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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. the 2016 Edition issued in Shanghai special funding support measures for renewable energy and new energy development PV subsidies up to 0.55 Yuan/kWh

For wind power, photovoltaic projects, according to the actual power generation projects investment incentives reward for 5 years. Individual projects annual award amount is not more than 50 million Yuan. Specific criteria are as follows:

PV power station: 0.3 Yuan per kWh distributed PV: industry and business users as 0.25 Yuan/kWh, user is 0.55 Yuan/kWh, personal, nursing home enjoy the preferential electric energy price in the user-0.4 Yuan/kWh.

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2. Hunan Province “Thirteen-Five” solar energy development plan

By 2020, the province’s total installed photovoltaic capacity reached 2 million-kilowatt, which distributed PV installed capacity of more than 1.5 million-kilowatt. By 2030, PV power installed capacity in the province to meet more than 4 million-kilowatt.

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3. the “made in China” 2025 Ningxia platform for action “key project planning sheet (PV excerpt)

Ningxia will focus on developing new energy equipment, to 2.5 MW above’s wind power generating equipment, 10-megawatt solar photovoltaic power generation equipment for the development of the above focus, use research and innovation to promote the development of advanced new energy power generation equipment for the path.

Speed up the development of grid-connected PV core equipment, spare parts and PV power station group control, intelligent key technologies such as micro-network, large-scale energy storage research and development breakthroughs, building form the core of key technology-equipment-system integration of PV industry chain.

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4. implementation of photovoltaic manufacturing base construction in Xining in Qinghai province

By 2020, the polysilicon capacity up to 23000 tonnes (about 4.6 gigawatts), monocrystalline silicon production capacity reaches 20000 tons (about 5 GW), polycrystalline ingot reaches 20000 tons (about 4 GW), chips, batteries, components, intermediate products and accessory products such as inverter capacity are up to 2 gigawatt scale, photovoltaic and solar thermal industry completed investment of 45 billion yuan.

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5.18 enterprises selected for yanqing district of Beijing distributed PV project list of alternative products (first) publication

Voluntary application by enterprises and third party information on the application of rigorous examination, qualified 12 component companies are, 65 kinds of component models; 6 inverter company, 17 kinds of inverter type (see the appendix), publicity, publicity for November 16, 2016 until November 22, 2016.

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6. the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission about 2016 PV power plant project notice filing requirements

The applications filed in accordance with the province’s power plants, photovoltaic and leader in Al-Qaida plans for poverty alleviation integrated requirements management, project records and indexes are not linked, does not promise to enjoy the current PV on-grid prices.

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Market review

1. quality concern + price fought China PV would carry the banner of mainstream energy in the future?

Trends in the global energy transition is irreversible, in traditional energy into clean energy in the process of photovoltaic energy is about to usher in the era of mainstream, especially in leading the global PV. But real quality concerns carried forward, this trip to drag on photovoltaic energy? PV enterprises and how to deal with?

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2. the power of “Thirteen-Five” planning: terrestrial photovoltaic and distributed watershed

The electric power development in the “Thirteen-Five” plan showing in 2020, wind power installed capacity of more than 210 million kilowatts, of which around offshore wind 5 million-kilowatt. Solar energy generation capacity of more than 110 million kilowatts, which distributed more than 60 million-kilowatt PV and solar thermal power 5 million-kilowatt. In this regard, the national energy Administration’s new energy Secretary Zhu Ming noted, preliminary estimates 2020 wind power and photovoltaic total capacity to at least 400 million-kilowatt, new objectives in the planning of 80 million-kilowatt less than this figure.

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3. PV inverter competition is not “a zero-sum game”-efficient and reliable value-led technical route diversity

An efficient and reliable value led and PV inverter market to introduce new water cooled inverters, pre-alarm inverter, modular inverter, technology become more diversified. But Yang Bo stressed that between different technical route is not a “either you or I,” “a zero-sum game”, different programmes have different scenarios, but it enriches the product market, more choices for power plant owners.

