Is the expansion of solar energy or return to fossil fuels United States energy

Polaris solar PV net news: the United States will be held on November 8 (Tuesday) elect Barack ˙ President Obama’s successor. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton ˙ Clinton and Republican Donald ˙ Donald Trump, who can win the election? United States energy policy in the years ahead will depend on the election results.

Coincidence is that the 22nd Conference of the parties to the framework Convention on climate change of the United Nations (COP22) from the United States the day before the presidential election, which started on November 7 in Morocco Marrakesh. Therefore, anyone can become President, environment and energy sectors and the focus of media attention.

Environmental and energy policies of the two candidates in sharp contrast to this from their respective campaign publicly on its website information and official debate on the floor before they can know (table).

Both presidential candidates energy environmental policy is in sharp contrast to

Is the expansion of solar energy or return to fossil fuels? United States energy policy depends on the results of the presidential election

(Source: Nikkei BP clean energy Research Institute made)

Hillary ˙ Clinton: accelerating construction, promote solar and wind power

Firstly, the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton ˙ Clinton can determine roughly followed the current Administration’s environmental and energy policies. Hillary Rodham Clinton have promised publicly in July 2015, will be at the end of his first term as President, namely before 2020 to set up a 500 million solar panels.

Clinton said: “climate change is an imminent threat, is a test of human extremely severe.” Advocates United States should serve as a “renewable powers”, leading to address climate change issues.

With regard to United States economic impact huge employment problems, Clinton also proposed to solar, wind, renewable energy and energy efficiency, smart grid and other technological innovations and business expansion, job creation policy.

Trump: “global warming is a lie,” “to quit the Paris agreement”

Republican candidate Donald ˙ Donald Trump, criticized the Obama administration and its successor Hillary Clinton environmental and energy-related policy and guidelines in all areas.

Trump’s official website, as the energy sector prospects, rights or rely on others to protect clean air and water, create the jobs of millions of people.

Specifically, is through a substantial relaxation of restrictions, release United States of untapped shale oil, shale gas, and natural gas and clean coal (cleancoal).

In terms of job creation, estimated from the use of these fossil fuels, related to shale only 7 years and 2 million jobs can be created. Trump claims in terms of energy security and costs, this is also the best energy policy.

Although no mention of renewable energy, but Trump’s past statements that he views: “the high cost of renewable energy, to invest is wrong.”

Trump sent a Twitter to talk about climate change November 2012, still can be seen. The details of his claim is: “the concept of the greenhouse effect is Chinese to Chinese fiction and would undermine the United States manufacturing competitiveness.”

Trump threatened if elected to exit the Paris agreement, this was the Special Representative for climate change, Xie Zhenhua, China’s criticism: “wise politician should conform to the trend of the global policy”.

Trump is elected will shift investment tax credits for solar energy policy?

As of now, Clinton dominated analysis are many, but Trump still have the possibility of winning, before the end of the presidential election, also cannot judge United States energy policy trends after next year.

But on the other hand, environmental media United Kingdom according to the Climate Home, the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change Executive Secretary Patricia ˙ Espinosa said once in an interview with the media: “trump even if elected (United States Presidents), nor (replacing ratification Paris Protocol) alternatives.”

The view was expressed that, United States emissions of greenhouse gases after China, ranked second in the world, and through COP22 and bilateral agreement with China, has taken initiatives to cut greenhouse gases, Trang puyiyan quit the Paris agreement and return to the realistic possibility of fossil fuel is low.

But there are some basic can confirm that if Trump was elected a new President, not to promote the construction of large photovoltaic power generation like Hillary Clinton.

And, Trump is likely to abolish the present played an important role in the popularization of solar investment tax credit (ITC) and other incentives from the Federal Government, and make adjustments to the popularization of solar energy to advance policy.

Anyway, to predict the coming years United States PV market trends, results of next Tuesday’s presidential election will be closely watched barometer.

Original title: expanding solar energy or return to fossil fuels?
United States energy policy depends on the results of the presidential election

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