Tighter supervision of land use photovoltaic power plant bid farewell to extensive

Polaris solar PV net news: land, is turning into PV power generation projects on the head of a “spell” that it may promote development by “extensive” to “fine”.

Recently, a PV power plant project-related information, has revived concern about land issues in the industry.

In this report by the General Office of the Ministry of land and resources issued the circular on related matters for PV power generation in the letter, once again matters relating to agricultural land in the photovoltaic power generation project has been confirmed. Namely: photovoltaic power station of agricultural land in the use of construction, shall be according to construction land management. This also means that land of this project is to carry out the corresponding transfer, diversion, imposed a series of complex procedures.

Statistics show that as early as September 2015, the Ministry, national development and Reform Commission and other ministries issued the circular on supporting new industries and new business development by promoting entrepreneurial peoples opinions on innovations (hereinafter “opinion”) is already clear, photovoltaic, wind turbines and other power generation projects occupy agricultural land, all parts should be in construction management. Therefore, by comparison, the General Office of the Ministry issued the notice is nothing more than the continuation of existing policies, and emphasized, is not a new policy.

In this regard, insiders argue that the original policy be clear and emphasized once again, just shows the importance of this matter. Of course, does not rule out possible enterprise walking in breach of provisions, where they exist, which attracted the attention of authorities and are to be stressed again.

The future is likely to increase the already provides the implementation of the checks, this necessarily means that PV projects occupy agricultural land will be regulated more and more tight.

In fact, not just agricultural land projects, PV projects and occupation of forest land is no exception. As early as last year, the State Forestry Administration has issued the notice on PV power station construction use of forest-related issues, and the use of forest land and “Lin Guang complementary” has made clear provisions and instructions.

Insiders said, with agricultural land, forest and other land use supervision policies are more rigid, it is not the “big a” land issues, is likely to become a major factor restricting the scale development of photovoltaic power generation projects. In addition to increasing the land acquisition procedures also may be pushing up the cost of land.

In his view, the policy signs have shown that development of photovoltaic power generation project “extensive” mode has no market, to the efficient and intensive “fine” has become an inevitable choice of model transformation, including by optimizing the design of photovoltaic power stations on the land use and the application of more efficient systems components.

Tightening land use regulation

In land Department, several ministries Yu 2015 released of views in the, had clear to on different PV with to type do has distinguish, a is using Gobi, and desert, and grass to, not using land of, on not tied up land, and not change surface form of with to part, can by place class finds, not change land uses; II is occupied agricultural to of situation.

The difference lies mainly in the land acquisition procedures and on payment of the costs of land use. For unused land such as the Gobi desert, to report to the local land and resources departments at the county level, allows rental or any other means to obtain better compensation agreement signed by both parties and for agricultural land, all parts should be in construction management, to perform the transfer, conversion, collection, a series of complex procedures.

In 2015, doomed is the PV of a transition year.

In this year, land Ministry issued the above comment, also introduced the control indicators for PV power station project, designed to further limit the use of PV power station scale.

In addition, the State Forestry Administration, in its publication of the PV power station building is provided in the notification on the use of forest-related issues, construction of photovoltaic power plant must go through forest land-use review and approval procedures. “Lin Guang complementary” patterns of land use, solar module array under temporary occupation of forest land for forest land-use procedures during construction, operation of the two sides can sign the compensation agreement, through rental or any other means to use forest lands.

Force “intensive” development

Worth noting is that simple in contrast, the General Office of the Ministry issued on photovoltaic power generation, to the Tianjin land Bureau in matters related to the letter, the content only, is not a new policy, but stressed that the original policy.

In this regard, insiders argue that according to the experience, does not rule out false because some company walking in breach of provisions, where they exist, which attracted the attention of authorities.

In his view, has been the implementation of the provisions of, may be in the future to step up checks. This means that PV projects occupy agricultural land of regulatory tightening.

“Whether it is for policy considerations, or land acquisition costs, and meet the costs of land, there is an upward trend. And judging from the policy intentions, such as the Ministry last year issued by the control indicators for PV power station project is also aimed at promoting photovoltaic projects with fewer, more power. ”

Foregoing said for photovoltaic projects, should recognize early trends will more and more stringent land regulation, adaptation and response readiness.

For example, through the power of design to reduce land use, and the application of more efficient components of the system in order to maximize land use, should be one option.

“Fine,” development is the trend

In addition to the letter about PV land related matters required to agricultural land for the construction of photovoltaic projects to perform various procedures, led light, fishing light project costs increased significantly, “intensive” development. But on the other hand, with the development of large scale photovoltaic power plant in recent years, fewer and fewer large areas of wasteland, PV power station builders and unavoidable need more start using mountain, coal mining areas, agricultural land, etc, which cause Dan Wa with rising costs.

As land costs rise, photovoltaic power plant of “refinement” development has become an inevitable trend. From the perspective of design’s ability to optimize photovoltaic power station in the land, especially the use of efficient integrated components such as system devices to reduce land, likely to be “refined” the main breakthrough.

On the affirmation and promotion of advanced technology and high performance trends, national leader in implementing plans. “Leader” base the original intention of the project was to promote the application of advanced technology, high performance products in order to promote industrial upgrading. According to a recent news, National Energy Board is rolling out an upgraded version of “leader”. This means that development of photovoltaic power stations will be more “refined”. Indeed, in an efficient representative “leader in Al-Qaida,” project development point of view, “” the effect is obvious.

More important, on the one hand, and-PV module prices continue lower, lower share in the power plant investment, BOS cost share increase. Especially when the PV modules and inverters lowered the price of a certain space of time, BOS costs of reducing power plant investment also need to consider power station.

According to estimates, every hundred megawatt power station, 295W than 270W,BOS cost saving of 15.4 million Yuan every hundred megawatts, 280W 265W,BOS cost 9.3 million Yuan. Use efficient components can significantly reduce the cost of PV BOS, reducing investment. In addition, efficient obviously brings quality, drive costs are significantly reduced. When using 270W component, about 13317 square meters, while the 295W components, covers an area of approximately 11966 square meters, compared with, saving around 1351 square meters. Meanwhile, in capital costs, operation and maintenance costs of the latter than the former, there will also be significantly reduced.

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