Solar thermal power generation technology gap is emerging to compensate for

Polaris solar PV net news: solar thermal power generation is emerging.

On November 26, Haiyang in Yumen Eastwick solar-thermal energy generation projects started, became China’s first batch of 20 solar-thermal power generation demonstration project and a formal launch of the project. Previously the earliest construction of similar projects is July 2014, China Guangdong Nuclear solar Delhi heat-conducting oil trough 50MW thermal generation projects.

“The project is expected to be fully completed in first half of 2018. “Hai Yang Xue Liming energy group founder, told reporters. Meanwhile, Haiyang group and Yumen on November 26, the Government also conducted two 500MW solar-thermal project signing ceremony.

As an important part of our country’s energy mix in the future, despite the presence of solar-thermal power generation technologies and other difficulties, but since early September this year the Commission will be solar thermal power generation 1.15 Yuan/kWh the benchmark price after the announcement, industry investment and development has sped up. National 863 project 1MW-tank project Chief specialist and project leader Xu Ershu believes that solar thermal power generation has a lot of potential in the future, but “Thirteen-Five” will be in a technical trial and during maturity stage.

Xue Liming believes that current solar-thermal power generation industry in China is still in development stages similar to the PV industry in 2004-2005, after 2019, solar-thermal power generation industry in China is expected to achieve true industrialization. But in this industry following implementation, the industry will usher in a wave of consolidation.

Technology gap fill

Solar thermal power generation (Concentrating Solar Power), refers to the use of a large array of parabolic or dish-shaped mirror collect solar heat through the heat exchanger steam, combined with the traditional process of turbo-generator, so as to achieve the purpose of power generation.

Published on September 30 of the year 20 of the first demonstration projects, Yumen, a total of 4 projects were selected, are elected to the highest number of counties and cities, Haiyang in Yumen trough solar thermal power station is the first project to start the 4 projects. According to Haiyang CEO Zhao Hexiang introduced, the commencement of projects 50 MW of installed capacity, and covers an area of 2.9 million square meters, the trough solar collector loop 192, molten salt thermal storage for 9 hours, plant design life of 25 years.

In fact, solar-thermal power generation in the world is not yet achieved large scale commercial use. Xue Liming admits that major difficulties exist in the technical equipment of the project at present. In light of main equipment of thermal power generation solar, Hai Duong has built in Asia only flexible solar reflector production line, its technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. But in the conventional steam turbine-generators and molten salt molten salt pump and molten salt heat storage device, there are still big technical gap with foreign countries.

Meanwhile, Xue Liming believes that solar thermal power generation possible after 5 years the emergence of new technology, which ultimately will be a collection of several technology advantages, and this new technology for better routes, remains to be practice to find out in the future. However, the gaps in equipment and technology, as well as solar-thermal power brings greater potential for future cost reduction.

Xu Ershu said, because solar-thermal power generation in China is still in the model development stage, and solar-thermal power generation includes a series of very complex technical, such as EPC integration, also involved more, grid-connected demonstration project in 2018, after the operation is essential.

In the future profitability of a project, Xue Liming believes that solar thermal power generation benchmark price of 1.15 Yuan/kWh to develop more objective, and after 2018 project grid, Haiyang hoping to cut yields on 20%-30%, Hai Duong from the project’s designing, equipment procurement and EPC turnkey integration, investment planning and other aspects of the efforts to reach this target. Meanwhile, compared to photovoltaic payback period of the project 7-8, Haiyang think solar thermal project payback period will be shorter.

Xue Liming told reporters, Haiyang will also in future in Qinghai or make some investments in solar-thermal power generation projects in Xinjiang. As the project began, as well as planning for the new project, “in Hai Duong is some equity, Fund and bond financing plan, programme or plan will be announced in the coming 2-3 months. “Xue Liming said.

Industry consolidation expected

Haiyang early in 2010 for the first layout in solar-thermal power generation industry, this is from Hai Duong thermal power generation industry prospects look good. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that solar thermal power generation by 2030 in China will reach 29GW installed, installed capacity by 2040 to 88GW 2050 118GW installed as the world following the United States, the Middle East and other regions, the fourth-largest market.

At the end of last year, the National Energy Board issued of the solar Thirteen-Five development plan draft, planned during the 45, total installed capacity for solar thermal power generation in China will reach 10 million-kilowatt, project number 80.

Solar-thermal power generation was optimistic about another reason stems from its efficiency advantages. Solar thermal power is a kind of renewable energy, generally, solar-thermal power generation has conversion efficiency than the PV high power, 24 hours and so on. It is learnt that the photovoltaic conversion efficiency of 10%-20% in General, Haiyang Yumen in the trough solar thermal power station project promises transformation efficiency is 24.6%.

According to the 21st century renewable energy policy network (REN21) recently released the 2016 global renewables status report shows that by the end of 2015, renewable energy power 23.7% per cent of global electricity generation, geothermal energy, solar energy, ocean energy together accounted for more than 0.4%. Xu Ershu believes that despite the great potential of solar thermal power generation, but there are still some technical problems to be solved in the “Thirteen-Five” stage, solar-thermal power generation in China will remain the technical stage, meet the production needs of the national economy to become the main energy source for the time being.

Meanwhile, could serve as a precedent is 2011 PV benchmark pricing policies after the year’s installed capacity grew by 768%. Xue Liming said now in the solar thermal power industry, people are really for the next 3 years, 5 years, 10 years to prepare. But Xu Ershu says, solar-thermal power generation in terms of technical difficulty and investment limits for the high threshold or can prevent disordered competition.

Generally speaking, solar-thermal power project investment is huge, including equipment investment accounted for the major part of production costs. In addition, investment projects relating to land, land use tax, compensation for grassland protection, soil conservation, etc.

“Solar thermal power generation industry have a higher threshold for capital and technology, will make it into fewer players, more rational. But after 2-3, or solar-thermal power generation industry will usher in a wave of ebb tide, equipment suppliers, and a large number of project operators, or will undergo a consolidation. “Xue Liming added.

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