NYSE delisting warning from Xiang Yu hui Sun

Polaris solar PV net news: large solar panel plant in China Shang Yu-hui Sun energy (ReneSola) announced on November 8 that received United States New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) delisting warning.

NYSE stock prices must remain listed benchmarks, namely, provisions 1 level of more than $1. Yuhui solar energy (ReneSola) fall below the $1 share price on September 15, and has been in the doldrums, the New York Stock Exchange and the measures taken.

Shares in the company fell because of chronic oversupply of solar panel market structure issues. Therefore, solar panel makers shares were more or less under downward pressure.

But the financial situation of the company as management strength and different, some stocks were sold off, while others are bottoming out of the trough, clearly separated out. For example, the United States first solar (First Solar) and United States SunPower’s stock price despite the downward trend, but not to sell shares below market benchmarks.

In accordance with the provisions of the NYSE, date of receipt of the NYSE warning Yuhui solar energy, that is, on November 7, there will be a grace period of 6 months. In the meantime, as long as stock prices recovered to the level of more than $1, from delisting.

In the large Chinese solar panel manufacturers Yingli Green energy with Yuhui solar energy, also in August last year received a NYSE delisting warning.

Yingli was in debt far exceeds the asset’s plight, but after the sale of assets, merging business and other business efforts, and the use of financial instruments such as stock boosted share prices, and still maintaining listed status.

Meanwhile, Trina, JA Solar and other large solar panel companies are spontaneously from the NYSE and NASDAQ delisting and implementing privatization, into private enterprises.

Original title: the NYSE delisting warning from Xiang Yu-hui Sun

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