India Pakistan to build world s largest solar project size 1GW

Polaris solar PV net news: according to India media reported Indian Express, climate change Minister Zahid of Pakistan Ha announced that it will start building the world’s largest solar project, capacity will be up to 1GW.

Spectrum is now the world’s largest solar project

“The world’s largest solar project” title has been constantly refreshed with all over the world. Recently India has just been built the world’s largest solar power plant of the news reports, then Pakistan will stand out. India Kamuthi over solar power station installed capacity of 648MW, Pakistan’s total installed capacity of the project to be built about 1.5 times of its times.

In fact, as early as May of this year, United States company SolarReserve solar energy cooperation with China Shenhua group, announced that it would build giant concentrated solar power station installed capacity of 1GW; in October, SolarReserve company once again declared that United States Nevada build 1.5-2GW super giant concentrated solar power plants. Only this is the plan of the project, and was not fully completed.

Pakistan announced its solar power project at this time, not trying to steal India’s thunder, but out of consideration of the reality of the climate, economy and so on.

Pakistan faces a serious climate problem

At present, Pakistan’s contribution towards fighting global warming can be described as a few hundred, which makes the Minister Zahid Ha in participation this year in Morocco held the 22nd session of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change Conference of the parties (COP22), a friendly reminder by the international community.

Pakistan faces a variety of issues related to climate change, such as melting glaciers, changes in monsoon and periodic floods, rising seas, more frequent high temperatures and drought, and so on.

Zahid Ha said, “Pakistan is facing the harsh realities of climate, would jeopardize State water security, food security and energy security, and will have a tremendous impact on the development of the national economy. ”

Pakistan’s road to renewable energy

Pakistan’s Government wants to improve this situation. In recent years, the Government encourages residents to use solar energy generation, not only a large amount of subsidies, also allows people to sell surplus electricity to the grid of solar output. Meanwhile, the Pakistani Government to strengthen cooperation with China in order to reduce the cost of solar panels. In addition, to stimulate energy efficiency, saving energy, Pakistan this year has enacted the national energy efficiency and Conservation Act.

These attempts appear to have played some role. According to the Pakistani newspaper the news, the current installed capacity to 400MW of solar energy in the country, although compared with the solar power, this volume seems to be worth mentioning, for Pakistan, but we have seen advances in the country’s energy.

In the efforts of the Pakistani Government, in May this year, the famous Ernst lists Pakistan as global renewable energy one of the most attractive areas of 40 countries. Under this good news, Pakistan Energy Development Board (AEDB) predicted that by 2018, total solar installed capacity will reach 1.8GW in the country.

At a press conference, Pakistan announced that it would start building the world’s largest solar project, which is an important measure to develop renewable energy, shows the Government’s determination to develop renewable energy, will benefit the country’s economy, climate, and many other beneficial effects.

Original title: India: Pakistan will build the world’s largest solar project

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