PV on grid price a lot better continuous geometry

Polaris solar PV net news: although for the power industry, but compared with thermal power, hydropower, wind power and other, PV on-grid prices, showed a different curve.

Data released by the National Energy Board show that in 2015, the national average price of 388.25/power generation enterprises at qianqianwa, down 2.61%. Among them, the solar maximum, when 1056.89/qianqianwa, hydro-electric power minimum, when 286.93/qianqianwa.

Longitudinal comparison, thermal power, hydropower, wind power and other price declines, instead, PV on-grid price by 2015 is still a certain increase, an increase of 3.99%, is in addition to natural gas, but only a rising power.

In terms of area, PV on-grid prices go up and down situations do occur. Among them, the big growth including Hubei, Shaanxi, Gansu, and large areas of Yunnan, Shandong, Ningxia.

In addition, the absolute price, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shaanxi is a high price area. Jiangsu’s average price is up nearly 1.33 Yuan/kWh.

PV electricity price is the most immediate challenge facing, other power price in the “heavy”, and PV on-grid price is in “rose”, further expansion of the price difference between the two, no doubt the PV has been advertising “parity” brings more of a challenge. Another challenge is that there are always new energy industry subsidies owed for high electricity prices can last long, certainly is a big question mark.

However, there are industry people, photovoltaic electricity price structure, including the adjustment of electricity prices, resource differences, where subsidies and distributed power mode, and many other factors, so direct and simple analogies with other power may not be objective.

The widening spreads

Recently, the National Energy Board announced the 2015 price.

In particular, in 2015, the national average price, including all power at 388.25/qianqianwa, down 2.61%. Among them, the average price of coal-fired units at 384.20/qianqianwa, down 4.16%; average on-grid price for hydropower when 286.93/qianqianwa, down 3.64%; wind turbine average price (new energy price subsidies, the same below. ) When 594.01/qianqianwa, down 0.61%; average price for nuclear power, biomass power generation 434.03/qianqianwa time, when 732.83/qianqianwa, respectively 0.83%, 0.07%, gas-fired power generation, solar power/average price was 789.82 Yuan qianqianwa time, when 1056.89/qianqianwa, respectively, 5.2% 3.99%.

In all the power in the electricity price is the highest PV, reached when 1056.89/qianqianwa; the lowest are water and electricity only when 286.93/qianqianwa.

A brief analysis is not difficult to find, in 2015, apart from gas-fired power generation, photovoltaic, and other power price fell.

As for PV, either gains or is in absolute prices, showed “a lot better”. When 1056.89/qianqianwa price, means the national average price of 2.72 times times 2.75 times times the power.

Even with the same compared to clean energy, wind power, nuclear power, and 1.78 times, 2.43 times times of the latter.

High price “for a reason”

However, the PV of “high price”, also has a more complex factors behind it.

First of all, for photovoltaic electricity prices, consider the “stock” price. In 2015, electricity prices, for example, both grid-connected power station of the year, as well as a few years ago or even earlier-grid of the power station. In the case of PV-benchmark price adjustment, even belonging to the same province of terrestrial photovoltaic power plants, grid-connected power station in different years, the applicable prices are not the same.

Second, you need to consider the types of power plants. Ground power station is divided by Ziyuan District electricity prices and distributed power plant electricity price is depending on its model, “spontaneous use, more than power” and “full access” electricity prices are not the same.

Once again, and also regional distribution of the power station. Only absolute prices, price will certainly be higher than that in the eastern region in the Western region. The reason is simple, either ground power stations rely on the resource Division’s benchmark price, as a benchmark or distributed PV rely on coal desulfurization of stock price and spontaneous use of the commercial and industrial sales prices are prices higher in the eastern part.

Based on this, for photovoltaic electricity prices, due to the Ziyuan District, where subsidies and the impact of different factors such as model of distributed, its price is a relatively complex process of change, but it will also be the year of new installed capacity in the regional distribution and type of power station, installed size and other factors. Therefore, direct, simple category with the other power, and may not have extensive powers of persuasion.

However, other power price “heavy”, and background of new energy subsidies and there has been a large gap, PV on-grid price “a lot better” strong long, undoubtedly worthy of investor attention.

Original title: PV on-grid price “a lot better” continuous geometry?

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