Town of xiuzhou district sing the variation of light and electricity

Polaris solar PV net news: PV town xiuzhou district of jiaxing city, located in the planning area of 2.99 square kilometres, construction area of 1.99 square kilometers.

Plans to form “one core, two, three” main function and structure: core areas are photovoltaic Innovation Park, two belts along Ma Jing–Jin Jia Mu Qiao Dong and Hong Fuqiao formed landscape belt at Konan and district cultural and leisure services, the PV equipment manufacture, photovoltaic research and innovation area.

Photovoltaic town is committed to creating a first-rate scale application of distributed PV demonstration area, world’s leading photovoltaic technology research and innovation area, nationally known characteristics of photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing center, “livable, and suitable for industry, and swam, Huimin, benefits production, Wison” photovoltaic characteristics of small towns.

Open PV town of xiuzhou district the chronology of PV industry in had a profound impact on the two points in time in the history of this land:

A is December 2012, face domestic PV industry into dilemma, and capacity stage excess, and innovation capacity insufficient of severe situation, jiaxing xiuzhou select in thinking in the savings development of power, in province first started PV industry “five bit one” innovation integrated pilot, exploration out a article “Government Guide, and market operation, and unified management” of distributed PV application path, formed has “unified planning layout, and unified resources management, and unified advance service, and unified operation management” of “xiuzhou mode”. PV of xiuzhou district jiaxing, has since become a high value cards.

A is May 2016, in was as provincial features small town created list Hou not to half, xiuzhou PV small town was included 10 a provincial model features small town one of, its to PV power and PV manufacturing for axis, to PV service and PV tourism for extended, “everywhere has PV, and family with PV, and everyone enjoy PV” of development concept, for “PV concept” specified has reality of path. Photovoltaic characteristics of xiuzhou district town, national variations in the era of new energy development strategy in the new opportunities for development.

Featured town is not a figment of the birth of the imported product, must be based on local leading industries, cultural vitality that grew up, in line with the transformation and upgrading of the industrial direction and trend of urban development have influence. Perhaps PV town of xiuzhou district features stand out in the small town in the province of reason. Where PV is not only rooted in the past, is more oriented toward the future, not only part of the production, into the life.

With the created of PV town of xiuzhou district, both an industry, culture, tourism, production, life, ecology fusing of small-town dreams into reality.

Strong build photovoltaic industry heights

Characteristic is the core element of the town, and the industry is its top priority.

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