EU s new generation of highly efficient solar cell conversion efficiency than 28

Polaris solar PV net news: the EU’s seventh research framework programme (FP7) provided € 3 million, total investment in research and development of € 4 million in support of 6 Member States of the European Union and the associated countries, Italy, and Spain, and Germany and the United Kingdom, and Sweden and Switzerland consisting of interdisciplinary scientific and technical personnel of the European GLOBASOL research team. Starting from March 2013, long-term commitment to the research and development of a new generation of solar cell technology.

GLOBASOL research team identifies technology development route is to maximize the absorption of solar radiation using full spectrum light, not only necessary to improve photovoltaic conversion efficiency needs to improve the efficiency of conversion of solar radiation. Absorbent materials are improving the efficiency of full spectrum light of Sun energy into electrical energy key team “two-step” strategy based on organic or Organometallic dye as well as innovative in semisolid medium sensitized mesoscopic solar cells (SMSCs) materials. SMSCs and efficient absorption of solar radiation up to 750 nm wavelength light, and Nano-Crystal technology, also known as quantum dots, high solar radiation absorption wavelength of 750-1100 nm light. Innovative Photonic structures designed to enlarge the gap to the Suns infrared and near-infrared absorption spectra of designed solar cells arranged in series the top floor unit, help absorb solar radiation the most transparent of low energy photons of light.

For more than 1100 nm wavelength solar radiation light, the research team used newly developed based on Nano-crystalline, nanowires and non-Crystal alloy combination of thermoelectric conversion materials, keep 500-700 Kelvin temperature range for optimum performance.

Two kinds of material mixed ammonium adding lead iodide and methyl iodide, natural symmetry of the formation of crystalline structure of the material. New hybrid electro-optical and technical development of prototypes of a new generation of solar cells of thermoelectric materials, current solar conversion efficiency of more than 28%, set a new world record.

Original title: EU a new generation of solar technology breakthrough

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