Tesla was OUT Netherlands ZEP in multinational company solar shingles have been

Polaris solar PV net news: “United States of Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of musk recently released solar roof tiles (Solar Roof Tile) plans are concerned. But last year the company had developed, and has been in the sales. ”

Tesla was OUT? Netherlands ZEP in multinational company solar shingles have been sold

Set the Netherlands ZEP solar roof tiles of the House. Looks like an ordinary tile makes no difference (source of information: ZEPB.V.)

Netherlands ZEP November 2 issued a public statement against Tesla.

Is expected to be owned by entering the Tesla United States SolarCity and Tesla launched solar roof tiles on the market, it is estimated that until next year. ZEP says its solar roof tiles in addition to Netherlands, but in Germany and the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, the Nordic countries are also on sale.

ZEP is embedded on the Tao Zhiwa solar cell, constitutes a roof tile. Alleged power of solar power can be used just like the power outlet.

And, still used in the lower part of the solar roof tiles recycled exhaust heat storage boiler technology. Allegedly, access to electricity and heat from solar energy, residential solar thermal costs can be minimized.

The company said, solar roof tiles and heat recovery technologies have been patented, and stressed ahead of the curve in Tesla.

Tesla and SolarCity’s solar roof tiles released by global concern, ZEP is revealed a sense of confrontation, but concerns about the company’s solar roof tiles are also showed the welcoming attitude.

Joostde Graaf of the company, “said Thomas g solar energy will become the future mainstay of our energy; such a prescient insight, and our company is the same. Two ideals of the company’s mission is the same. ”

ZEP solar roof tiles of the company listed in 2015 is only black. Has announced that starting from this year will be listed in red. Alleged red solar roof tiles in the urban landscape of Northern Europe especially in high demand.

Original title: solar roof tiles: “Tesla listing until next year, the company has sales”

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