SunEdison bankruptcy follow up 1 5GW power generation assets acquired by NRG

Polaris solar PV net news: at a very fast pace of expansion of renewable energy power generation SunEdison declared bankruptcy in April this year, started the restructuring, liquidation of its assets. Part of generation assets from all walks of life are most concerned about, and 1.5GW have been determined by another clean energy company NRG takeover.

PVTech reported that NRG announced on November 23, completed the acquisition of SunEdison owns local time 1.5GW wind, solar power assets acquisition, the acquired assets are public utility-grade power project, located in the United States in multiple States. In addition to this acquisition case, NRG will acquire SunEdison 29MW in all 26 States have distributed solar system with the community.

After the completion of this acquisition, NRG in California, Texas, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Utah and other States to provide better services, and utility-grade power station. At present, the NRG in the United States there are about 265MW’s generation assets are operational; added after the acquisition of SunEdison’s assets, NRG Energy’s total assets to 4.7GW. All assets will be put into operation.

Original title: SunEdison after bankruptcy: NRG 1.5GW assets

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