicon, the application of anti-dumping measures for dumping and dumping margin during the review.

According to the People’s Republic of China anti-dumping Ordinance 49th and dumping and dumping margin of Commerce midterm review relevant provisions of the rules, qualifications of the applicant, of commerce products under application for investigation of export price and normal value, measures to continue according to the original level of implementation of anti-dumping measures to review the necessity of the situation. The Commerce Department requires applicants to add to the domestic industry submitted evidence in which the applicant submitted materials within the specified time limits.

On November 1, 2016, the Ministry of Commerce received dumping and dumping margin during the review of applications notified the Korea Embassy and its midterm review applications referred to the open text and a non-confidential summary of the confidential information. Relevant interested parties submitted comments for Office-bearers of the midterm review.

The Commerce Department review found that application in conformity with the People’s Republic of China anti-dumping regulations and the dumping and dumping margin during the interim rules on the review of the statutory requirements. Ministry of Commerce decided to start from the date of the release of this bulletin originating in Korea’s imported solar grade silicon, the application of anti-dumping measures for dumping and dumping margin of the midterm review. Notice concerning the review are as follows:

, Review product range

This dumping and dumping margin midterm review product range is native to Korea’s imported solar grade silicon. Describe in detail with the Ministry of Commerce bulletin 2014 5th product descriptions provided.

Second, the review investigation period

This dumping and dumping margin during the review investigation period is from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015.

Third, the review procedure

(A) stakeholder comments.

Any interested party may, at the date of the release of this bulletin, 20th in writing comments on the review, and provide the appropriate evidence.

(B) questionnaire distribution.

Ministry of Commerce in order to obtain its view survey of information needed to send the questionnaire to the relevant stakeholders. Survey questionnaires are available on the Ministry Web site in this case trade remedy investigations ju Zi website (website at “dynamic cases” section to download. Questionnaire respondents to the survey questionnaire should be sent questionnaires within 37 days from the date of request.

(C) hearings.

Interested parties may, in accordance with the People’s Republic of China anti-dumping regulations and the Ministry of Commerce of the anti-dumping investigation hearings hearings and a written request made to the provisions of the provisional rules, the Ministry of Commerce held a hearing may also take the initiative as it deems necessary.

(D) the verification on the ground.

The Commerce Department when necessary, send functionaries to the relevant country in situ verification; interested party submitted any material should include agreed to accept verification statements prior to verification, the Ministry will inform the countries concerned and the enterprise.

Four, consequences of non-cooperation

According to the People’s Republic of China article 21st of the anti-dumping regulation, Commerce Department Survey, the interested party shall faithfully reflect the situation, provide the relevant information. Stakeholders do not accurately reflect the situation, provide relevant information, or does not provide the necessary information within a reasonable time, or otherwise seriously prejudice the investigation, commerce can have to get the facts and the best available information to make decisions.

Five, contact:

Address: Beijing Dong Chang an Jie, 2nd

Post code: 100731

Import Survey Department of commerce trade remedy Investigations Bureau

Zheng Jiang, in the ruling, Chang Chin-Ding

Phone: 86-10-65198076, 85093407, 65198053

Fax: 86-10-65198172

Annex: midterm review applications (public) … PDF

Annex to the application for interim review (public) … PDF

People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Commerce

The November 22, 2016

Original title: Ministry of Commerce announcement 2016 of 71st on originating in Korea’s imported solar grade silicon, the interim review investigation of the anti-dumping measures applicable notice

Analysts face Musk said Tesla s solar roof tiles will be cheaper than a traditional

Arctic star solar PV network news: Tesla (Tesla) Yu October end of released solar roof tiles Hou, had has Analysis Division playing face think “solar housing w impossible achieved”, think Tesla CEO musk (Elon Musk) proposed this items products is to lured shareholders, but, musk defying rumors, in Tesla and SolarCity merged case through Hou, foreign again claimed solar housing w is how “dream” of a items products, Even the manufacturing and installation costs are much lower than a traditional roof.

Musk said Tesla’s solar roof tiles on the production and installation, are much lower than a traditional roof, and the estimates are not self-produced electricity is saved in it, “electricity generation just added bonus.” If musk is true, then the solar roof tiles may become subversive revolutionary products in the solar industry.

