Wang Liang under the new situation of PV power station equipment type selection

Polaris solar PV net news: October 31, 2016 – November 1, hosted by Polaris solar PV net “quality second PV power station ˙ equipment Forum PV 2016 financial institutions investment risk control seminar” held in Beijing AVIC hotel. From the domestic power plant investment units, electric power Design Institute, large financial institutions, photovoltaic power generation equipment business nearly 300 people took part in the event to discuss how the photovoltaic industry on the road to quality and efficiency way.

At the meeting, Hebei, Wang Liang, Minister of energy engineering design company new energy design published, entitled the PV device under the new situation selection and system efficiency improvement of speech.

Wang Liang: under the new situation of PV power station equipment type selection and system efficiency improvement

Figure for the PV quality ˙ PV equipment Forum 2016 financial institutions investment risk control seminar

Following is the speech:

First of all thank the organizers to design institutes provide an opportunity, engaged in the design of some experience before sharing the results.

Hebei energy engineering company, founded in 1989, now has gone through more than 20 years. Our main scope of business is power generation, transformation, transmission, mainly in power, we are able to undertake the project consists primarily of early research, and planning the design and the later design of.

We engaged in new energy this a, actually from 2009 began, at we is established of solar power development group, overall of scale also has capacity are not too big, we do of maximum of project is a model project 1000-kilowatt, to now for we monomer undertake maximum of project is more than 200 more w of a monomer project, from scale Shang for, should said to I a very surprised of feel. I was also since 2008 new energy, and now for seven or eight years, but PV went the application.

PV power station in Eastern today to share with you the new forms and application direction of future power plants. Currently,, PV power station maximum of problem in with ground, a General of ground power station, 1 MW of with to is more than 30 more acres, monomer ground power station is 20 MW, in West area find some Gobi, and desert are can do this, but in in the East area find so big of for to conditions compared difficult, so said East PV power station of with to only to micro-using land up development. Is, after all, far from the load centers in the Western region, in the use of those lands in the eastern region, will become in the future development the main form of power plants in the eastern region. I think that power plants in the eastern region in the future that tend to catch light more complementary, light complementary and East PV the future direction of the ground is mainly dominated by base, such as “leader” project-oriented, distributed PV. There is also a generation of smart, this is our last one or two years to come into contact with lots of new projects, wind power plants and energy storage devices for power.

Both on the roof and in the Hill involves a question of location, and this is before we do the project accumulated two very important lessons. Such as rooftop PV, we selected rooftop PV, when there is a photovoltaic power station design specifications, 2011 is out, there are two mandatory specifications, is a rooftop PV, a ground station. When referred to in selection of rooftop PV roof must be accounted the bearing capacity of the roof, and electrical safety of the load. There is also a design specification of mandatory regulations for 50 years in a or 30 a consideration of flood water level, the lesson should be the last year the southern area was already suffering from the consequences.

Mountain characteristics of PV power station, a hillside towards difference is relatively large, hilly terrain can be good or bad. Starting from 2015 attention in the mountains after the PV, have been looking for some relatively slow slope, some good network conditions are relatively close to the project, but now it is becoming more and more difficult to find a good Hill in the Middle East.

Partial occlusion of the second feature is the mountain formation, is the result of the natural topography of the mountain block, is a square matrix does not reasonably avoid each other between arrays caused blocking.

And another is the mountain of PV, optional massif and the terrain is relatively dispersed, covers an area of more than plain, so the design will result in a degree of difficulty of the late, design and selection of difficulties. For mountain PV we do has a Sunshine analysis software, we can according to owners selected of conditions for analysis, while can analysis out terrain each other block conditions, also has each plots by of sunshine conditions, such can put each a plots for fine of divided, which a plots good we on to it pick out, and this plots of terrain conditions bad, we square design also will for combination.

One is the selection of inverter, some time ago we awarded two mountains in yangquan PV projects are thinking about it, what is a anthology of Chinese inverter or a string inverter. This should be selected according to the specific conditions of the project, now terrain conditions are relatively good, matrix consistency is good, but also set, select the centralized inverter is relatively good, but relatively complex terrain, the terrain is scattered, I recommend selecting string inverters, give full play to advantage of string inverters, wind power generation more.