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4. light and heat can rise to avoid solar dilemma?

Stability than photovoltaic solar-thermal power generation of electricity, is more suitable for large-scale operations, and PV as a “distributed” power, can be scattered, even family-run. Some view China as capital, the Government can “concentrate on doing big things,” power, light and heat should be developed, not PV. In contrast, grid system backward, backward countries of the lack of funds should promote solar.

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5. solar decade: to become the world’s largest market route mode arguments never stop

From 2006 to 2015, the PV in China completed the turn from the laboratory to the production line, and the average profit margin of 200 billion yuan of output value, 4.7%, cumulative installed capacity 43.18 million-kilowatt scale, becoming the world’s largest market.

Performance behind the practitioners for routes, policies, models and technical choices have never stopped–whether leveraging or self, distribution is concentrated, polycrystalline thin film, vertical or professional, the debate never answers.

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6. the National Energy Board: grid-connected PV power difficult, delayed settlement of individual items is fake

National Energy Board report October 2016 12398 energy regulatory complaint processing. That same month, effective information hotline had received a total of 2,656 12398 energy regulation, increased 3.83% per cent.

Renewable energy including PV six, problem is that residents of certain districts distributed grid-connected PV power difficulties, not settled in time, and Xuzhou, Li LAN new energy technology limited second-phase grid-connected PV projects in the startup provides false information in the process.

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7. the PV price to top lower expected late November quoted

Polycrystalline silicon wafer, solar cell prices are expected to soon appear slightly lower. And because the first quarter of 2017, in addition to Japan, and India, but no other large load demand, makes the demand before the Chinese new year solar stock prices prices weak since late November by the first quarter of next year.

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Enterprise version

1. sinovideo bankruptcy reorganization to meet the disk into a new 2.8 billion acquisition of two subsidiaries

Easily into a new night of November 17 disclosed restructuring plan, intended to LDK, Xinyu sinovideo creditors total 280 million shares and a cash payment of 702 million yuan of shares, in order to obtain stakes in two companies 100%, 7.59 Yuan per share offering price of shares, traded value of 2.566 billion and 263 million Yuan respectively. Old solar giant sinovideo LDK announced 4 domestic companies after bankruptcy reorganization, finally ushered in the buying Consortium.

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2. treasure can take full CSG letter of a regulators directed attention

CSG yesterday afternoon a line suddenly try to limit. Reporter learned from multiple independent sources, on behalf of the PO line south of glass a published book of the message to all employees of the China Southern glass group, accused the former management company interests, ensnared employees, staff who are also welcomed back.

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3. the Dean featuring the presiding judge chaori solar investors claim they have won

Recently, the reporter was informed by human rights lawyers from securities investment newsletter, launched a year ago chaori solar investor claims of misrepresentation has been made part of the Court judgment, the Court supported most of the investor’s appeal. Lawyers said the ruling, the Court listed company GCL integration to first pay thousands of Yuan to dozens of investors ranging from about 400,000, most investors won a high percentage of claims decision support.

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4. the musk smiled! Tesla’s $2 billion acquisition of SolarCity approved by shareholders

Beijing time on November 18, according to foreign media reports, Tesla car deal to buy solar, SolarCity received shareholder approval on both sides on Thursday. Tesla CEO ailong·masike (ElonMusk) hope for clean energy consumers to create a one-stop service platform, this merger will test the goal of musk is possible.

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5. Kang Yue technology related parties lightning admission benefit cross-border mergers and acquisitions will give birth variables

15th, the company released for review of the SFC respond to notice, further details buy yiheng technology. Economic review reporter noted, while Kang Yue stressed in the reply yiheng science and technology future profitability and the positive impact of this acquisition for their own development, but from yiheng technology in updated materials, you can still clearly see the receivables soar, industry competition and other risks.

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