Musk hope solar roof tiles from freight saving on material costs, too fragile and bulky traditional roof tiles material and freight costs are quite high, and Tesla’s solar roof tiles, according to Mr MASKEY pointed out that weight for the traditional roof of one-fifth, in freight transport is relatively easy.

Tesla at released solar roof tiles Shi, only foreign announced solar roof tiles has “has texture of glass tiles”, and “Board rock glass tiles”, and “Tuscany glass tiles” and “smooth glass tiles”, 4 species style, in addition, other message are quite fuzzy, including price details, and specifications, and effectiveness, are not mentioned, but is first revealed can in 2017 summer began shipping installation.

Previously investment website Seeking Alpha standing station analyst had analysis, specifications and price, details special Republika pulled are account not clear, again plus solar housing w price partial high but effectiveness partial low, had has other company released similar products, but eventually is to bankruptcy ended, so, the analyst think, special Republika pulled released this items seems “dream” of products, actually behind purpose is to let shareholders agreed at also not through of Tesla and SolarCity merged case.

Original title: musk: Tesla’s solar roof tiles will be cheaper than a traditional roof tiles

Polaris solar network on November 21 2016 news review

Polaris solar PV net news: Polaris solar PV NET summary highlights November 21, our commercial Mono and multi cell conversion efficiency, respectively 20.5%, 18.5%, Hebei leads 2017 PV technology bases and demonstration projects of advanced programming notification, Hebei provincial development and Reform Commission abolished 2014 6 photovoltaic power generation project construction plan, as follows:

China commercial Mono and multi cell conversion efficiency respectively, 20.5%, 18.5%

Hebei lead 2017 PV technology demonstration project implementation of base and advanced programming to inform

Hebei provincial development and Reform Commission abolished 2014 6 photovoltaic power generation project construction plan

Table 2016-PV power plant project in Fujian: 14 project 200MW

Qinghai City issued 490MW PV power generation projects and 60MW of PV projects responsibility list

PV power enterprises will enter a “polarization” of the era

PV parity or within the 3-5 period

Residential photovoltaic power generation hit the “difficult birth”

Solar thermal demonstration project feasibility study have been shut by April next year to start the construction boom

Small cars and solar musk after what?

Acquisitions can supply value-added was over 10 times times asking sunflower post prospects

Five years later where are your PV business?

Counting 6 full of innovative photovoltaic systems (photos)

Tesla SolarCity merger is approved but musk to face two major challenges

Polaris solar PV net news: Tesla company and SolarCity shareholders to vote formally adopted after the merger of the two companies. The merger’s value at $2.1 billion. After the merger, SolarCity’s main work will be led by ailongmasikelai. Earlier, Tesla has announced that they will introduce a new, intelligent solar roofs, and these technologies from SolarCity.

The funny thing is, the deal received shareholder support, also has been criticized by shareholders, even the two main shareholders proxy advisory firms are also divided. Tesla said in September, early in the month, at least four lawsuits have been filed in a Delaware Court to object to the deal, mainly accused of Tesla in violation of fiduciary duty.

Musk my Twitter handle this issue, and thank the shareholders for their trust.

Idea is good, but the reality is cruel

When the news was released, Tesla officials also described the future plans of both companies:

Subsidiary of Tesla and Powerwall battery electric vehicles are expected to technical integration and SolarCity, a solar panel, musk intends to turn these technologies into an “integrated product”.

Tesla predicted that SolarCity will within a year for the combined company about $1 billion in revenues over the next three years, Tesla will be an additional $500 million in cash flow. Analysis also said that Tesla’s retail network combination and SolarCity installed production capacity will bring the company $150 million in just one year of merger benefits.

Can be said that in the past few years, the technology giant Elon ˙ musk by tax concessions, donations and loans received generous support from the Federal Government. Without these funds, and consequently unable to build electric cars and solar energy “green Empire”.

But it may face a great deal of variables: Trump, soon to be the new United States President, and he believes climate change is China made up hoax. As you can imagine, to musk as a representative of climate change advocates the days ahead may be difficult. Especially for SolarCity, Trump will the Government continue to solar tax policy has become a huge potential risks.

Acquisition, in fact, forced rescue

Frank said Mr MASKEY insisted on Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity is essentially wants to rescue the debt-ridden company under his name. SolarCity is facing severe financial problems have been in one or two days, and the root causes of this phenomenon is that the business model of the company: SolarCity with a user signed a long-term lease agreement for the free solar panels. As a result, SolarCity require huge upfront costs, which lead to since the company’s inception, only $1.5 billion, has amassed more than 3 billion dollars of debt.

