22 photovoltaic business exit central price undertakings export volume accounted

Polaris solar PV net news: under 15 years ago to sign the Protocol on China’s accession to the WTO, China had be December 12 this year under a WTO Agreement “market economy” status. As a result, best known as a variation, launched anti-dumping and other trade remedy investigations against China country, can no longer use “surrogate country” approach (industry considers the serious bias in this method) to measure whether there is dumping of Chinese products.

However, until now, the European Union, the United States, and Japan still insist that does not recognize China as a market economy country. In this regard, the recent December 9, Commerce Ministry spokesman Shen Danyang, sternly refuted in a press release, with a few “strong dissatisfaction” the word said, few WTO members in fulfilling obligations under article 15th position on the issue of vagueness, attempted in anti-dumping investigations against China continued to use “alternative country” approach, the Chinese side expresses strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition.

In fact, China does not recognize the “market economy” status, some still play under cover of a trade remedy with China against the industry. For example, a few days ago, the European Commission on the grounds of violations of price undertakings related articles, announced that photovoltaic double-reverse to China cancelled two Chinese companies in the case of price undertakings, and the imposition of antidumping duties and countervailing duties.

According to reporter roughly, as of now, there are 22 Chinese companies in EU’s photovoltaic double reverse in which was cancelled, or active out of the price undertakings. “These companies accounted for China PV export price above 90%. “One person in the PV industry, told reporters.

22 photovoltaic business “exit” price promise

According to a recent notice issued by the European Commission, the EU said, because Ningbo Hua Shun solar technology Ltd and Jiangsu sailafu solar system limited violations of price undertakings related provisions, it was decided from the announcement date to China PV double reverse in which the withdrawal of the 2 Chinese companies undertaking, and the imposition of antidumping duties and countervailing duties.

On this basis, according to the EU’s photovoltaic double trial final, Ningbo Hua Shun solar technology, anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties are 36.2% and 11.5%, Jiangsu sailafu solar systems Ltd of anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties are 41.3% and 6.4%.

As early as August 2013, EU imports of crystalline silicon photovoltaic products reached a “price promise”, although the official price has not publicly committed to specific content (price, quota, etc), but, in fact, recognized that “price promise” China’s exports to Europe in crystalline silicon PV products price floor is set up to 0.57 euros per watt.

In other words, China PV companies only make not less than € 0.57/w price commitments to European sales of photovoltaic products, to the EU in order to avoid paying the high cost of anti-dumping and countervailing duties.

He Shi, industry on has concerns, the restrictive policy (price commitment) from 2013 implementation to 2015, will with time of over, gradually release on China PV, especially polysilicon, and Silicon PV products of negative effect: If PV products production cost reduced, led to other competition opponents PV products price reduced, had to comply with 0.57 Euro/w lower provides of China PV products will gradually lost in European market of competitiveness.

Choose the lesser of two evils, and paid relatively high countervailing duties, make a “price promise”, temporarily keeping the European market is undoubtedly the best choice for China PV.

Is considered a “comeback”, January 24, 2014, China’s Commerce Ministry announced a solar grade silicon to imports from the EU anti-dumping investigation preliminary results, ruled that imported solar grade poly silicon originating in EU dumping, real damage to China’s polysilicon industry, and there is a causal relationship between dumping and injury.

Sources told reporters that “initial award, the EU’s largest producers of polysilicon–Germany WACKER was convicted of the anti-dumping duty of 21.8%, countervailing duty of 10.7%, a total of 32.5%”.

However, shortly after the March 14, 2014, Germany WACKER to trade remedy investigations unit-Ministry of Commerce, China import and export fair trade Bureau submitted a price undertaking.

It should be said that price with the Chinese PV industry commitment of the European Union, as well as the polysilicon price commitments reached between China and the EU, there has been a wrong and so on.

