Anhui Province first served situation analysis report on PV power station

Polaris solar PV net news: first solar power station built in the new situation for the further management of Department of energy for the province, Anhui Province, built first building photovoltaic power plant for the first investigation, formed the province first built the first solar power station construction situation analysis report, is issued to you, for the information of relevant departments and enterprises. Requests all relevant city attaches great importance to build first solar power plant construction meet the challenges and difficulties, further strengthening the project management, effective control of the project for the record size, guide investment rational investment and jointly create a PV investment environment, promote sustainable healthy development of photovoltaic power plant in Anhui Province.

2014, the Anhui Province explored first-served management of distributed PV power plant construction. After 2 years of practice, this configuration greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of enterprises, to accelerate the construction of photovoltaic power plant investment in the province has played a significant role. But also in the implementation process encountered a number of challenges and issues, especially this year and faces competitive pressures will continue to build across the province first project had a significant impact.

First, construction of

Preliminary statistics show that by the end of August 2016, documented in the province 20 MW and below first built the first PV 344, installed 6622 megawatts. Among them, the grid item 66, installed 1304 megawatts, accounted for on-grid PV power station installed capacity 54%; 64 projects, capacity of 1250 MW under construction. Grid connected projects, there are 53 projects, capacity of 1024 confirmed PV MW scale target, accounting for about 80% completed on-grid capacity.

From the project record, Hefei, Huainan, filing, etc 2 size over 1000 MW, Suzhou, chuzhou, Fuyang and 3 city record of over 500 MW, top 5, total file size of 4124 MW, proportion of the province’s record total of more than 60%.

From the perspective of grid-connected projects, Hefei-grid scale exceeding 500 MW, the first, Suzhou, Fuyang, incorporation, etc 2 size exceeding 100 MW, first 5 grid-connected, total size of 1185 MW, total incorporation total more than 90%.

From the perspective of project under construction in Huainan and Hefei, started building more than 200 MW, 2, Suzhou, chuzhou, Fuyang and 3 city larger than 100 MW under construction, top 5, total construction scale 930 megawatts, covering the entire province total more than 70% under construction.

Is expected by the end of 2016, built but not scale of implementation indicators grid-connected PV power station installed capacity of 600 megawatts or more.

Anhui Province first served situation analysis report on PV power station construction

Second, the situation

From the national situation, the current PV power station construction is developing rapidly, industry capital influx, the market situation changes rapidly, national macroeconomic policy is in the making such as price adjustment is expected to launched in the near future. In General, there are 3 main pressures:

(A) the PV cost dropped significantly, market competition and investment increasing blindness. “630” installing, after the PV module costs way down, 3.6/w at the beginning of the year, down from 3/Watts, fell by more than 20%. In the case of the current electricity prices have not come down, photovoltaic power plant investment yields higher, a lot of investment in social capital is pouring into the field, potentially triggering a disorderly competition. Once the country’s indicators and price subsidies and tightening macro-control policy, a large number of first-built power plants may not be able to achieve the desired scale of annual indices, thus not covered by the original design of benchmark prices, will lead to the expected substantial reduction in earnings.

(B) the PV electricity price cut as large photovoltaic power plant investment income there is great uncertainty. It was reported that the State additional money used to subsidize renewable energy electricity price gap 55.06 trillion yuan. Due to the recent PV investment costs are reduced significantly, the State will cut its 2017 benchmark price of photovoltaic power station. According to the national development and Reform Commission on adjusting of the notification that a new benchmark price of energy (draft for soliciting opinions), in Anhui Province, the national class 3rd PV benchmark price will be adjusted to 0.75 Yuan per kilowatt hour, 0.98 Yuan/kWh than one-fourth than before, so the big drop will seriously affect the yield of photovoltaic power stations.

(Iii) country-led competitive allocation size, racing to drop prices as the new round of problems. 2016, national development reform Board, and national energy Council issued has on perfect PV power scale management and implemented competition way Configuration project of guide views, file, main encourages used competition way Configuration project, and will Internet electric price as main competition conditions, guide around in national benchmark electric price of based Shang continues to declined electric price, while take lead technology base single scale of form, guide PV technology progress and cost and the electric price declined. Since 2016, in order to get around the configuration of the scale, photovoltaic power plant investment companies are active in varying degrees fallen on-grid price, especially State approved PV leader of Al-Qaida. The uncertainty of the future market and benchmark price, bid the lowest electricity prices continue to refresh the record, declined more than 30%, this price competition will be more firmly country configuration of policies and measures.

Above, the settlement first built project-building too much too fast and serious shortage of scale indicator, is facing significant challenges. In addition, according to the latest requirements, States configured additional scale indicator must take competitive electricity prices, will further increase the risk of first built project.

Third, opinions and suggestions

To push forward the sustainable healthy development of PV power station in Anhui Province, and policy should be further strengthened and judgment of the situation, strengthen the management of photovoltaic power plant planning, effective control of record size, release information in a timely manner, strengthen the policy advocacy, guide enterprises to participate in PV power plant investments.

(A) further strengthening the project management. All municipal development and Reform Commission and consider documented PV scale, organize municipal power companies prepare local PV power capacity study, in accordance with the review confirmed the acceptance scale, photovoltaic power plant, various 2016-2018 construction scheduling. With a three-year construction plans as evidence of the project file, without the construction conditions, the record should clear in time. , Huainan, Suzhou, Hefei, Fuyang, liuan, chuzhou record larger cities, such as, in the absence of confirmed power capacity should be suspended before the record 20 MW PV and below.

(B) the adjusted standard scale index distribution methods. First built to scale index assigned to implement the alternative directory and make sure the directory list of 2 management, alternative grid-connected directory as a project management basis, make sure the directory as a basis for allocation. In the list of build options to ensure the projects as soon as possible to achieve full capacity power generation, will apply for entry into the list of alternative conditions for complete solar module paving over 50%. To ensure the scale capacity consistent with the project of nation-building, will confirm the first-built scale indicators grid-connected capacity basis, in accordance with project, within the scope of this bidding mode of scale indicators according to national requirements.

(C) actively guide enterprises to invest. All municipal development and Reform Commission should be concerned about the State of photovoltaic power generation subsidy shortfall and subsidy reform, information, as well as the province’s first built the first PV record, building size, incorporation of information and indicators to confirm information. More on related enterprises in PV electricity price adjustments, bidding configurations scale policy advocacy and the province’s first built scale indicator gap situation information and risk informed, active guide rational investment risk analysis project, rational investment to avoid unnecessary losses.

Original title: Anhui Province first served situation analysis report on PV power station construction

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