2016 solar increases and prices are better than wind power

Polaris solar PV net news: the end of 2016, the shift in the global energy market is worth paying attention to. Solar power for the first time become the cheapest form of electricity.

According to the latest Bloomberg new energy finance data, only small independent projects can happen, such as the Middle East, a highly competitive auction brings record low cost of solar energy. But now, solar is starting to exceed on a larger scale that is not subsidized coal and natural gas, particularly in the emerging markets the cost for new solar projects under construction wind power project.

“The minimal quantity of solar energy from 5 years ago to today’s mass. “Bloomberg new energy finance United States policy analysis Director of EthanZindler said,” a large amount of investment is mostly from China, China has witnessed the rapid deployment of solar energy, and help other countries in project financing. ”

2016 solar has achieved remarkable development. Electricity bid a record beyond the previous lowest price solar records. First January India $64 per MWh of electricity contracts since August is 29.1 dollars/MWh Chile project. The record price is about half of the coal power to compete.

These new contracts this year, and a large number of projects to be completed this year. When all completed 2016 project included in the next few months, global new production for the first time beyond the wind turbine. The latest forecasts by Bloomberg new energy finance, 2016 added capacity of 70 gigawatts of new solar and wind power only 59 GW.

Overall transition to clean energy in richer countries are more expensive, smooth where power demand, coupled with new solar power must compete and billions of dollars of existing coal and gas power plants. But in countries where new power capacity as soon as possible, renewable energy will beat other power generation technology.

In recent years, the world has experienced a turning point, and increase the capacity of clean energy each year than coal and gas power generation total incremental. Within the next 10 years, fossil fuel power generation may be peaking.

Original title: 2016 solar increases and prices are better than wind power

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