Through this years of design experience, we to owners probably is so a thought, many owners and investment party found we yihou, head day found on said we in a a place see has a to, wants to let you Institute see about site, let you to we reference about, actually we can sent several professional people to see, but real of is divided into indoor and outdoor location, indoor main is two analysis, a is with to analysis, a is networking analysis, with to analysis including land sector of planning, There are planning in the forestry sector, last year on mountain PV use forestry, the forestry sector has a clear view, which wood can also be used, which forests can not use now have clear views of the forest sector.

Next talk about indoor location, mainly owners of software analysis offers the terrain conditions, analysis of just how much volume can hold. The next outdoor location requires surveying and mapping unit unit went to the scene and a third party, if topographic mapping to the unit of measure for the scope of project implementation, topography is the Institute’s work, according to the topographic map design, final confirmation of the land how much capacity, this must be a land use possible, forestry planning in accordance with the circumstances.

Mountain PV stents and technical form is this, support is mainly single and double-column, two column, is mainly in the form of bored pile foundation and bar weight basis. Single column require holes is larger, single column construction volume is relatively small, the installation site is relatively simple in terms of. If it is a very bad geographical conditions, and do not want to do machine construction can be selected independent Foundation, the construction if not winter, construction is relatively fast.

We met before a project, similar to the mountain of photovoltaic projects, 200 MW, the terrain in the West, are simply installed the main form of inappropriate, resulting in the project is shut down for about a year or so. At the beginning because it is relatively smooth, change of the gradient is not too big, bumpy is a or a condition of the edge of the desert of the Gobi desert, in this case, because the project is large, about 200 trillion with more than 6,000 acres, the overall topography is not quite suitable for venues of their first integrated, so he wanted to get rid of irregularities in base form. Because the 200-megawatt project, made two prefabricated on site factory, and then with a 4 m long prefabricated square-pile, pile to adjust the irregular, is mainly piles of prefabricated large broken rate is very high. Later investors came to us, we gave him a suggestion, 6,000 acres of land was eventually advised him to go to the appropriate plastic, after plastic surgery to change the installed column, for spiral steel pipe piles, then by changing the radius of the pile, eventually most of the project takes the form of steel pipe piles.

Next said Nong Guang to complement each other. Complementary Ministry launched a while ago a file, is on the issue of paying land-use tax, many of my friends may express their advice in future PV is no such forms of agriculture in the eastern part, the entire PV agriculture has come to an end. But I understand it is not the case, the real PV agriculture, I think the problems faced, a knowledge of land policy, guide investment rational land use, photovoltaic facilities in agriculture, the Government requires the use of barren slopes and beaches and other unused land and low idle land, cannot be accounted for or less cultivated land, which is one of the.

Second is a complementary project to proper scale. This a foundation standard for PV agriculture, basic idea is based on the agriculture, which means that agricultural investment must reach the facilities capital intensity. It provides for a single generation in the investment as a whole should be greater than 60%, from the investment that is already framed, agricultural complementarity in agriculture should be more than 60%, this money should be invested in, this idea has been integrated into the leader in xintai 500MW base project. We give an investor xintai Project calculates, about agricultural investment 1 Watt at 1 to 1.5, agricultural projects to protect the price of electricity on the basis of this intensity of agricultural investment will really be made into an agricultural project.

There is also a plant species and the business model, total of three complementary classes, first class is fired, I think the future will be less and less. There is also a PV power plant and agriculture returns the same value, and has its own agricultural operating companies. Agriculture business models mature, such projects we have done before, to agricultural projects and PV complement each other really.

Third is the photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse construction according to local requirements, including power station broke down, agricultural lease model. The second and third option suitable plant varieties are also agricultural projects is a key point.

Farming as well as agricultural greenhouse shed, this is a big tent, this project also has a dedicated team of investment, also did agricultural operation.

We introduce other amateur, we do a surface of photovoltaic in xingtai, Hebei, which is one of Asia’s biggest water PV, capacity of 8 MW. In addition we have also done some solar energy projects.

I think a good PV power plant needs high quality, the participation of excellent design, excellent design of combined intelligent control system in the late, industry colleagues to work together to make our PV industry more and more outstanding. Above is my experience of the PV power station, fellow experts testify, thank you!

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