EU to renew China s influence high efficiency photovoltaic double reverse Dachang

Polaris solar PV net news: original will end in 2017, the first quarter of solar products in the EU on countervailing measures and price limits (Minimum Import Price,MIP) Protocol, the European Commission (EU Commission) extensions as announced on 20th for 2 years, while the revised MIP price. EnergyTrend analysis on how this says this result on one or two manufacturers in China and Taiwan manufacturers would have a different impact.

EU to renew China's influence, high efficiency photovoltaic double-reverse Dachang products have an opportunity

Review of results, the European Commission will be proposed to extend double reverse

For solar cells and modules in China exports to Europe, after investigation by the European Union in 2013 resolution launched anti-dumping and countervailing measures, as well as implementation of the MIP programme, has not joined the MIP Protocol vendors are required to pay double taxes.

Above two countermeasures and MIP agreement was meant to expire at the end of 2015, but EU ProSun filed that year deferred requirements and violations complaints some manufacturers in China. After review, the European Commission will double and MIP deferred 15 months to March 2017, and begun to Taiwan and Malaysia manufacturers anti-circumvention investigations.

European solar power Solar Power industry organization Europe (formerly known as the EPIA) calls on the European Commission in the double-reverse and MIP agreement expire, but on December 20, the European Commission announced the sunset review and preliminary results from the midterm review, and said planning for extending the existing countervailing measures for 2 years, to March 2019.

The other hand, price beginning in 2017 the MIP will adjust component from the current € 0.56/W per cent to € 0.46/W, MIP battery prices decreased from € 0.23/W.

Mixed European operators

Resolution on the European Commission, SolarPowerEurope said, most European solar power shareholders consider harmful to the industry, and is not appropriate; its CEO JamesWatson said, over 120,000 this year European solar company hopes to remove trade barriers and now can only hope that the Member States of the European Union will support the solar industry in Europe.

Solar Alliancefor Europe (SAFE) spokesman Holger Krawinkel also questioned why the European Commission ignored the fiasco of the European solar industry chain, and adhere to the minority component of factory to build protective barriers to trade.

EU ProSun, namely from SolarWorld industry set up by the Organization, its spokesman Milan Nitzschke, adhere to the principle of fair competition and clear the importance of, and that it helps market sustainable development. He p VMagazine said resolutions of the European Commission for the European industry’s recovery and technology growth is helpful.

China’s Ministry of Commerce and trade remedy Investigations Bureau Secretary Wang Hejun results expressed disappointment. He pointed out that solar is important for clean energy products, rapid application development and will help countries in fighting climate change; resolution not only harm bilateral interests in the EU, also harmful to combat warming. He called for the European Union as soon as possible put an end to PV in double measure.

Affects small or opportunities emerge, the plant condition

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