Analysts face Musk said Tesla s solar roof tiles will be cheaper than a traditional

Arctic star solar PV network news: Tesla (Tesla) Yu October end of released solar roof tiles Hou, had has Analysis Division playing face think “solar housing w impossible achieved”, think Tesla CEO musk (Elon Musk) proposed this items products is to lured shareholders, but, musk defying rumors, in Tesla and SolarCity merged case through Hou, foreign again claimed solar housing w is how “dream” of a items products, Even the manufacturing and installation costs are much lower than a traditional roof.

Musk said Tesla’s solar roof tiles on the production and installation, are much lower than a traditional roof, and the estimates are not self-produced electricity is saved in it, “electricity generation just added bonus.” If musk is true, then the solar roof tiles may become subversive revolutionary products in the solar industry.

Musk hope solar roof tiles from freight saving on material costs, too fragile and bulky traditional roof tiles material and freight costs are quite high, and Tesla’s solar roof tiles, according to Mr MASKEY pointed out that weight for the traditional roof of one-fifth, in freight transport is relatively easy.

Tesla at released solar roof tiles Shi, only foreign announced solar roof tiles has “has texture of glass tiles”, and “Board rock glass tiles”, and “Tuscany glass tiles” and “smooth glass tiles”, 4 species style, in addition, other message are quite fuzzy, including price details, and specifications, and effectiveness, are not mentioned, but is first revealed can in 2017 summer began shipping installation.

Previously investment website Seeking Alpha standing station analyst had analysis, specifications and price, details special Republika pulled are account not clear, again plus solar housing w price partial high but effectiveness partial low, had has other company released similar products, but eventually is to bankruptcy ended, so, the analyst think, special Republika pulled released this items seems “dream” of products, actually behind purpose is to let shareholders agreed at also not through of Tesla and SolarCity merged case.

Original title: musk: Tesla’s solar roof tiles will be cheaper than a traditional roof tiles

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