By 2022 India rooftop solar investment of us 50 billion

Polaris solar PV net news: India Government planned to the end of March 2022 rooftop solar installed capacity up to 40 gigawatts, Bloomberg new energy finance says, if you want to achieve the above objectives, India rooftop solar investment demand will reach 50 billion dollars.

Bloomberg new energy finance believes that the last 2 years, rooftop solar is India’s fastest growing niche in the field of renewable energy. However, despite increased government support, but substantial financial support is an important condition for achieving this objective.

Bloomberg believes that rooftop solar project costs continued to decline, the current average price at $69-92/MW. Falling costs would drive the demand continues to grow. However, Bloomberg continues to believe that the next 6 years India needs $50 billion investment in the rooftop solar market is difficult.

In order to encourage investment, India Government has also announced that by 2022, 770 million dollars subsidies for rooftop solar project in order to attract more investors, including the international development banks.

Earlier this year, India announced Ministry of new and renewable sources of energy, the Government will work together through a variety of mechanisms to secure the financing. Until now, promised to invest US $620 million of the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank to invest $500 million, BRICS countries invested $250 million in new Development Bank, Germany KfW bank to invest US $100 million. In addition, the Ministry of new and renewable sources of energy is also in cooperation with other international financial institutions to discuss financing, size totaled US $1.14 billion.

Original title: 2022 India rooftop solar investment of us $50 billion

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