Anhui Hefei city development and Reform Commission on the suspension of centralized

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The County (City) of national development and Reform Commission, district development, development zone, economic and Trade Council:

To promote the healthy development of PV industry in our city, and strengthen the management of photovoltaic power plant, promoting the construction of photovoltaic projects ordered, according to the national development and Reform Commission, issued by the National Energy Board on improving photovoltaic power management and ways of introducing competition to configure the project’s guidelines, as well as provincial energy Board requirements and related matters are hereby notified as follows:

A, and given national PV power station first built first have index exists gap larger, plus national electric price, macro policy is brewing adjustment in the, for promoted I city PV resources of ordered using, according to province Energy Council unified deployment, around suspended concentrated type PV ground power station, including 20MW scale project of record work, stay national policy clear, and completed grid elimination na capacity research report Hou recovery project record.

Second, counties city development and reform, power supply and other related departments to seize the building conditions is not fulfilled and no power to the access point of Yue Kwong complementary, light complementary filed various types of PV power station project to clean up the ground, clean results reported in a timely manner, I.

Third, research on PV power capacity, strengthen planning guidance. Counties city development and Reform Commission should organize preparation of the absorptive capacity of local power grid report. Under review confirm the accepted scale PV power station construction plan for 2016-2018 preparation. With a three-year construction plans as evidence of the project for the record, on projects that are not included in the plan, in principle, not for the record.

Four, the strengthening of policy advocacy. Advocacy at national, provincial and municipal policies and requirements for photovoltaic projects, to guide the project, inform the investment risk.

Hefei city development and Reform Commission

The November 2, 2016

Original title: Hefei city development and Reform Commission on the suspension of the centralized PV ground station construction project notice of filing

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