ICBC Li Junwei PV enterprises going out main business of investment and financing

Polaris solar PV net news: October 31, 2016 – November 1, hosted by Polaris solar PV net “quality second PV power station ˙ equipment Forum PV 2016 financial institutions investment risk control seminar” held in Beijing AVIC hotel. From the domestic power plant investment units, electric power Design Institute, large financial institutions, photovoltaic power generation equipment business nearly 300 people took part in the event to discuss how the photovoltaic industry on the road to quality and efficiency way.

At the meeting, the industrial and commercial bank (Head Office), Li Junwei made a theme of special finance in the PV business “going global” main business of investment and financing mode of speech.

ICBC Li Junwei: PV enterprises

Chart for the second PV quality ˙ PV equipment Forum 2016 financial institutions investment risk control seminar

ICBC Li Junwei: PV enterprises

Figure for the industrial and commercial bank (Head Office) Special Department of finance Li junwei

Following is the speech:

Today’s report is divided into two parts:

First part, I on not expand said has, believes ICBC background not need I more do introduced, “out of to”, and “way way” these national strategy everyone also very familiar, first part I on introduced is, ICBC of overseas layout, now we has in 42 a national has over 400 home branch institutions, average down may each national are has a to two a branch institutions, this means with regardless of we PV Enterprise go to global where, Most countries will have in the local ICBC branch of law to provide you with local support and services, and will also have a local market and project opportunities, the overseas investment and financing PV enterprises is very important.

To introduce our global power finance team, this team is mainly overseas investment in power, has long been established very close relations of cooperation with the grid. Here are some typical cases, ranging from traditional coal-fired gas-fired power stations and nuclear power plants have many successful landing case.

Second part of presentations and case studies, believe that entrepreneurs in the business process, more or less received the overseas market investment opportunities, however, for a variety of reasons, this last item is not made, we focus is domestic, it has two reasons.

First finance, overseas investment funds are in great demand, we for some transactions to be financed, what kind of financing you no in my heart. The second “go” also became a strategic focus in recent years, may be for a number of international conventions or the operating mode you my heart has no bottom, so there is no experience to push the matter. I would like to address these two issues can be seen as a financial institution to provide services.

First is the job we for all entrepreneurs global PV financing for financial support.

Second, we has so years overseas power investment experience, and all national of owners and various enterprise established has very rich of project experience, we willing to put we accumulated of project experience took out with entrepreneurs share, project of all stage we participation came in, help you established some trading structure, arrangements some products of programme, do we by can help you analysis some note matters, we a advance this project.

When it comes to products, are actually standing on the substantive point of view, only these three modes, you may come into contact with a wide variety of bank loans, PPP varied, the core is divided into three categories: export buyer’s credit financing, project financing, Corporate Finance Bank loans. Need to buy a first class CITIC’s insurance to cover, the second is project financing, project financing depends mainly on project operating in the various protocols to conventions, the third is simply a company loan.

So years PV “out of to” of project has many, which most of project are is through credit insurance for first of a export financing, credit insurance down financing in the most is export buyer credit financing, borrowing people actually is you of owners, so for we consignee for, we on can put this things handed by owners as borrowing people with financial institutions on, we himself without became borrowing people has.

There is also a credit insurance export sellers ‘ credit, export credit insurance and talk to owners of a business system, on the basis of the financial institutions to provide financial support to exporters as the borrower.

There is also an overseas investment insurance, according to our project has a total investment amount of the insurance, this insurance might be those overseas power plant operations they might pay more attention, I see the vast majority of entrepreneurs to attend the meeting today is mainly export businesses to our largest export buyer’s credit is the financing.

Category II products is financing the project, if you are interested in setting up investment companies are very concerned about, all businesses are very concerned about the project financing is, are all trying to do, but very hard to do a project. It of benefits is not need guarantees, but it of difficulties is need put all points bound constraints in with, most core of two points if wants to by this way to run, first is must to selected strength very strong of enterprise, second is members Enterprise negotiations of when must to sought to very favourable of PPA agreement, best agreed we operation process in the various changes cost, including fuel fluctuations or other of changes, even CPI are to covers in electric price inside, this PPA agreement is project financing in most important of part, If we want to operate abroad in accordance with project financing a plant, this is in fact powered by PPA and conventions stipulated in the agreement.

Third class actually is a company financing, we now to participants of has many strength is strong of enterprise, these enterprise if said willing to for we overseas project provides guarantees, certainly this guarantees is in Bank recognized of situation Xia, we also very simple, is such directly mutatis mutandis domestic these company of credit to for enterprise issued loan, if said we towards to host some strength strong of owners best, we also can according to company of mode do.

In short, when all PV enterprises in overseas power plant investment opportunities, mainly through three types of models to do it.

In here is take today of Conference and members PV industry experts awareness about, we also hope participation to you overseas project of all link, like in project early we on can to contact, for you provides a interest letter, with project of expand we can provides intention letter, project compared success of when we can out according to commitment letter, last we can participation to loan agreement of negotiations, eventually achieved project of smooth lending. Very hope here of members entrepreneurs participation export, dang and outside owners and party for negotiations communication of when, we also can participation came in, like outside of owners to territory study of when, we also can sat in a visit about, believes in with owners and party for communication of when, if we ahead of participate in words, may on you of party for, think China of enterprise wants to of very comprehensive, in project early let financial institutions participation to programme of design in the to, is on you strength of a reflected.

Above is what I tell all contents of the report, also hope that in the next period of time to support all global photovoltaic industry entrepreneurs overseas PV financing business, thank you!

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