MIP and two solar companies to exit the European Union agreements

Polaris solar PV net news: set between the EU and China solar products price limits (Minimum Import Price,MIP) protocols are expected to be terminated in March 2017, but Chinese manufacturers withdraw from the agreement. As Chinese manufacturers still maintain MIP Protocol left the system almost useless.

Manufacturers in China, Jiangsu sailafu (Seraphim), Ningbo Hua Shun, such as solar two companies announced its withdrawal from the Central MIP protocol list, was Trina, ja, Crystal branch, photovoltaic, longi, Suntech and other well-known companies and solar plant since quit. The EU previously has started rejecting solar, renesola, et solar, Ouda, Ningbo, Ningbo kai, a total of nearly 20 companies, actually not many manufacturers have continued to maintain a MIP Protocol.

PVMagazine reported sailafu huashun solar energy was found to have destroyed suspected MIP Protocol, so exit the MIP Protocol, but were driven out or active exit, the current message is not clear. Exit MIP Protocol manufacturers, solar panels imported from China to Europe in the future, paying high double tax; but as the market demand in Europe weakened, Chinese manufacturers in the third estate gradually in place, international trade barriers also reduce the effect.

Central MIP agreement in August 2013 and the Central solar double reverse and launched, originally completed in December 2015, but because EUProSun complaints in 2015, Chinese manufacturers have violated the agreement, thus making MIP Protocol deferred to March 2017, and the EU launched anti-fraud, anti-circumvention investigation, and even spread to Taiwan and Malaysia manufacturers.

Formerly known as the European Organization for the solar energy industry association EPIA European solar Solar Power in July this year, the Europe Union book, called on the EU to suspend trade barriers on Chinese solar products. Solar Power Europe believes that Central MIP does not help the European solar industry in three years, but it probably caused more related jobs disappear.

Original title: manufacturers withdraw from the EU, China and MIP, price restrictions exist

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