New year first quarter, many manufacturers are launched has himself of new flagship products to for a year of sales do prepared, also is because this special moments, many old flagship of price gradually diving, basically are in history minimum price, is very good of shots period, now author on revision machine market diving range than larger of models for filter recommended, to prepared for machine of friends do a purchased Qian reference. Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

NO.1 HTC One X

Reference price: 2520 (revision)

Recommended reasons: the solid workmanship superior configuration

HTC One has now been released, last generation’s flagship One x price naturally fell to rock bottom, now the flagship in the market price of revision 2520, very affordable. HTC in the workmanship has been legendary, one is a model of industry, and One x as the flagship model will get the best care, shell adopts engineering plastic, forming one of the polycarbonate material makes the phone feels very comfortable, not very slippery or leave fingerprints as easily as mirror-like paint.

The second generation uses a 4.7-inch screen SLCD screen at a resolution of 1280×720,PPI at 312, very delicate. Although this screen because batches can have a common warm weather phenomenon, but on color and viewing angle performance is excellent, no less than the IPS Panel. Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

Hardware configuration One x is also very powerful, has a four-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, up to 1.5GHz,1GB RAM though at this stage is not well-off, but for everyday tasks is more than enough. Of course, One disadvantage of x is quite obvious, the battery capacity is too small, only 1800 mAh, battery configurations such as a quad-core mobile phone really is a bit low.

NO.2 Samsung Galaxy S3

Reference price: ¥ 2650 (revision)

Recommended reasons: outstanding performance affordable

Samsung last year as flagship, Galaxy S3 has been hot, is the first choice for many people to buy the flagship product. Now, it is the flagship for Galaxy S4 to market pressure, the price fell to a record low price. You can see that Galaxy S3 a week before prices began to decline, although a smaller decline every day, but because the relationship add up this week, falling to less than 2700 now price in a stationary State, is a good time to start.

Galaxy S3 hardware configuration is pretty good, although it quad-core mobile phone has no extraordinary configuration, but Orion 4412 processor optimization has been best in the Android camp. Run a memory-1GB, some fans may feel a bit small, but Galaxy Pro S3 also has hardware, such as Japan, South Korea, LTE editions and so on, have more improvement in the hardware configuration, if you think normal version doesn’t satisfy your version could also be scouring the Internet.

-Camera is 8 million back-illuminated CMOS, image quality is also quite good, but subject to the relative aperture of F2.4, so images on the horizon may be less superior than One x, at any rate in 2600-2700 Galaxy S3 in this price segment continues to be the most attractive products, if your budget just in this price segment, so strongly recommend this phone.

NO.3 Samsung Note2

Reference price: 3330 (revision)

Recommended reasons: big screen appearance preferred fashion

Note2 name has now not as niche as last year, Samsung has now become second only to the Galaxy s series. Note2 the week’s price action is very gratifying, stay low and stable at 3330 last four days or so, decrease only 5 Yuan, is a very good place to start time proposal was still in wait-and-see friends start as soon as possible.

Hardware configuration before the introduction of Galaxy S4 has not Note2 remains the strongest is Samsung’s flagship product, processor is a strengthened version of the Orion 4412, clock speed reached 1.6GHz, run and 2GB of RAM, integrated core Mali-400 graphics chip frequency increase, Note2 3100 mAh replaceable battery also provides guarantees for life are gaming enthusiasts preferred models.

Note2 equipped with a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen at a resolution of 1280×720, although only 267 PPI, but because the arrangement is different from Galaxy S3, so grainy contrast would be much better. Home 8 million pixels camera, a secondary camera for 19 billion pixels, image quality is very high. And 1080P size video recording effects are also quite good, is a handset configuration is pretty balanced.

NO.4 LG Nexus4

Reference price: 2210 (revision)

Recommended reasons: direct choice brush

Many said played Nexus series let alone play the Android phone, while saying a little GEEK, but it is not unreasonable, Nexus series is a standard Android development, preferred models for many Flash fans, if you love to toss, you should start with a Nexus series.

Guerlain iPhone 5 Case

Price Nexus4 although the decline is not as large as other models, but was falling steadily, prices now at about 2210, is also very attractive. Configuration Nexus4 is also very dominant, Qualcomm APQ 8064 up to 1.5GHz, Adreno 320 integrated graphics chip, good game compatibility, and run the memory reached 2GB, running a big game without pressure.

As a direct product, Nexus4 inherited the series high with in terms of price but also very close to the people, Qualcomm APQ 8064 and various aspects of the 720P IPS screen configuration is outstanding, 8GB version now at 2210, is worthy of starting.


Old and new flagship General, old flagship becoming yesterday’s story, while the configuration is not the same, but prices are not high. I personally believe that mobile phone product is rational points is more appropriate, not being too high and fast, if you are a “good enough”, then I recommend models can also guarantee you sway two years.

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