United States election results will impact the global solar industry

Polaris solar PV net news: global attention of the United States presidential election results will be revealed on November 8 local time. Because of Clinton’s departure to Trump’s energy policy, which is elected, for the United States, and even the global renewable energy industry will have a significant impact, the solar industry will bear the brunt.

United States election results will impact the global solar industry?

Energy phase departure

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump for climate issues or energy policy differently. Hillary Clinton has said, will follow the Obama administration’s energy policy, and actively promote renewable energy such as solar and wind power, but Trump say oil, oil shale energy deserves more development.

United States election results will impact the global solar industry?

Clinton targets before 2020, which is her first term in facilities across the United States 500 million solar panels; to the current mainstream specifications 260W conversions, equivalent to 138GW, that is, her term over 30GW of equipment each year. Meanwhile, Clinton also plans to all homes across the United States in 2027 completely switch to renewable energy, then the United States is also expected to 30% electricity come from renewable sources.

The other hand, trump the greenhouse effect sceptical; on energy, he was planning a massive domestic reserves of shale oil, shale gas, natural gas, clean the lower Carboniferous (cleancoal) as well as fossil fuel, maintain the premise of their clean air, to create “independent energy supply system”. Trump also pointed out that this set of oil shale-based energy policy would create 2 million jobs over the next 7 years.

Overseas research firm Lux Research believes that energy policy than on both sides, Trump after 8 years after two terms, greenhouse gas emissions would eventually be 16% higher than Clinton’s two terms, or 3.4 billion tons. Current United States is second only to China’s second-biggest carbon, Trump will discard the Paris agreement, adhere to its energy structure, differing views from all walks of life.

Comment on EnergyTrend: solar industry impact

Clinton and Donald Trump’s energy policies vary greatly, which are most affected existing renewable energy-related bills, such as the solar investment tax credit (Investment Tax Credit,ITC) programme. This will directly affect the United States demand for solar energy, and global supply and demand fluctuations.

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