Cost of polysilicon rally again in the Middle does not break the siege

Polaris solar PV net news: EnergyTrend observations, gains in December China polysilicon still did not break, and components and raw materials prices are still in the market remained low, except in very short supply in the Middle makes the outside of silicon, polycrystalline and single crystalline cells are facing high cost pressure, prices remain weak.

Is maintenance in the of manufacturers most has recovery production, but China polysilicon market by on Han anti-dumping review interference, imports volume appeared short fluctuations, polysilicon still supply, part small orders sold price station Shang RMB140/kg, so most manufacturers still no too more supply can sold, actual sold price fell in RMB136~138/kg interval, Taiwan price also more fell in US$13.3~15.5/kg, is expected price has up peak, and follow-up is go weak, but for January early orders more has on set, Prices remain steady in the short term.

Polycrystalline silicon chips has declined with the cell number, but high prices make poly silicon chip factory is close to profitable, making polycrystalline pause on a downtrend in the near future, the Chinese market held steady at RMB5.0-5.1/pc, falls mostly on overseas US$0.63-0.66/pc. Monocrystalline silicon wafer is still in short supply, though single and polycrystalline spreads continued to widen, Silicon still premium held steady at US$0.80~0.85/pc, no signs of falling.

Battery for the price of this week’s most obvious section, 18.4% multi crystalline cells want to stick to the US$0.22/W, but it seems the decline until before the Chinese new year are very difficult to stop. Crystal parts, high silicon prices only single PERC remains profitable, Crystal battery recently with more rapid fall, battery factory can only give general orders of single crystal, has been the shortage of Silicon on the market conditions.

Component parts, apart from the conventional falling component prices, Crystal PERC component price competition is fierce, not only vertically integrated factory to quote prices below US$0.4/W, non-vertically integrated manufacturers quote is coming closer. PERC expected follow-up single crystal components with high performance, as well as the first half of next year the leader a lot of PERC single crystal component requirements will continue to hot the whole supply chain, however other than silicon, cells, components significantly compress also become efficient market development concerns.

Original title: cost of polysilicon rally again in the Middle does not break the siege

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