South Africa s new wind and solar power purchase price lower than that of coal

Polaris solar PV net news: renewable energy costs are declining, making Chile, Middle East out of solar purchase lowest prices, but now even the latitude weren’t quite so good South Africa catch up with the trend, according to the South Africa science and technology industry research center (Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research) to bid the price calculation, renewable energy prices significantly lower, 2016 years renewable energy price is already lower than that of coal-fired power stations and other traditional sources of energy.

South Africa 2010 to develop the 2010 integrated resource plan to expand a power system (TheI ntegrated Resource Plan 2010) to conform to the 2010-2030 of electricity demand, plans to independent private power plant purchases 29 gigawatts (GW) of power generation capacity, including 17.3 gigawatts of renewable energy, 11.5 GW of non-renewable energy, planning new power plants in the plan, starting in 2011 the tender, Has been 4 times during the tender, of which 2.5 gigawatts of renewable energy resources procurement and operational, and coal-fired power stations has also been purchasing nearly 900 million Watts (MW).

According to South Africa technology industry research center statistics, found wind and solar bid price avalanche, 2011 end of of first standard during, solar have price for 3.65 South Africa currency, wind is for 1.51 South Africa currency, but thereafter both are fast fell, solar fell range especially fast had wind, November 11, 2015 weizhi of fourth standard, bid of power procurement price, solar and wind has fell to price quite, each degrees electric price for 0.62 Yuan South Africa currency, about collection 0.31 Yuan Yuan.

In contrast, coal-fired power generation, 2014 South Africa private bid of new base load power plant coal-fired power generation power purchase price comprised an 1.03 South Africa currency equivalent of 0.52 Yuan. Wind and solar is cheaper than coal-fired power generation by about 40%, and coal-fired generation of electricity purchase price also does not take into account 120 a tonne, South Africa currency of carbon taxes, after taking into account the advantages of renewable energy will be further expanded

South Africa technology industry research center more estimated, South Africa State power company Eskom if new set base contains coal-fired power factory, its power cost estimates in each degrees electric 1.05~1.16 South Africa currency Zhijian; base contains nuclear power factory power cost is in each degrees electric 1.17~1.3 South Africa currency Zhijian; in the contains complex cycle gas power for each degrees electric 0.98~1.24 South Africa currency; in the contains coal-fired power factory is for each degrees electric 1.51 South Africa currency.

Report shows that renewable energy prices plummeted remains now, renewable energy more expensive than traditional energy sources of the past impression has been completely broken, cost per kWh has dropped lower than that of coal-fired 40%, overall lower than gas, coal and nuclear energy.

South Africa science and technology industrial center, according to the report that would have been made earlier, but because the price of wind and solar energy prices at an astonishing pace, had to prepare the report again, until October 2016 to publish it again.

(Note: 1 South Africa currency about 0.5 million)

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