Japan above 500kW solar panels in the third quarter shipment growth 10

Arctic star solar PV network news: Japan PV power Association (JPEA) November 24 announced has 2016 7 ~ September Japan solar Board domestic shipping volume statistics value: residential with battery Board of shipping volume for 308MW (for last year earlier of 84%), 500kW following power station of shipping volume for 404MW (for last year earlier of 74%), are for continued reduced trend, but to 500kW above power station of shipping volume reached 953MW, for last year earlier of 110%.

Japan above 500kW solar panels in the third quarter shipment growth 10%

JPEA released each quarter panels Japan domestic shipments. Means that the coverage is reduced (in kW)

(Source: Nikkei BP society according to data released JPEA)

From this, residential scale of medium and low voltage-grid uses less than 1MW PV tended to reduce, above 1MW the million-watt PV demand trend is strengthening. Their background is in a fixed price system (FIT) the beginning of certification in the construction of large projects in the last. To HV and UHV projects as the main wire manufacturers, demand is still strong and will continue to remain strong in the coming years.

JPEA Japan shipment statistics, means that the coverage of the survey reduced. 2015 JPEA Japan statistical value of domestic shipments of panels for 7863MW (7.863GW), and economy, trade and industry announced that year import volume reached 9765MW (9.765GW). Because of the economy, trade and industry statistics based on the grid-connected power output, so if the output power of the set of grid-connected solar panels with more than stow parts, panel shipments for the year 2015 11GW views more persuasive.

JPEA Japan statistical coverage of domestic shipments of panels decreased, because is not a survey of medium-scale overseas manufacturers to Japan panels that supplies increased. From all kinds of statistical data, estimated JPEA statistics coverage dropped to 70%-80% per cent.

More large projects, overseas manufacturers share the more increase year by year. Therefore, JPEA 2016 7 released the September shipments of statistical values above 500kW 110% than actual million PV market could be bigger.

Original title: 500kW and above trend firm, JPEA panels shipments statistics for growth 10%

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