Trump won the Chinese PV industry concerns us trade sanctions

Polaris solar PV net news: November 9, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton elected United States President of the 58th session. When he ran for President, Trump is known for its tough for opposing free trade, with China. After taking office he will have what impact on China’s real estate, in particular, has been well received by “double reverse” victims of the PV industry?

Trump is elected, jinko Vice President Qian Jing said “shocked” and said: “the world already has too many variables to bring more uncertainty. Trump in economic policy has always been extremely unfriendly to China, he advocated extreme tariff advocates, trade protection. ”

Qian Jing judgment Trump elected to the manufacturing sector, including PV export has some impact, in the short term within the United States is unlikely to relax the sanctions against China PV. She said: “If you think things are bad now, but the next two years back, today the situation is quite good. “But Qian Jing also stressed that” to overly pessimistic conclusion and early “because she is more willing to believe that Trump is now extreme language pleasing to the people because of the election, after becoming President, he might be able to put forward a more pragmatic, rational, comprehensive and well thought out policy.

Le Yeguang v Executive Director Assistant Wang Yingge told reporters, Trump elected to the Chinese PV industry of “nothing”, and because China PV industry has strong enough to carry trade shocks while overseas production layout has been formed by the companies, overseas products to avoid trade sanctions.

A PV enterprises Executive who declined to be named also said the Chinese PV industry in Europe and the “double reverse”, had been bottoming out, United States political change and might create too much of an impact. On one hand, the current United States PV to China “double reverse” already tight enough, on the domestic market has a large boot, and emerge more and more emerging markets around the world, today’s United States market for PV industry in China is not as important as it once.

In July, the United States announced a third of the Chinese PV industry “double reverse” sanctions. Trina’s anti-dumping margin is 6.12%; 15 including BYD company’s separate tax 8.52%; jinko, Yingli and other 8 exporters, China 238.95% Chinese general tax rates shall apply. Meanwhile, the Chinese PV industry of countervailing duty rate was eventually found to 19.2%.

In November 2011, United States PV was introduced for the first time to China “double reverse”. Anti-dumping duty rate from 18.32% to 249.96%; countervailing duty rate from 14.78% to 15.97%. End of 2014, the United States imposed on China PV second “double reverse”, anti-dumping duty rate from 26.71% to 165.04%, and countervailing duty rate from 27.64% to 49.79% and added containing ingots, wafers, cells, modules, etc almost all crystalline silicon photovoltaic products.

Public information, as of 2015, China polysilicon for 5 consecutive years ranked first in the world; photovoltaic cell/module production the first 9 consecutive years among the world. Chinese PV companies go out and the accelerating pace of internationalization, inter alia through acquisitions and new ways, such as in the United States, Europe, Japan and other places outside the layout capacity, also through new construction, renovation and expansion, including in Thailand, and Malaysia, and Viet Nam, and India and other places to set up factories, globalization layout perfect, effective transformation of Europe and the United States “double reverse” stress.

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