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Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. Hubei Province, issued by the Department of energy about the 2016 General PV scale indicator alerts

Issued by the National Energy Board in our province the 2016 General added scale PV power station 600,000-kilowatt, of which 340,000-kilowatt safety and to 2015 for the record and prior to June 30, 2016 completion and 2014 for the record and put into operation before December 31, 2016 solar power plants (issued on the completion of the project to verify and then scale indicator), the remaining 260,000-kilowatt for 2016 PV competition assignments.

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2. lead the Hebei provincial development and Reform Commission on 2017 PV technology base and advanced notice of preparation of the demonstration project implementation plan

General requirements of photovoltaic Base:

1). the planning capacity of not less than 500,000-kilowatt, base construction in principle within a single project is not less than 100,000-kilowatt, and configuration through competition; 2). the use of PV modules, PV product needed to achieve PV “leader” advanced technology products indicators;

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3. the slow progress of the project, issued 490MW photovoltaic power generation project, Qinghai and 60MW of PV project responsibility list

PV power project general progress slow, 2013-2015 province development reform Board total issued to I city PV power project capacity index 550 MW (containing PV poverty project 60 MW), currently, has grid power of 2 home Enterprise 40 MW (containing PV poverty project 20 MW), is starts construction of 8 home Enterprise 180 MW (containing Xunhua County PV poverty 30 MW, and minhe County PV poverty 10 MW), starts rate for 40%; is do project early of 7 Home Enterprise 210 MW, There are 120 MW does not drop.

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4. solar energy development in Zhejiang Province “Thirteen-Five” planning: 2020 total PV installed capacity by more than 8 million-kilowatt

Distributed jiaxing PV solar demonstration zone project to speed up construction, high-tech district, Hangzhou Tonglu economic development zone, Haining economic development zone, a State-level demonstration zone of distributed PV roof. Meanwhile, further developed, large load of the province industrial park, economic and technological development zone, focused on connecting business building roofs, the new roof at the provincial level demonstration zone of distributed PV applications. By 2020, the installed above 50,000-kilowatt large roofs built in the province distributed PV Park more than 20.

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5. table 2016-PV power plant project in Fujian: 14 project 200MW

Worldwide support, 2016, in my province, construction of photovoltaic power generation implementation of 14 projects (200MW) has all my records. To strengthen project management and related matters are hereby notified as follows:

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Market review

1. the low penalty rates no match for imports the impact of Commerce midterm review of poly-Korea anti-dumping investigations

On November 22, China’s Ministry of Commerce issued bulletin 2016 71st, officially announced that it will be based on applications submitted by the applicant to the domestic industry, originating in Korea’s imported solar grade silicon, the application of anti-dumping measures conducted an interim review investigations.

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2. Li LAN opens PV power station construction in Xuzhou as “Pandora’s box”

From the regulatory environment, Xuzhou, Li-LAN could be detonated PV power plant construction chaos “fuse”, including the first built, batch conformity and projects start with illness and other problems.

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3. high success-oriented significant photovoltaic “pacemaker” leads industry low season

Changing from pursuing expansion to focus on quality and efficiency, to lower subsidies from high subsidies dependent on mode competition model, photovoltaic industry is emerging from the financial subsidy policy of nurturing to maturity under the value-oriented transformation.

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4. Guangdong Dongguan distributed photovoltaic subsidy: first come first served the end of December deadline (announcement)

Starting in 2014, based on the fiscal policies of energy saving model in Dongguan city, three consecutive years of distributed solar power projects for financial assistance, the maximum grant 2 million Yuan. On November 23, the reporter learned from the development and reform Bureau of Dongguan city, the application for financial assistance will close at the end of December, called for eligible organizations and individuals, to submit application materials as soon as possible.

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5. survey says PV pro-poor income generation path how to go?

A rural energy study found that fossil energy use in rural areas there is no city, but growing very fast. Moreover, fossil energy is scattered in the rural areas, quality of coal and the poor quality of many fossil energy. From the environmental point, also in rural areas than urban.

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6. PV power enterprises will enter a “polarization” of the era

As the policy tends to gradually “wean” PV enterprises adapt to the change of market competition, maximize the benefits of its own, will be the biggest test of each PV enterprises.

For new energy sources such as photovoltaic industry, lead to “abandon” and “power” because, in addition to the network transmission capacity limits, also associated with factors such as peak-load regulation ability.

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Enterprise version

1. easy early adopters the new Sunwell swap secret funds a lift

In suspension 6 months zhihou, catch in regulatory sector requirements complex brand of day, easy into new can disclosure has major assets restructuring plans, intends to Jiangxi sinovideo, and Xinyu sinovideo of creditors total issued shares 280 million unit and the paid cash 702 million Yuan, to made two home company 100% equity, shares price 7.59 Yuan/unit; another to also price to flat coal God horse group, and Lee have capital, and gold investment, and in the thaw letter create and Kay Wei Ming investment non-public issued 277 million unit, raised funding total not over 2.1 billion yuan.

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2. acquisition supply value-added was over 10 times times asking sunflower post prospects

Sunflower announced plans earlier to 520 million Yuan total price buying power, specific ways for the issuance of shares and cash, the value-added rate of 1019.91%. SSE believes that can power the future performance of the three-year commitment is far higher than its level of performance during the reporting period, and information on a related issue.

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3. Thomas g amplification: Tesla’s solar roof cheaper than ordinary roofing

International articles

1. important Latin America into China’s clean energy investment destination

With the help of Chinese energy companies, Latin America countries are gradually developing its renewable energy potential, even Argentina has consistently paid no attention to the development of renewable national now open, an opportunity to meet the energy transition. Local governments and enterprises through partnership with a Chinese company, at a low price, who provided financing and material, in the rest of Latin America and built a new wind and solar projects.

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2. Russia shackles solar industry lie?

Russia the development of solar power is very slow. Oil, coal and natural gas in the national energy balance accounted for a major share. The International Energy Agency expects fossil fuels than in energy structure in Russia is gradually reduced, by 2040 will be reduced to 66%, while the proportion of renewable energy is increasing.

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3.BTI report: India this year will add 5.1GW solar PV

Bridge to India (BTI) reported that in 2016, India will grow the solar industry 137%, next year will surpass Japan to become the world’s third-largest solar market.

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