Germany lowered power prices would be offset by 2017 renewable energy bill

Polaris solar PV net news: Although 2017 renewable energy Act (EEG) introduced adds to the cost of the electricity market, but Germany’s electricity market procurement costs (electricity market and EEG surcharges) will see a decline in four years in a row.

On October 14, 2016, Germany transfers energy system operators (TSOs) announced the year 2017 “renewable energy law” related surcharges corresponding price level of 6.88 cents/kWh, compared to the first half of last year about a half-cent increase over the same period. Conventional power prices and renewable electric power market transaction price and price “renewable energy law” common decision of surcharges. The overall price level in 2013 at a record 10.55 cents/kWh. The price has dropped and probably fell by about 1 cent per kilowatt hour, falling by 2017 to 9.56 cents/kWh.

Minister Rainer Baake said, “during this Government term, will try to end the rise of energy prices in the past few years. By performing the 2014 and 2016 ‘ renewable energy programme ‘ relevant reform measures, Germany has been out of the control of the Government in power to good a necessary step in the development of market prices. Under the reform measures to promote, since 2014, personal power and the electricity industry, the end consumer prices are falling. This price drop is in Germany the case of vigorously promoting the development of renewable energy. About one-third kWh of electricity consumed is produced by renewable energy.

Baake called for consumers to compare different electricity provider, in switching between different electricity provider can mean hundreds of euros per year.

“Renewable energy law” surcharge is Germany transfers energy system operators (TSOs) to “renewable energy law” and “balanced plan” (Equalisation Scheme Ordinance) as the basis for determining, released on October 15 each year at the latest. To this end, Germany transferred energy system operators (TSOs) called for the establishment of research institutions, to help them predict expected expenses (especially the plant operator’s acquisition price and market premium) and expected income (especially in the “renewable energy law” under the influence of electricity markets), but also need to forecast the electricity surcharge under the influence of the ultimate power consumption levels.

Germany Government also consider September 30, 2016, the “renewable energy sources Act (EEG)” relevant account “liquidity reserve fund” to balance. “Liquidity reserve funds” to offset Germany transmission energy systems operators (TSOs) the forecast index and their real differences between income and expenditure. As part of the regulatory abuse of market dominance, Germany the Federal Network Agency (Federal Network Agency) will check that all renewable energy surcharge set in the legislation are complied with.

Note: Germany “2017 renewable energy Act” on July 8, 2016, suggesting Germany energy transition into a new phase. Germany rigorous work manner, so that its policies have considerable credibility has great reference value.

(Translated from: October 2016 “Germany” compiled Federal Economic Department of energy Web site: International Center for economic and technical cooperation of the Ministry of industry and information technology Yang Zhengze)

Original title: Germany lowered power prices would be offset by “2017 renewable energy bill” surcharge

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