Solar energy industry chain in the middle price close to ceiling in mid November

Polaris solar PV net news: November orders were sold, the solar supply chain as a whole rose still higher this week, one of the most shortages of silicon wafer, still is the most dramatic gains in the sector.

Polysilicon spot prices in China have risen to more than RMB123/kg, though most Chinese polysilicon companies completed maintenance, maintenance supplies not stable, polysilicon plants are also not yield enough to cover almost full on silicon wafer production capacity, so little cash supply to deal, between prices at RMB123~125/kg.

Silicon wafer plant capacity has been almost full, but still less than supply, rallied sharply this week. Polycrystalline silicon wafers sold for not less than RMB5/pc, US$0.68/pc, high performance silicon wafer prices are falling in between US$0.69~0.74/pc. Sector of the Crystal is still the most in short supply, but are first-tier manufacturers to determine prices held steady, prices didn’t go up, trading at US$0.76~78/pc.

Battery tablets price continued reaction Silicon Crystal round of fast price, not only Crystal PERC gradually over US$0.35/W, more Crystal battery this week rally more obviously, General battery tablets price has over US$0.22/W, conversion efficiency 18.4% above of efficient more Crystal battery tablets also gradually station Shang US$0.235~0.25/W, and China quotes is to RMB1.85/W around, General Crystal battery is because wafer of supply and makes price messy, sold price more fell in RMB1.9 ~1.95/W and the Taiwan orders over US$0.25/W.

Module for operative delivery before the end of the order, must continue to accept battery factory shill. However, the final demand is not hot enough to let the module price, modules prices stay at around RMB3/W, China, overseas pricing are still trending lower. As module prices cannot continue to rise, while the upstream price quick rebound, module factory squeezing profits has been as hard to shrink profits, middle reach of the current supply chain price almost reached the ceiling, around mid-November or face stagnation and even reversal of gains, the manufacturer still faces great challenges at the end of it.

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