Hubei Province Energy Council Declaration of 2016 PV up scale emergency

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According to national energy Council on adjustment 2016 years PV power station construction scale about problem of notification (country can new can (2016) No. 383,) requirements, combined I province General PV power station construction situation, by province Energy Council Secretary Office will research, decided carried out 2016 degrees PV power station additional scale declared work, this times intends to national declared additional scale index 1 million-kilowatt, through competition way distribution. Related matters are hereby notified as follows:

Application range

1, December 31, 2016-grid project (grid to grid-connected power grid Enterprise acceptance date shall prevail);

2, the project has been substantive work and to ensure that prior to June 30, 2017-grid (grid to grid-connected power grid Enterprise acceptance date shall prevail);

3, has been part of the scale index but there are still gaps in the project could be involved in reporting.

Second, reporting conditions and materials

1, the project has been completed for the record and provide the registration certificate and project investment Declaration and registration must be consistent.

Letter of commitment 2, Enterprise (seal and affix the corporate seal, annex 2).

3, the project has been provided by the enterprise and network into (need to provide grid company incorporation certificate issued by the material and my grid-approval documents issued by the Council) or substantive work of relevant supporting documents, and the host city, State, County (City) development (energy) Department and stamped.

Declare additional size does not exceed 4, a single project 30,000-kilowatt (grid without the scale indicator and has been part of the scale target projects). Number of projects of the same enterprise or group to declare no more than 3.

5, municipal, State development and Reform Commission (Energy Council, ban) filing statistics of 2016 and the up-scale PV power station project proposals (see annex 3).

Third, the distribution and scoring criteria

(A) the allocation principles

Competitive distribution network into the project and has started substantive principles.

(B) the scoring criteria

Electricity price and construction schedule of the project as a key evaluation factors and other competitive distribution points.

1, price bids 50 points, does not set a minimum price.

Price points = base price/item price x50 of corporate commitment

Benchmark price for all declare competition of enterprises in the project promises a minimum electricity price.

2, the project construction schedule 50. Construction standards:

(1) provide grid company incorporation certificate materials, 50 points;

(2) provide grid-connected Energy Board approval of the province, 30 points;

(3) provide documentation related to substantive work by the host city, State, and County (City) development (energy) recognized by the seal of the Department, with 20 points.

3, plus 10 points. In October this year a competitive selection, give up some size indicators of enterprise reporting projects.

Individual item score = base price/corporate commitment of project price + x50 + construction schedule score extra points.

Four, the requirements

(A) the city and State development and reform (energy) Department to seize the organizational enterprise reporting projects. Each enterprise must fully consider the PV cost reduction and light resources in our province’s actual situation, reasonably determine competitive prices. All grid-connected enterprises committed to project completion time, must fully consider the construction schedule of the project, the project cannot be completed within the stipulated time, according to documentation requirements, will not be able to get the scale indicator, invites companies to fully take into account the risk of project construction.

(B) in accordance with the requirements of the national energy administration, more than State-scale construction projects in the future, are not allowed into the scope of State renewable energy development fund subsidies, resulting losses borne by the enterprises themselves. Development and reform (energy) sector good business risk.

(C) city, State, and County (City) development (energy) sector to projects built or substantially started strict audit checks. For failure to record, start or before June 30, 2017 no grid connected projects, shall not be included in the declared scope.

(Iv) transfer, resell and alter the content of the enterprise, once discovered, disqualified to compete will be while cutting the size of their index.

(E) requested the municipal, State development and reform (energy) Department will declare the project summary document submitted to the Bureau. Application deadline: December 28, 2016 on 12:00, late is no longer accepted.

Provincial Bureau of energy will, in accordance with the relevant provisions, third party organizations to carry out competitive selection of the project, and the establishment of a central organ of the authority, the authority Commission for discipline inspection, supervision of the Board comprising representatives of the Oversight Panel, full monitoring of project competitive selection. Selection of competition results the Secretary Office will be finalized and submitted to the approval of the National Energy Board, the Hubei provincial development and Reform Commission published on the portal site.

Contact person: new energy of the energy Bureau, xiaoguangwu, 027-87894027

Energy Bureau of Hubei Province

The December 26, 2016

Annex: letter of commitment

Hubei Province Energy Council Declaration of 2016-PV up-scale emergency notification

Annex: 2016 PV up-scale reporting project statistics

Hubei Province Energy Council Declaration of 2016-PV up-scale emergency notification

Original title: Energy Council Declaration of 2016-PV power plant in Hubei Province up-scale emergency notification

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