Department of Commerce urge the EU to put an end to the Chinese PV double reverse

Arctic star solar PV network news: Commerce 2nd held routine launches, spokesman Shen Danyang, in will Shang on Australia anti-dumping Committee recently decided terminated on China PV products of anti-dumping review survey a thing made response said, China on o party move said appreciates, believes this not only meet reality, also conducive to in the o two in new energy field strengthening cooperation, together should global climate changes, also helps in the o two trade relationship.

In addition, EU 403 companies and 5 environmental group has also submitted to the European Commission to immediately put an end to China’s PV’s anti-dumping, anti-subsidy measures required. In this regard, Shen Danyang, noted that the PV cases within the EU is also a major concern, controversy, many businesses and organizations against the restrictions of the European Commission, EU PV products to China’s anti-dumping and countervailing measures was to preserve the interests of minority enterprises in the Union, but hurt the interests of most companies.

Said Shen Danyang, photovoltaic industry constantly improve the technological level and prices falling, level of competitiveness with conventional fossil fuels has been increasing. In recent years, the EU as a result of trade restrictions, and its price could not be synchronized with the global price fall, a severe contraction of demand in the market, declining in importance in the global market. If the European Union continues to maintain restrictions will cause further deterioration of the situation, which is not conducive to the long-term interests of the EU climate and energy.

“China calls EU anti-dumping countervailing measures shall be terminated as soon as possible solar and PV markets return to normal. “Shen Danyang said.

Original title: Department of Commerce: urge the EU to put an end to the Chinese PV “double reverse” measures

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