United States how much electricity from renewable energy

Polaris solar PV net news: United States power plants using renewable energy, including hydropower, wind, biomass and wood waste, geothermal and solar energy, 2015 renewable electricity 13%.

Most of the renewable electricity comes from hydropower

2015 accounted for the lion’s share of renewable power generation is a hydropower (46%), followed by wind (35%), biomass wood (8%), solar (5%), biomass waste (3%) and geothermal (3%). 2015 is the second year in a row, other energy sources such as solar, wind power capacity than hydropower.

In the United States, each type of renewable energy power generation has a different history. As time passed, each of capacity and availability of resources is constantly changing.

* Almost all hydropower capacity is built in in the mid 1970 of the 20th century, most federal agencies operating on the dam. Renewable energy generation dominant past hydroelectric power has, in recent years, wind power, solar power and other non-hydro is the second consecutive year exceed the hydro-electric power. Below-normal rainfall and snowfall is one of the reasons leading to reduction in hydro-electric power in recent years.

* Of biomass waste is mostly municipal landfill solid waste or gases, incineration of waste incineration power plant.

* Most of the wood biomass in lumber and paper mills. Most of these factories use waste wood supplies its own steam and electricity needs.

* In the past 8 years, wind power is growing fast. 2010 about 95 million megawatt-hours of wind power by 2015 reached 191 million megawatt-hours. The growth was mainly attributable to the establishment of a new wind farm, reducing the cost of wind power. Financial policy which is protected by the federal stimulus and State Governments have enacted renewable energy quota system encouraged.

* From 2013 to 2015 solar electricity has tripled. But unlike other renewable power generation, solar power growth with the establishment of small scale power generation facilities, usually located in the residential and commercial rooftop solar panels, 2015 when the electricity 12.1 billion-kilowatt.

Changes in the availability of renewable

Hydroelectric power is increasing or decreasing every day. This change occurs because the hydroelectric dam where rainfall and changes in snow or slush. Just like hydroelectric power, wind power and solar power are also daily or seasonal fluctuations in climate type. Biomass (wood and waste) generation and address energy is relatively stable, because the availability of these resources are generally fixed.

United States in the global renewable power generation sector ranked second

Total renewable energy generation in China ranked first in the world, mainly due to the extra power provided by hydro-electric power capacity. Was followed by United States, and Brazil, and Canada. While China’s total renewable energy generation the most, but the United States stay ahead in the non-hydro renewable electricity generation is.

Related policies designed to increase the use of renewable

To increase renewable energy use, United States Government take the following three measures:

Financial incentives: renewable electricity generation tax credits, as a federal stimulus to encourage wind power or other renewable energy available for power generation. States also provided financial incentives, such as grants, loans, refunds and tax credits to support renewable energy development.

Target: in July 2015, 30 States and Colombia has implemented mandatory renewable energy quotas. These standards require electricity suppliers to produce or purchase part production of renewable electricity. If renewable power generation costs above a certain threshold, many quota entries you can use the escape clause. By 2015, 7 States develop voluntary renewable goals.

Markets: renewable licenses allow residential consumers and businesses to buy renewable electricity, does not need to be derived from qualifying renewable power delivery or delivery of the contract.

(Translation: “United States” Department compiles energy information: International Center for economic and technical cooperation of the Ministry of industry and information technology song Xiaoming)

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