“The simplest data firms, in China and Germany reached WACKER polysilicon ‘ price promise ‘ premise, Germany WACKER 2014 still had its sales to China 30,000 tons of polysilicon, prior to the implementation of trade relief measures even more of the 2013 growth 16%. “A person described to reporters,” in contrast to this, owing to certain EU PV ‘ price commitments ‘,2014 year China’s exports to the EU countries had dropped to 2.708 billion dollars, down by 15.92%. ”

Not only that, the reporter learned that the figures make pricing commitments, Germany has remained a exports to China poly silicon WACKER 20% annual growth rate.

“It is learnt that the China and Germany WACKER signed ‘ price promise ‘ only price limits, prices in the domestic market and export commitments of ASP is very close and due to exchange rate fluctuations has is not a limit. Year ‘ price promise ‘ have no effect on its own exports. “People in the industry told reporters,” but it is unfair, while the EU commitment to the PV price is harsh prices and limit harsh price limits, price commitments China PV after sharp decline in exports to the EU, namely the EU actually upstream and downstream from a comprehensive suppression of domestic polysilicon and PV industry development “.

Tearing up the price undertaking trade posture more unequal

Today, in the European Union unilaterally reached with the Chinese PV industry under the background of price undertakings, this no more.

In August this year, media reported, following the August 15 announced the cancellation after 5 Chinese PV companies undertaking eligible, EU end of August lifted including Ningbo Ouda optoelectronics, Zhejiang Xin Kai new energy technology, and Shandong linuo 3 China PV companies undertaking eligible.

At this point, due to the EU warning, then opting out PV, longi, Dongying photovoltaic, solar, Sheng photoelectric, Yu-hui Sun, Trina, faith PV photovoltaic module manufacturer, China, 8, have been “quit” Europe PV price commitment agreements total number of the Chinese PV industry has reached 22.

“De facto unequal and unfair is of secondary importance. “In the eyes of these people, Germany WACKER and Germany have no incentive to continue to fight for EU trade fair treatment for Chinese PV. “This should is led to EU recently various challenged China of important factors one of, like this year May, EU Parliament all Conference Yu through has a items non-legislation sex resolution, against admitted China market status and so on, again like this times in more than 10 days within intensive canceled has 8 home China PV Enterprise price commitment qualification, and threatened to full canceled on Pearson VUE China PV enterprise of ‘ double anti-‘ tariff exemption and so on. ”

“Compared to lobbying the EU for China PV, Germany WACKER polysilicon more interests between China and the trade dispute. Sino-EU trade dispute will not affect its current, but direct contact between the US and China hit Germany WACKER in United States, Tennessee, 20,000 tons of polycrystalline silicon project, this project has been building for two years, started production this year, WACKER hopes that these poly silicon and Germany producing polysilicon as barrier free access to the Chinese market. “The people in the industry said,” there is no digestion of the PV market in China, polysilicon only discontinued in Europe and America. ”

The source also added to reporters, “in fact, this also gave China a lesson, we have polysilicon to Europe anti-dumping and polysilicon adopted a different anti-dumping to the United States ‘ attitude ‘, the different effects of the receive. Therefore, handling trade disputes, we speak of strategy, to study in Europe and America, a preemptive strike. ”

Today, more and more Chinese PV companies have “price promise” limited interest, on the one hand, with the passage of time, photovoltaic cells, modules prices have pierced “price promise” upset China photovoltaic product sold in Europe from this channel has no advantage whatsoever.

The other hand, the Chinese PV industry is no longer dependent on Government in favour of actively “go out” to avoid double reverse.

In the field of silicon, although “price promise” not on Germany WACKER Giants constraint, but Chinese polysilicon companies are not waiting for the rescue of national trade remedy, or under difficult circumstances to promote technological progress and industrial development. Now, but Europe and the case of the shrinking manufacturing polycrystalline silicon in its downstream products, relying on China PV to digest huge polysilicon capacity.

Original title: 22 domestic PV companies meet the EU imposed anti-dumping duties exports 90% “exit” price promise

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