Efficient winning oriented significant photovoltaic pacemaker leads industry

Polaris solar PV net news: changing from pursuing expansion to focus on quality and efficiency, to lower subsidies from high subsidies dependent on mode competition model, photovoltaic industry is emerging from the financial subsidy policy of nurturing to maturity under the value-oriented transformation

In price downward under the influence of policy this year, “630 installing surge” was particularly serious. Usually one or three quarter PV installed capacity low season, for two months on many industry insiders think pessimistically, this round of installing, after the PV industry will go back into the cold winter.

In recent days, including Wall Street-listed by PV manufacturers announce quarterly results for the third quarter, in fierce price wars and stringent off-season tests under double oppression, photovoltaic industry shows polarization of the situation. Difficult market environment, efficient products show strong staying power, photovoltaic “leader”-oriented is obvious.

Polarization trends evident

Chinese Photovoltaic Industry Association statistics show, the third quarter of 2016, polysilicon production reached 145,000 tons, an increase of 30%. Polysilicon production costs has been at the leading level in the world. Wafer production 9.3 billion, from January to August, wafer exports of more than 2 billion tablets. Silicon exports amounted to 642 million, industry concentration is high. Compared with the first three quarters of last year, shipments by June this year over the same period last year. Wafer market differentiation appeared at the beginning of June, with flat production in July, August and September fell. Solar cell output of the first three quarters of 34GW,6 months ago and showed distinct changes after June. Yield 37GW component link from January to August, an increase of 30%, exported about 14GW. The first half of that profit margins are still improving, from 2% to 5% in the first half of last year, increased by 3%.

Wind data show that first half of the year, a stock concept solar plate 37 listed companies and 31 net profit compared with a positive growth, of which 14 are out at 100%, 9 200%. Earlier, the Photovoltaic Industry Association, China PV industry expected to drop in the third quarter and may slow recovery in the four quarter. Third quarter, 37 companies in the technology, TL-optoelectronics, sunflower, Aerospace Electronics, hagaoke 5 losses; from the chain, 23 companies attributable to shareholders of the parent company’s net profit growth year, 17 companies belong to shareholders of the parent company’s net profit growth. A tale as a whole trend of the market.

Major solar polarization of listed companies report card at the same time indirectly shows the PV “leader” clear guidance to industry. In the off-season and fierce price competition, high performance component producers more stable risk resistance capacity and strong potential.

Xian longi silicon materials company limited (hereinafter “longi shares”) quarterly results for the third quarter showed the company Silicon produced 667 million in 2015, representing an increase of 380 million in the first half, an increase of 132.04%; single crystal wafer 740 million tablets sold 575 million pieces, use 165 million; single crystal silicon wafer production and marketing rate of 110.87%. Mono solar module production 910.28MW 757.78MW increase compared to first half of 2015, an increase of 496.9%; Mono solar module shipments 922.85MW, external sales 873.14MW, private 49.71MW; Mono solar module production and marketing rate reached 101.38%, a strong guarantee for performance improvement.

On November 16, jinkosolar holding limited (hereinafter “jinkosolar”) released as of September 30, 2016 unaudited third-quarter earnings. The reporting period, total shipments of solar products 1606 megawatts, an increase of 41.6%, seated position of the world’s largest PV module manufacturers. Total revenue of 5.7 billion yuan, an increase of 39%. Gross margin level and maintain industry leadership, to 22.1%.

Leading global polysilicon and wafers GCL-poly energy Holdings Limited (hereinafter “GCL”) the evening of November 17 2016 released third-quarter results announcement. Notice that in 2016, GCL polysilicon 16,160 tons in the third quarter, wafer 4031 MW, cumulative production in the first three quarter 52,488 tons of polysilicon, wafer 12,674 MW respectively, are to achieve full production with marketing. GCL management night global said in a conference call with investors, GCL-2016 continues to vigorously promote technological upgrading and reducing cost and increasing efficiency, fully capable of according to 5%~10% ‘s goal to reduce production costs, beat the falling commodity prices.

Quarter or full recovery

Since 2015 issued on promote advanced PV technology products application and industry upgrade of views yilai, National Energy Council began yearly upgrade PV products standard, and quality and threshold, to guide domestic PV manufacturing from pursuit scale expansion to focused on quality benefits change, achieved from high subsidies policy rely on mode to low subsidies competitiveness improve mode change, most main of measures is implementation PV “lead who” plans.

Hydropower planning and design of water conservancy Vice President Yi Yue chun had told reporters in an interview, technological progress and industrial upgrading are key to promoting the development of large-scale PV power generation. PV industry in China has been “efficient win” era, the large manufacturers of continuous research and development in technology innovation advantage, practicing skills stand out in the third quarter. For example, longi its Silicon component brand PV promotion PERC monocrystalline cell technology shows a clear competitive advantage. It is understood that PERC is p-type the battery in the main technology. As the first half of PERC battery capacity up to 900MW, will continue into the PERC product line in the future.

Jinko diamond wire cutting of single-crystal silicon product line has been put into operation and to elevate its capacity to support efficient PERC product line. GCL-poly expanded G7 ingot furnace and auxiliary equipment of production and transformation, promoted the online recycled mortar technology, experimental and recommend the structure of process, while promoting black-silicon and diamond wire technology applications.

Under the policy, China PV industry constantly honed technique, improving the ability to deal with market risks. “In recent years, photovoltaic power generation costs continue to decline, parity is around the corner, photovoltaic industry is emerging from the financial subsidy policy of nurturing to maturity under the value-oriented transformation. “Concord new energy Ren Feng, Assistant Vice-President in 2016 (seventh) spoke on the Summit Forum of China Solar PV, PV is the core indicators of the four changes for market competition was evolved from policy configuration to configure. This is national energy departments to actively promote energy revolution, depth, grasp the pulse of the development of the photovoltaic industry’s potential move. PV enterprises should take a more active attitude toward market reform of baptism, rather than dwell on the policies cultivation of greenhouse environment.

China PV Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua believe, now you can see the industry began to pick up signs of solar module prices have gone up.

Four-quarter installed capacity is the traditional season, in the third quarter as the quarterly, by high efficiency photovoltaic manufacturers said in the off-season after the fourth-quarter earnings are expected to continue to grow.

Longi stock said in a statement, with the National Energy Board 5.16GW total size in poverty alleviation projects issued by 2016 and the construction of photovoltaic power generation scheme notice orders emerging gradually in the near future, related product prices bottoming out of the industry chain, expects fourth-quarter circulation price has warmed up, the product needs to be promoted.

GCL-poly also said the market needs a strong rebound since September, will further enlarge the company’s wafer technology reduce the effectiveness of GCL-poly results for the year are expected to create the best levels in history.

Jinko’s strong growth in the third quarter, jinko’s Chief Executive Chen Kangping said in a challenging environment, business continues to maintain the momentum of growth, based on strong business performance and visibility for four quarters, will again raise shipment guidance for the year from 6GW~6.5GW to 6.6GW~6.7GW. Apt this year are expected to stabilize global PV module shipments in the first place.

Chen Kangping noted that market demand remained robust in China, component prices have stabilised. Needs to cut subsidies in the next round after the publication of recovery, which will also become important catalysts of 2017 demand growth in the first half.

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