In addition, in recent years solar panel prices continue to fall, more users begin to consider directly buying solar panels, rather than SolarCity leases. In response to this market change, SolarCity acquired Silevo in 2014. Silevo is a Silicon Valley company, which produces solar panels look stylish, and photoelectric conversion efficiency is high. SolarCity hopes to Silevo technology can increase its solar business advantage. But if it can’t keep up, the plan could reverse drag.

Precisely because of the SolarCity can’t make money in a very long time, and the embarrassing situation would continue indefinitely, almost all outsiders are not optimistic about Tesla, SolarCity’s takeover.

By contrast, Tesla, present themselves in debt, lost $2.5 billion in the past five years, you know the situation worse than SolarCity. Model3 stuxnet Gigafactory’s construction and completion of Nevada, Tesla will begin a new round of money-burning mode. Acquisition of SolarCity and Tesla wanted to as scheduled, then it also needs to raise $3 billion to $4 billion, invisible will further increase the burden on Tesla.

Climate change, Tesla road full of thorns

United States new President Trump came to power, Tesla is expanding the biggest destabilizing factor in the new energy. Worked for Trump blame China for climate change conspiracy, his new energy and green economy of the new deal after the merger the new company are not to be more friendly, and he may also consider cutting the Federal Government tax subsidies for electric vehicles.

Although Trump also showed no obvious constraints for new energy, but people with discerning eyes can see that Trump prefers traditional energy sources.

So, bought SolarCity’s first needs to solve is the Tesla, SolarCity’s hefty losses.

But while Trump’s victory likely will bring obstacles to the development of the Tesla, but has always been known for its strong sense of horse gram, is not so easy to give up. After all, new energy development is the trend, this situation certainly does not trump policy is reversed.

Original title: Tesla, SolarCity merger is approved but musk to face two major challenges

Town of xiuzhou district sing the variation of light and electricity

Polaris solar PV net news: PV town xiuzhou district of jiaxing city, located in the planning area of 2.99 square kilometres, construction area of 1.99 square kilometers.

Plans to form “one core, two, three” main function and structure: core areas are photovoltaic Innovation Park, two belts along Ma Jing–Jin Jia Mu Qiao Dong and Hong Fuqiao formed landscape belt at Konan and district cultural and leisure services, the PV equipment manufacture, photovoltaic research and innovation area.

Photovoltaic town is committed to creating a first-rate scale application of distributed PV demonstration area, world’s leading photovoltaic technology research and innovation area, nationally known characteristics of photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing center, “livable, and suitable for industry, and swam, Huimin, benefits production, Wison” photovoltaic characteristics of small towns.

Open PV town of xiuzhou district the chronology of PV industry in had a profound impact on the two points in time in the history of this land:

A is December 2012, face domestic PV industry into dilemma, and capacity stage excess, and innovation capacity insufficient of severe situation, jiaxing xiuzhou select in thinking in the savings development of power, in province first started PV industry “five bit one” innovation integrated pilot, exploration out a article “Government Guide, and market operation, and unified management” of distributed PV application path, formed has “unified planning layout, and unified resources management, and unified advance service, and unified operation management” of “xiuzhou mode”. PV of xiuzhou district jiaxing, has since become a high value cards.

A is May 2016, in was as provincial features small town created list Hou not to half, xiuzhou PV small town was included 10 a provincial model features small town one of, its to PV power and PV manufacturing for axis, to PV service and PV tourism for extended, “everywhere has PV, and family with PV, and everyone enjoy PV” of development concept, for “PV concept” specified has reality of path. Photovoltaic characteristics of xiuzhou district town, national variations in the era of new energy development strategy in the new opportunities for development.

Featured town is not a figment of the birth of the imported product, must be based on local leading industries, cultural vitality that grew up, in line with the transformation and upgrading of the industrial direction and trend of urban development have influence. Perhaps PV town of xiuzhou district features stand out in the small town in the province of reason. Where PV is not only rooted in the past, is more oriented toward the future, not only part of the production, into the life.

With the created of PV town of xiuzhou district, both an industry, culture, tourism, production, life, ecology fusing of small-town dreams into reality.

Strong build photovoltaic industry heights

Characteristic is the core element of the town, and the industry is its top priority.