CSG a response series hot Treasure 2 billion interest free loan rescue

Polaris solar PV net news: by the “turmoil of separation” released today by the troubled southern glass a clarification announcement, responded to the series hot. Meanwhile, as the controlling shareholder of “treasure” “bread”, from the huge manpower to CSG a urgently to provide 2 billion yuan of interest-free loans to stabilize the situation.

For media management in the near future “exit storm” coverage, CSG a today that part of the rumor is not the truth, but some issues still need to be verified.

First of all, “treasure series” South of glass-a name of the message to all employees of the China Southern glass group this rumor, CSG a clear statement. Company says the message to employees is not released, and after confirmation (owned by treasure) before hairenshou, and persons acting in concert, are South of the does not book of glass a name above the message to employees.

Earlier hairenshou had on the CSG monitor asset restructuring “obstructions”, that is “approved by the Board agreed with the conductive membrane building technology Park North, along with related assets sold and quoted in more than once to the former sea life (650 million yuan) of 725 million Yuan signed an agreement with a buyer, also charge a deposit. Hairenshou before but suddenly changed their mind and call for the abolition of the contract, forced acquisition of this building, the company faces huge legal risk “coverage, CSG considered it not to be true.

In clarification announcement, the company explained that the conductive membrane building Shenzhen science and Technology Park (the CSG electronic building) property for CSG Hong Xu technology companies, the company is a technology company CSG display devices (hereinafter “the CSG display”) a wholly-owned company, CSG CSG display 44.7% owned a though, but not the largest shareholder. Accordingly, the CSG view, CSG display through the sale of CSG wellight conductive film 100% shares in the company, building indirect sales conductive film, as the CSG a shares shareholders have no right to interfere, the transactions without a Board of directors or the general meeting of shareholders of the company.

Most importantly, company executives before the cause of sea life to interfere with equity incentive plan, a CSG a said company executives offered to resign, submitted his resignation has not been mentioned in the report related to equity incentive plan. So the rumor is not true.

And on other rumors, as company left executives team suspected violation competing industry ban provides and cut empty listed company, part left personnel joined flag bin group; company and rich long international, and Qian haiyusheng, and Qian haiyuxin exists associated relationship, this year May acquisition Feng Granville technology 100% equity suspected interests conveying; and and flag bin group in PV power station of cooperation construction in the, flag bin aspects staff suspected violations South glass of commercial secret,, South glass a, said still needed time for verification.

Noteworthy is that in CSG a current troubled circumstances, shareholders huge manpower from the Po to the market’s confidence in its firm support for the listed companies. On November 22, the huge manpower sent a letter to CSG a says to support stable operation and development of the company, through its own or associated party provided 2 billion yuan of interest-free loans.

Specifically, the loan interest rate is zero if the CSG a needs to renewal, renewal of the interest for the period also is not charging, listed companies need not provide a guarantee, mortgage, pledge and other warranty of any kind.

Original title: CSG a response series hot Treasure 2 billion interest-free loan “rescue”

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