Tibet Thirteen Five PV 4 5GW seek to zero disposable light

Polaris solar PV net news: “roof of the world” in Tibet enjoy the biggest conditions solar radiation resource in China, is also the one Sun the best area, but limited by the plateau climate, terrain and remoteness, current solar installations are still less than 300MW. Said the Chinese Government will vigorously promote Tibet solar energy plan in the “Thirteen-Five” plan added 10 times more than double the amount of devices.

By the end of 2015, solar PV installations only 161MW in Tibet; by June 30 of this year, growing up to 250MW. Department of energy estimated in Tibet, Tibet solar installations by the end of this year is expected to grow up to 465MW.

China National Energy Board announced in June this year 2016 PV installed capacity indicators, Tibet is not to make any plans. However, on November 10, according to media reports, Tibet 2016 PV project record increased to 290, device 3.683GW; include China Longyuan power 40MW, 70MW, cgnpc 40MW Concord new energy.

This means the Chinese Government for the support and encouragement of the development of solar energy in Tibet. Department of energy says, on the premise of safety operation of power and does not abandon, encouraging the development of solar energy in Tibet, and no PV power plant building size limit. The other hand, according to the latest draft, Tibet’s electricity price per kWh for PV pole 1 Yuan, higher than in other areas.

For 3.683GW’s new solar index, Department of energy with special emphasis on abandon in Tibet risk. Due to the current lack of power grid construction in Tibet, to dissolve in the market is limited, so Tibetan enterprises when investing in a Department of energy request would be carefully assessed.

If the “Thirteen-Five” plan, plan will add 4.5GW during 2016-2020 of Tibet solar power, including more than 1GW of grid-connected systems. Xigaze, Tibet and other places will also actively develop photovoltaic industry zone development and construction.

Original title: the Tibetan “Thirteen-Five” PV 4.5GW, sought to zero disposable light

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