2016 utility PV module prices down to 1 5 us W

Polaris solar PV net news: recently the United Kingdom IHS Markit data display, PV module prices by 2017 to make utility-scale component costs fell 38%.

IHS senior analyst at Markit solar demand Josefin Berg said in 2016, the main market of utility-scale PV component average cost will drop to $1.50/w or less.

India and China PV module and labor costs are the lowest

IHS pointed out that India and China PV module pricing there are still some significant differences, this is mainly due to the local conditions (including import duties, power requirements, and labor costs) as a result of the.

2016 issued HIS report on utility-scale solar projects cost analysis shows that India and China PV module and labor costs are lowest.

IHS forecasts 2017 utility-scale PV system cost will drop from 14% to 38%

2016 prices plummeted in the second half, HIS according to market forecasts, modules, inverters and trackers price decline likely in 2017, 14% utility-scale PV system cost per cent lower to 38%.

Installing structure and further reduce the cost of Tracker will rely mainly on the evolution of steel prices in 2017 and additional component cost declines will be mainly influenced by Chinese market impact of upcoming policy development.

PV module prices as the main market convergence, market cost differential in 2020 is expected to be narrowed.

Global component prices fall, along with increases in imports of Chinese suppliers will become a major market drop system cost drivers.

IHS said, as competition intensifies, installed in major markets and the convergence of development costs.

By 2020, due to larger projects and improve system design (for example, 1500V components), System (BoS) costs will also be reduced.

By 2020, India and China Solar costs are expected to fall to less than $0.7/w, land and power costs will be the main variables. 2020 is estimated to be $1.3/W, with India than Japan will remain the most expensive market, premium 90%. (Compiled/Tina)

Original title: 2016 utility PV module prices down to $1.5 per tile

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