Important Latin America into China s clean energy investment destination

Polaris solar PV net news: energy company in China with the help of, Latin America countries are gradually developing its renewable energy potential, even Argentina has consistently paid no attention to the development of renewable national now open, an opportunity to meet the energy transition. Local governments and enterprises through partnership with a Chinese company, at a low price, who provided financing and material, in the rest of Latin America and built a new wind and solar projects.

Important Latin America into China's clean energy investment destination

Uruguay has now almost 100% on renewable energy generation, pictured in Solomare del Di á blo Lodge. Source: Inhabitat

And Costa Rica, and Uruguay have now almost 100% on renewable energy generation. In 2015, the country’s renewable energy installed 316,000 kW, total installed capacity to 845,000 kilowatt. Other States are not far behind Costa Rica and Uruguay’s pace. In Chile, the largest proportion of solar energy in the power structure. Its neighbours Argentina just finished 1.1 million-kilowatt renewable power project bidding.

Argentina renewable energy Director former Chairman, Santiago&Sinclair consulting, General Manager Carlos ˙ St James in a dialogue in the interview said: “China has begun to expand areas for foreign investment. First food, and natural resources, now on they began to focus on the energy sector. Industries have been expanding, excess capacity in China, Latin America is a very attractive market. ”

Argentina renewable project RenovAR a bid ended, a total of 17 a renewable energy generation project, total installed capacity reaches 1.109 million kilowatts. Among them, 12 for a wind energy project, 4 for solar photovoltaic power generation project, 1 for biomass energy projects. Total investment is expected to be as high as $1.8 billion.

A St James’s survey, tender at least half of the successful project of wind energy projects and three-fourths of solar projects involving Chinese investment and technology. While the United States and Europe the proportion is much smaller. They still think that Argentina’s investment environment risk is too high.

Including several upcoming Argentina southern province of Neuquén and Río Negro province, the construction of large-scale wind farms, including the Argentina total installed capacity of domestic and foreign companies participating in the bidding competition 708,000 kW of wind energy projects. Among them, envision energy companies in China accounted for the largest share, a total of 4 projects, with a total capacity of 185,000 kilowatts. Other winning bidders also include Genneia (Argentina), Central Puerto (Argentina), Pan American Energy (Pan American energy, Argentina), EREN Group (Luxembourg/Paris). Thanks to China and Argentina agreement reached by the provincial governments, solar project of the tender, 75% will support access to China’s low-cost funds.

Production of industrial and Business Association Executive Director onesto ˙ Fernandez ˙ Taboada to dialogue: China “(the company) has become Argentina major players in the energy sector. They offer loan interest rate is reasonable, it is always very attractive. ”

Argentina non-government environmental protection organization FARN Director Andre ˙ in Naples, expressed support for the bid, but he also said, the Government is still in the promotion of fossil energy. He pulled to the dialogue said: “Argentina is still subsidized in various ways the oil industry, is still in the building of some environmentally damaging energy projects, such as Patagonia’s VacaMuerta project. ”

According to Argentina late last year, the Senate passed a bill by 2017, wind, solar and hydropower will account for Argentina 8% power supply, and by 2020 the figure will rise to 20%.

Important Latin America into China’s clean energy investment destination

In the eyes of the people, China on Latin America’s renewable energy investment is the expansion of trade opportunities in the region. United States oil and gas production growth forced the Chinese renewable energy companies will have to seek other partners and export markets.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) figures, Brazil, and Mexico, and Chile and Uruguay are investing heavily in clean energy. Chinese investment in those countries total solar installed capacity came in first place.

Uruguay take pragmatic measures by increasing private-sector participation, rather than subsidies for renewable energy industry’s approach to renewable energy development. This practice has become an international model. Uruguay has developed renewable energy unique conditions, such as a predictable and stable wind and plenty of water.

Uruguay wind energy Association Secretary-General Jorge ˙ Doceul ˙ Dan c DeCarlo believes that Uruguay can succeed in cooperation is because the Government is corrupt, and a stable political environment. He said in an interview with dialogue: “State agencies to work together in promoting the development of renewable energy. ”

Uruguay Energy Department data showed import of solar water heaters in the country more than 80% from China. Not long ago, Uruguay President Tabare ˙ Vazquez during a visit to Beijing, also stressed the importance of signing a free trade agreement with China. He said, the FTA will help expand China Uruguay investment in renewable energy.

Private sector is Uruguay main promoter of renewable energy development. Uruguay domestic manufacturing capacity is limited, most of the technology and equipment are imported from China. Uruguay solar energy society President Andre ˙ Eliseo ˙ Cabrera said the low prices of Chinese products was assisted in partnership “an important factor”.

Likewise, Chile is also Latin America renewable energy an important role in the development process. The country plans to achieve 20% electricity come from renewable sources by 2025, and has formulated many specific policies for the renewable energy sector, such as tax mechanisms for renewable energy projects. In 2015, the country’s renewable energy sector has attracted investment of $3.4 billion, up 151% from 2014.

China is Chile’s main trading partner in recent years, bilateral cooperation in the field of wind energy and solar energy close.

Xinjiang goldwind science and technology under the United States goldwind, jinko energy, as well as Chinese companies such as Sky solar Holdings Limited has been involved in Chile among multiple projects. Mining electric 38% per cent of the country’s total electricity supply, so most of the investment is made directly from mining companies, and most of them are used in China’s capital.

Chinese Ambassador to Chile, Ambassador Li Baorong said: “Chile, in particular Chile North, rich in wind and solar energy resources, will help to develop clean energy. “Ambassador Li Baorong, recently said:” Chile needs to develop clean energy. Therefore, China and Chile has great potential of cooperation in the field of energy. ”

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