Internet cheap Internet access to renewable energy is significant

Polaris solar PV net news: low carbon development in China and the national strategy for promotion of energy revolution, renewable energy has experienced rapid development in recent years, but are now facing increasingly serious challenges. For example, guaranteeing the purchasing requirements of the renewable energy sources Act in full implementation of policy is not in place, renewable energies priority scheduling policies from fossil fuels and discarded local government interference with great impact, there is a serious issue and renewable energy subsidies policy problems and so on. China’s commitment to non-fossil fuels in the energy mix by 2020 the proportion of 15%, the end of 2015 is only 9.6%. In order to achieve this goal, promote the development of renewable energies, urgent need to think about effective measures to solve these problems.

Renewable energy parity prices when power to the grid of renewable energy and thermal power (or electricity) prices were flat. Renewable energy costs more than traditional sources of energy, renewable electricity costs have decreased in recent years, but compared with traditional thermal and electrical energy, is still no competitive advantage, which is currently the renewable energy sources to replace traditional energy one of the main reasons.

Renewable energy “Thirteen-Five” plan is clear, to achieve grid parity by 2020 wind power, photovoltaic user side parity. For the early realization of renewable energy parity, relevant institutions and enterprises in China has made a lot of efforts. By the end of 2016, new benchmark price of energy involving wind power, photovoltaic electricity pricing has been a major adjustment, the goal is to gradually reduced subsidy level as the industry technical progress, until the removal of subsidies. Meanwhile, some of the large State-owned and private enterprises to increase investment in technology research and development, enhance the level of production technology and operations management, upgrading manufacturing intelligence and independent intellectual property rights arising from the product quality and production efficiency to lower the cost of renewable power generation. Although renewable energy cost reductions are closely related to excess capacity in the early, but in recent years, advances in renewable energy technologies is true.

In the long run, to renewable and cheap Internet access as soon as possible, and rely on enterprise cost reduction alone is not enough. In today’s Internet and energy production, transmission, storage, consumption and depth of integration of energy markets under the new form of industrial development, construction of energy Internet has become an important way for implementation of an energy revolution. Renewable energy Internet access must be based on the energy the construction and development of the Internet in order to efficiently develop new technologies and new models, intelligent production operation and supervision, thereby promoting the development of renewable energy industrialized, market-oriented and to achieve parity.

Internet on renewable sources of energy and cheap Internet access the important facilitating role is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

First, the Internet can achieve renewable sources of energy, especially large-scale access, use, and sharing of distributed renewable energy, which is the basis for renewable energy industrialized development and parity condition. Internet with a high degree of integration of energy, can be of various types of renewable distributed generation device, storage device and load equipment consisting of micro energy network interconnection, this device “plug, plug, Plug and play storage” as well as indiscriminate private peering. Meanwhile, energy Internet able to achieve various types of distributed renewable power, energy storage devices, as well as coordination between the controlled load control. “Horizontal source-source complementary, vertical source-network-Netherlands-fed control” stabilizing impact of intermittent characteristics of distributed renewable energy to local power grids. Ensure economy and security of the system at the same time, to improve the absorptive capacity of distributed renewable energy.

Second, the Internet can promote the production of renewable energies intelligent energy, promoting technological progress and industrial upgrading. Renewable energy enterprises can take full advantage of the Internet technology and information, establishing renewable energy production monitoring, management and control of information network, strengthen the renewable energy industry chain downstream information on docking and consumer intelligence, support renewable energy enterprises and coordinated operation of power grids. Using large data technology on equipment, electrical load analysis, data mining and prediction, precision control, fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance, improve energy efficiency and the safe and stable operation level. Renewable energy companies can also rely on the Internet form a systematic open innovation research and application systems, and technology and product innovation, new technologies, new resources, talent integration form a Centre for energy technology research and development and innovation, and improve operation efficiency through intelligent collections and the development of new technologies, thereby reducing costs, promote renewable and cheap Internet access.

Third, foster renewable energy networking market model market in favour of renewable energy Internet. Renewable energy product itself is uncertain and not stable so there is a certain risk in the market, built in calming the corresponding risks and a high degree of market mechanisms and trading model is the key to renewable energy parity and the market, this is the mode change the original renewable energy through subsidies only way for Internet access. Energy data of Internet technologies and computing in cultivation and development of renewable energy has a natural advantage in networking trade mode. New appropriate trading patterns to make renewable sources of energy in the context of market-oriented to market price to achieve the optimal allocation of resources. For example, building renewable energy flexible Internet-based trading platform, supports wind, solar, hydro and other renewable and point to point between the power user transactions, oriented to different user groups with different renewable energy package; renewable energy create special financial products, cultivate third Fang Yunwei, point to point of energy services and other energy production, consumption and trade to the new format.

Finally, Internet to form renewable sources of energy transmission and distribution and storage integration, and reduce the cost of energy transport. Energy build can reduce energy transportation in the middle of the Internet channel, reducing the cost of road transport. Energy from one place to another to link greatly reduced front-end production and final demand seamless, reduce the cost of energy transport and renewable energy parity, especially when promoting renewable absorptive proportion is obvious. Energy will also make the Internet energy configuration has changed a lot, long distance power configuration be changed in a way, distributed energy and load balance of power will gradually become the dominant mode of energy configuration in configuration mode, which reduce energy transportation cost benefit. In addition, can be the most effective way to use renewable energy is converted into electrical energy and power to achieve optimal allocation, efficient and easy to use. UHV power the Internet, smart grid and the technological breakthroughs and the construction of distribution network based so that it can be renewable and efficient utilization of the basic carrier, also helps to reduce transportation costs.

In relying on the construction of the Internet to promote renewable sources of energy and cheap Internet access in the process to pay special attention to cultivation of renewable energy market mechanisms and trading patterns. Study on the need to commence as soon as possible, relying on the typical mode of Internet technology pilot, establish sensitive and efficient market response mechanisms in renewable energy parity in the market really works. Meanwhile, as soon as possible to strengthen renewable energy laws and regulations revision and related enforcement duties and market regulators, any reforms should be in the legal regulations and monitored the premise will be smooth and efficient.

(Zeng ming served in the China energy research association energy Internet Chairman; Li Ying served in North China electric power University Energy Research Center)

Original title: Internet on renewable sources of energy and cheap Internet access is significant (expert opinion)

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