IT Giants keen to set off in Silicon Valley of clean energy revolution

Polaris solar PV net news: a simple entry on the Internet searching, or lunchtime phone APP to work out a fast food, or after work to open the video software after two episodes of American TV shows, it all seems perfectly ordinary daily life, actual are related to the huge amounts of data. Super server to store the data not only numerous, and energy giant, in order to meet the Internet’s explosive growth in data demand both cost and environmental benefit, IT giants in the Valley is clean energy as a force, a green energy revolution is an emerging high-tech areas.

Amazing technology energy

In essence, Internet world is built on top of the data. In order to guarantee the smooth running of the world of the Internet, millions of the world’s data center storage and processing massive amounts of data day and night. Generally speaking, the data center IT equipment, air conditioning system and power supply system composed of three parts, IT equipment and systems is the core, through air conditioning and support guarantee the normal work of the auxiliary power supply and distribution system.

Just as the computer too long or stored too much can result in slow, hot body, running data centers will have a tremendous heat, which requires refrigeration air conditioning system, require a distribution system for its uninterrupted power supply. Coupled with the core IT equipment power supply, each data center is the only electricity.

According to data from research firm Gartner in 2010, 3.39 million data center, another research firm IDC estimated that by 2017 the number will reach 8.6 million. Related data show that a large data center power consumption equivalent to a medium-power plants available for home lighting in a small town.

According to the United States Department of energy statistics, the United States domestic total annual power consumption in the data center has United States for annual energy output of 1.5%. China published by China electronics Standardization Institute research report on data center energy efficiency (2015) estimated that year power consumption in the data center of China than with the United States, has achieved annual energy output of the three gorges. On the premise of not taking into account the scale, China data center monomers average annual electricity consumption of more than 1 million degrees.

According to a statistics of 2014, from a global perspective, information and communication technology of the total electricity consumption of about 8% per cent of total global consumption. According to Greenpeace estimates that if the global cloud computing industry than a nation, its energy consumption is in the sixth place, between Germany and Russia in between. By 2020, electricity demand will rise by more than 60% of the cloud computing industry.

Green whirlwind inside Valley

IT technology to bring about change in the world at the same time, also brought more energy pressures. In order to reduce the environmental impact and cost considerations for capital, more and more data centers tend to use renewable energy, Silicon Valley IT Giants are leading the green revolution pioneer.

Back in 2007, Google announced the investment in renewable energy research. The end of 2009, Google set up a Department of energy business, its main business is to purchase large quantities of renewable energy. Shortly thereafter, Google energy of NextEra energy resources company, which invested nearly $40 million in two wind power plant and wind power purchase agreement signed with, which has passed since then and on a global scale for billions of dollars in clean energy investment.

Google Senior Vice President Holzer said in early December that by 2017, at some point, Google’s purchase of wind and solar energy will be able to meet its global data centers and the offices of all power consumption. That is until next year, Google’s data centres and offices of all 100% of electricity from clean energy.

Holzer said that Google has become the world’s largest corporate buyer of renewable power resources. In recent years the cost of wind and solar power have declined by 60% and 80%, respectively, that renewable energies are becoming the lowest-cost energy options. “The electricity cost Google data center is one of the largest operating expense item, long-term costs of renewable energy can help us resist the fluctuations in energy prices. ”

E-commerce giant, is also the cloud computing market leader Amazon followed the pace of Silicon Valley peers. In November 2014, Amazon announced that its data center will have full use of renewable power, primarily wind energy in January 2015, with PatternEnergy energy company signed a cooperation agreement for up to 13 years; in September this year, Amazon announced that its United States sikurui County West Texas wind power plant will be completed in 2017, the second half of the operation, annual power generation capacity of 1 million megawatt-hours in the factory, it is Amazon’s biggest renewable energy projects.

Currently, Amazon United States of Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, West Texas to build wind and solar power plants, provide power for the AWS cloud data center. Amazon said all the five power projects will be enough for 240,000 households in United States households with power.

Apple is playing catch-up. In 2013, Apple hired former United States environmental protection agency Administrator Lisa Jackson served as Chief Environmental officer in 2014, announced that its data center plans to use renewable energy. Early last year, Apple announced a $850 million from the United States first solar to buy 130 MW of power, its United States solar industry’s largest enterprise customer orders. The electricity agreement for a period of 25 years, Apple’s Chief Executive, he had called Apple “one of the most audacious project.”

Clean energy investments increased

Earlier this week, by the world’s richest man, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to take the lead, within the global technology and business heavyweights of the “break-through energy Alliance” announced the creation of breakthrough Energy Fund, scale up to 1 billion dollars, starting from next year to develop low-cost, low-carbon technology investment company.

Break Energy Union was founded in Paris during the climate change conference in late 2015, aims to invest in clean energy technology to market. Participants also included United States Facebook (Facebook), founder Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, China’s Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma.

Gates said reducing the cost of renewable energy such as wind and solar, making them cheaper and provide more green electricity for the grid are areas where the Fund could support.

In addition to the private sector and Governments in promoting clean energy investment. According to the Korea media reports, Korea Government prepared a joint Korea investment in domestic science and technology giants 42 trillion won (about RMB 248.3 billion) the creation of a public fund to support Korea’s clean energy development plan. Korea Government has announced plans to double green energy capacity by 2025, compared to the 10 years ahead of schedule.

According to data from Bloomberg new energy finance, 2015 global clean energy investment reached a record us $328.9 billion, 4% more than 2014, 3% more than the historical peak of 2011. But such a record of data obtained, is in the context of global conventional energy prices made. Analysts pointed out that these data to counter those with falling oil and gas prices as an important basis for argument and put clean energy industry, clean energy, the upward trend is irreversible.

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