North China grid rules are prototype

Polaris solar PV net news: Reporter learned exclusively, for the protection of electric power system safe and stable operation, implementation of the national policy on renewable energy, regulate the PV on-grid dispatching management, published recently by the North China Bureau of the North China grid-connected PV power station operation management rules (draft for soliciting opinions), external advice.

The consultation covers scheduling management, technology management, measurement and calculation, monitoring and management section. The exposure draft explicitly, new grid-connected PV power station since the first photovoltaic cell since the date on which these rules six months after participation in the appraisal management; expansion of PV power stations since the date of the first grid-connected photovoltaic power generation unit, these rules are automatically incorporated into assessment management, eliminating technology due to expansion combined with main station during debugging management assessment. PV power station energy regulator is responsible for the implementation of this rule and settlement regulations. North China provincial electric power dispatching and above in energy regulatory agencies authorized by the jurisdiction in accordance with scheduling, photovoltaic power plant within a specific implementation of the regulated power to participate in the rule of execution and settlement, and results reported to the energy regulator approval before implementation, according to the results of photovoltaic power stations bear the financial responsibility.

In terms of management, the exposure draft explicitly, photovoltaic power stations should strictly obey the power organs of command shall not be any excuse to refuse or delay the implementation. Accept the dispatch order on-grid PV power station duty officer considered scheduling the execution of instructions will endanger the person, device, or system security, should immediately release the dispatch order dispatcher on duty report of the electric power dispatching and justified, by electric power dispatching agency dispatchers on duty decided the implementation of this directive, or withdraw it. Meanwhile, rules that can be found to break scheduling rules 11 matters clearly. Every breach of scheduling discipline, according to the full month of electricity 1% appraisal, appraisal costs less than 40,000 yuan, 40,000 yuan for evaluation and appraisal costs less than 40,000 yuan, according to assessment of 40,000 yuan.

Meanwhile, the consultation requirements of PV power station due to an acting, frequency, voltage and other electrical protection act leads to PV Unit disconnection is not allowed since the start grid. If in violation of regulations, each according to the full month of electricity 2% appraisal, appraisal costs less than 80,000 yuan, 80,000 yuan for evaluation and appraisal costs less than 80,000 yuan, 80,000 yuan for evaluation. Violation of rules and grid-connected photovoltaic power generation unit with the main series of small areas, in accordance with the full month of electricity 4% appraisal, appraisal costs less than 160,000 Yuan by 160,000 yuan for evaluation and measurement cost less than 160,000 Yuan by 160,000 yuan for evaluation.

The drafts also called, PV power station should be in accordance with the value of active power in power dispatching control (including the normal shutdown process). PV power station installed capacity of the power variation rate should not exceed 10%/min. The daily assessment, active power changes according to the time interval of 10 minutes maximum and minimum difference of statistics. Result of reduced solar irradiance power photovoltaic power stations changes beyond the maximum limit of active power change, not evaluation.

When PV power station caused by its large areas off PV Unit, when the exposure draft explicitly, one off PV Unit total capacity more than photovoltaic power station installed capacity of 30%, each in accordance with the whole electricity 3% appraisal of the month. In case of photovoltaic cell net removal assessment and cumulative measurement cost less than 120,000 yuan a month, according to 120,000 yuan for evaluation.

When absolutely necessary to limit the output of photovoltaic power stations, and the provisions of the draft for comment, photovoltaic power stations should be strictly enforced schedule issued by the dispatching agency curves (curves with real time scheduling), beyond the power of curve part included in the assessment. Settled by photovoltaic power station unit from real-time electric power dispatching automation system of PV power station power, requires real power for a limited period not exceeding planned electricity 1%. Limiting optical power real power beyond the plan during the period of the tolerance range, the exceeding part integral power press twice times the power of statistics in order to assess capacity.

The exposure draft also specifically photovoltaic photovoltaic power forecasting work carried out, and power dispatching agencies predicted power dispatching institution. Power dispatching agencies in accordance with their jurisdiction on-grid PV power station automation equipment, communications equipment, technical expertise and management, and the management of income submitted to the work.

The exposure draft requires, PV cell should be at zero voltage crossing ability of the grid code requirements. Same type of photovoltaic modules in a PV station is not completed within the period requested by the energy regulator zero voltage crossing reconstruction, or completed programme but is not completed within 6 months of testing and certification of photovoltaic modules as a does not have zero voltage crossing capacity, against incorporation.

Meanwhile, the consultation requirements of photovoltaic power stations should have a active power regulation, requires active power control system, receives and automatically performs electric power dispatching active power control signal sent from afar (AGC), ensure that photovoltaic power stations the maximum active power values does not exceed the power mechanism of the given value. Active power control station PV power stations upstream information should include effective capacity, ultra short term prediction of critical data. Is not completed within the prescribed active power control station installation and commissioning work, according to the monthly full electricity 1% appraisal of the month. Photovoltaic power stations in FM under the principle of voluntary participation support services, compensation costs refer to the AGC for thermal power plant compensation costs.

Metering and settlement, the exposure draft explicitly, photovoltaic power stations total monthly assessment fee equal to the fee for the assessment of cumulative. PV total monthly appraisal fee appraisal fees and for all photovoltaic power stations. Caused by technical support system master station PV power stations cannot report data or error examination can apply for examination. Same event for different assessment take assessment in terms of maximum power of an implementation. PV total monthly fee for examination by all the solar power grid electricity to return. Photovoltaic power stations costs arising out of the use of electricity settled by these rules, and settlement of electricity charges next month until synchronization is finished. Photovoltaic power stations on the basis on the amount of electricity the month plus (minus) should be given (paying) the costs incurred by these rules of participation quotas, in terms of settlement, the provincial power grid enterprises to the corresponding network issue VAT invoice, together with the monthly electricity bill settlement. Grid-connected PV power stations of the North China factory of auxiliary services administrative rules for the implementation of the compensation for the costs of ancillary services.

Original title: Northern regional grid rules are prototype

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