2016 ground added reward scale PV power station project in Heilongjiang province

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, the National Energy Board issued a 2016 added reward scale PV power station 200,000-kilowatt in Heilongjiang province (new “2016”, No. 383), requires that configured before the end of 2016. According to national development reform Board, and national energy Council on perfect PV power scale management and implemented competition way Configuration project of guide views (sent modified energy “2016” 1163th,) file and Heilongjiang provincial government about requirements, for promote PV power Health ordered development, China International Engineering Advisory company by Heilongjiang Province development and Reform Committee delegate, through market public fair just competition appraisals for configuration, preferred select project construction investment subject, welcomes meet conditions of enterprise declared.

A, configuration, size and

(A) the allocation size

This competition configuration total construction scale of terrestrial photovoltaic power station 220,000-kilowatt, 200,000-kilowatt added incentives issued by the National Energy Board construction, 2014, 2015 through open tender to determine PV power plant project in Heilongjiang province construction investment but could not be implemented on schedule to recover the construction scale of 20,000-kilowatt.

The competition ground PV configuration-building unit size 20,000-kilowatt, enterprise may declare a maximum Project Unit 2 separate building sites, construction site in Heilongjiang province.

(B) construction investment body to determine

The configuration of open, fair and equitable competition photovoltaic plant resources on the ground, by the expert appraisal of the investment main application report, determined according to the scores from high to low investment and publicity on the Web site of the Heilongjiang provincial development and Reform Committee.

Second, reporting criteria and requirements

1, the enterprise is in the People’s Republic of China territory legally registered, has an independent legal personality of enterprises, construction, operation, management and investment, PV power plant conditions.

2, Enterprise building land shall meet the construction requirements for photovoltaic power stations use the ground and requested by the ecological civilization construction in Heilongjiang province, the rational use of land resources, shall occupy agricultural land (including farmland, woodland, grassland, etc) and unused land in other grasslands, swamps, wetlands and flood control function for land to build terrestrial photovoltaic power project. If they fail to comply with the regulations, participating qualification will be canceled.

3, declared cross-ownership relationship between the corporate, are treated as a single enterprise application. Same unit of enterprise reporting projects more than 2, will cancel the entire Declaration project participating eligible.

4, this competition is not configured to accept more (two) joint registration of legal persons.

5, gaining ground in this competition configuration of PV power station construction enterprise, must be independent of investment and construction, and ensure the grid before the end of 2017. During the project’s construction, investment, equity ratio, building size and place of construction, primary content may not be changed, otherwise will be treated in accordance with relevant regulations.

6, and in this times competition configuration in the get ground PV power station construction scale of declared enterprise, project in June 30, 2017 Qian grid power of, implementation this times competition configuration bidding electric price; June 30, 2017 Hou grid power of, as bidding electric price below national 2017 PV power policy electric price, is implementation this times bidding electric price, as bidding electric price above national 2017 PV power policy electric price, is implementation national policy electric price.

Third, the evaluation criteria

Experts on this configuration consists of an application according to the following conditions for enterprise to provide review reports:

2016 ground added reward scale PV power station project in Heilongjiang province construction investment competition configuration notice

2016 ground added reward scale PV power station project in Heilongjiang province construction investment competition configuration notice

Four, the application reporting content requirements

(A) application for reporting content requirements

See annex 1, application content.

2, the information provided by the reporting enterprise should be real and effective and retroactive legal effect.

3, applications relating to economic and technical analysis of the content to be accurate and objective basis.

4, enterprise applications for the authenticity and accuracy of the content of the report.

5, application content crude, printing not clear lead experts cannot be screened, deducted directly in the evaluation scores.

(B) for reporting requirements

1, report the number of copies: print 1 and 4, electronic version of the CD or USB flash drive 2. Should be indicated separately on the cover “original” and “copy”, original and replica is inconsistent with the original shall prevail.

2, the application should use the original report print or indelible ink, clear text, the meaning must be clear, relevant supporting evidence and documents shall be stamped or signed originals, and stamped by the applicant and the legal representative or authorized agent signature of the legal representative. Filing a copy of the original copy. Originals and copies of the application documents to be bound, and cataloguing, stamped with the seal of the applicant to straddle.

Application report 3, alter and insert your handwriting should be avoided, in order to correct such errors must be done, it should be for the corporate seal and legal representative or authorized agent signature of the legal representative, the above modification will be deemed invalid.

4, applications for originals, all copies, electronic version of the report should be sealed separately, three coating. In the original application documents sealed in an envelope, copy all the application files sealed in an envelope, in the application documents in electronic form is sealed in an envelope, and right on the envelope marked “original” and “copy”, “e-Edition”. On the envelope should clearly state the applicant’s name and address, postal code, contact person and telephone number.

Five, reporting time, and location

Application time: December 29, 2016 8:00-10:00 (Beijing time).

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